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Posted on Monday, December 4th, 2006 at 1:02pm CST by d5e9d64b

Product: Ferrari 4000 notebook

Company: Acer

Category: Computers, Software

My Acer Ferrari 4000 notebook has been in to Acer 4 times for repair. The first time was 18 October 2006 so in reality I have not had the use of a notebook for about 6 weeks now. I am an I.T. manager and desperately need a reliable notebook.

My notebook USED to work well BEFORE Acer Africa got their hands on it! The original problem was faulty speakers. I sent the notebook in for repair (what a mistake!) and it was returned about a week later. When we switched it on, it gave one long beep and 2 short beep s- continuously. When we powered it down it then hung on reboot at least twice. It then booted and appeared to work normally. We called Acer Africa who told us that there was no problem. I could just hear them thinking- ‘stupid users!’. Unfortunately for them, I am extremely technical and Compaq notebook certified and my network manager has vast experience as well. So we are well placed to identify problem hardware.

A few days later, I could not connect to the network and found that the LAN card in windows was missing. So I rebooted. No LAN card found. I then re-installed the LAN drivers and it seemed to work fine. Then it started to hang. So back to Acer it went.

It was returned a few days later and surprise, similar problems!. So, guess what, back to Acer! This is just before I was going on a week long business trip and desperately needed my notebook. I called them and explained my problem. What an attitude they have!! Did Acer Africa care? Did they even give a sh-t? No way! Anyway, while I was in Johannesburg, I got to speak to the managing director of Acer Africa, a Mr. David Drummond. You would think that I would have any luck here? Dream on!! He suggested that he replace my notebook with a demonstration one. I refused. I told them that enough is enough and I want a new notebook. Their service is so poor and their don’t give a sh-t attitude really sucks!

They returned my notebook to me, and guess what? Right! It worked great a for about a week, and then 3 beeps on boot, and no LAN card.

So. Back to Acer we go. So now I have no notebook and Acer want to return this one to me as no fault found!! They are such idiots! I am an I.T. manager and they treat me this way? So how do they treat the normal person in the street? Oh, they probably treat everyone the same – badly!

They claim to have replaced the motherboard twice as well as other components.

I have told them that now after 4 repairs, I want my money back! As usual, to get hold of anyone of consequence is impossible. No one in upper management ever returns your calls. Oh, David Drummond did call me while I was in Johannesburg, twice! But since then, I have left numerous messages and e-mails for him, but nothing doing! Is he hiding?

I have instructed my company (about 2000 users) to never buy any Acer equipment again as Acer Support is just too poor and I intend setting a letter of demand to them


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