Bank of America Investment Services Inc.

Posted on Sunday, December 31st, 2006 at 12:37am CST by efc79fba

Company: Bank of America Investment Services Inc.

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I would like to file a compliant against Bank of America Investment Services, which is a national online stock broker affiliated with Bank of America. More specifically, a colleague and I recently discovered when conducting stock research on their website that there is a rather unusual technical glitch that could cause substantial problems for investors by causing them to make buy/sell decisions with incorrect information.

While on their “research” tab, after inputting a stock trading symbol, the system arbitrarily pulls up information from a totally different company, shows stock charts from yet another company, and the viewer is led to believe the stock charts apply to the company being researched when in fact they do not. I have hard copy print outs from their website that verify the problem existed in late December 2006, and still existed as of the date of this email.

My requested resolution is for the company to contact me, verify the technical glitch, fix it, and then to contact every customer nationally to inform them of the glitch. I also would like Bank of America to add a customer service email contact so customers can report problems by email to allow the company to more quickly identify and fix future customer problems.

Thomas J. Inserra


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