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Posted on Tuesday, December 5th, 2006 at 11:23am CST by 8afd50cd

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ABC Relocation Systems

4552 Hodkins Road

Lake Worth, TX 76135


My husband and I were scheduled to move to our new apartment on July 2, 2006 and ABC Relocation Services was hired to move us.

The morning of the move, they were an hour late without calling to notify me. The entire move took 6.5 hours from start to finish with only 13 miles between stops. The two men they sent were less than qualified to be moving anything that weighed more than 50 pounds.

Loading the furniture went without incident, except that it took them 4 hours to load my one bedroom apartment into their truck. When unloading at my new apartment, my brand new armoire was wedged between a ceiling, stairs and a railing in taking it upstairs, which resulted in significant damage to the side of the wood. There was another set of stairs, just a few yards away to go up that would have completely eliminated the problem getting the armoire upstairs. A distance they had to walk anyway because my door was on that end of the hallway. My couches were scratched, damaging the leather. My furniture was dropped as it was being unloaded. I had to help one of the movers put my night stand down (weighs approximately 15 pounds) because he had thrown it over his back to carry it. Pieces of my bedroom suite were damaged (wood finish was scratched off). They sent only two movers to move my things knowing full well what was to be moved. While I was inside trying to get things moved around to where they needed to be, the movers would be gone for 30 and 45 minutes at a time before they would bring anything else up. I had to help them move my armoire up the stairs, I was nearly injured when they dropped it – only by it being caught on the stair case railings did it not hit me in the head.

I was charged to move a bike that was not moved. I originally asked for a table and four chairs to be moved, and then later removed it from my quote. It only discounted the price $10. At the time of the move I added a metal bakers rack that weight about the same as one chair, and I was charged $30. I was also charged to move 10 boxes and the final count was 9 boxes. No discount was given.

The movers acknowledged all damages at time of move. I received a denial in the mail stating they would not pay my claim because it was not noted on the form. When the movers acknowledged the damages they did not say that should I want to file any type of claim for damages that they had to be noted on the form. I was not notified that there was a contract on the back of the form, I was just asked to verify the items to be moved. At no time was I offered a copy of the Mover's Rights to read prior to the movers leaving my new apartment and taking my copy of the form off their clipboard, which they kept in their possession during the entire move process. I was just told that they would cover $0.60 per pound on any damaged items. The contract I am told that I am being held to does not have any provisions that state that damages had to be noted. They only state a written claim must be filed within 90 days, I filed it within 5 days. There is only a line that states “Any damages occurring on this move should be noted on this contract.” ”Should” be noted, not must be noted. I did not see it at the time of the move. I was in my home with two strangers, alone. I did not feel it was the time or the place to start a dispute about my furniture. When I added something to be moved, they could not even quote me a new price, so they were obviously in no position to discuss an agreement or a dispute regarding charges or damages.

When I submitted my claim it took over 2 months to get any response. Tammy Lester, the owner, claimed she mailed out the letter twice, however only offered proof of mailing it once, where she neglected to include my apartment number on the envelope. I have called to speak to the people who moved me and the salesperson I spoke with (her husband is one of the movers) and was told they no longer work for the company, however I was able to communicate with the sales person only 2 weeks prior via her company email address. The entire move was unprofessional. I was asked to complete a satisfaction survey and the two movers stood over me as I completed it. Again I was in my home alone with two strangers, it was very uncomfortable. In mediation by TxDot, Ms. Lester said she would only come out and try to fix the furniture herself, and if it couldn’t be fixed, that was too bad, she would do no more with it. I said I wanted a professional, she said she did it all the time. I want to know then, how many people’s furniture they damage. She was also in mediation the week prior, it had to be disclosed to me, that my mediator had spoken with her before. HOW MANY TIMES DOES THIS COMPANY LEAVE ITS CUSTOMERS DISSATISFIED? I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND USING THIS COMPANY.


Lisa McCurley


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