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My husband and I purchased our 2006 Honda Pilot from West Broad Honda in Richmond, VA. We are approaching our 2nd oil change, which is due every 7500 miles, or when the car tells us to, and it is burning at least 2 quarts of oil between changes. We took our issue to Honda and they make the claim that based on their engineers recommendations, they find it acceptable for this brand new, $30,000 vehicle to burn up to 1 quart of oil every 1000 miles. Honda is becoming a low quality car company that does not stand behind their product.

I will never purchase another Honda. I will never recommend one to even my worst enemy. I am very disappointed about their response to my concerns.


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3341535c, 2008-10-06, 07:37PM CDT

We purchased our 2006 Honda Pilot at Braman Honda in Greenacres Florida. It is also burning oil at the rate of 2 quarts between changes. We called American Honda Customer service in California 1-800-999-1009 ext:117701 and spoke with Darrell Harville Regional Case Manager. He in turn spoke with Alex Sanchez 651-966-5000 at the dealership. We were told that the amount of oil burning is within specifications and would not harm the engine. As we all know a new car with 20,000 miles should not be burning any oil. Calling the regional office was a waste of time. They just sent us back to the dealership. People have asked us how we like our Pilot and we inform them of this problem and advise them not to buy Honda for they do not stand behind their products. We know of three people who have purchased a Toyota Highlander instead. Which by the way does not burn oil. We will never buy any Honda products which also include generators,motorcycles and boat motors.

f20df11f, 2009-12-28, 12:58PM CST

We also purhcased this vehicle in Stockton, CA and we have the same issue. Low oil warning light comes on less than 4000 miles after an oil change. Consistently is burning a quart every 1500 miles.

Nancy A., 2013-10-21, 10:51AM CDT

Hello my honda 2008 is burning oil also. I had a 1999 ford Taurus in which I had for 13 years I barley had to change the oil. I sold it to buy my honda and I regret it. I should not have to top off my oil before and after I had an oil change 2 weeks later. Know I don't know what to do, I would like to get rid of it before my engine goes bad. Does anyone have this problem also I am aware of the class action lawsuit that is against honda.

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