Kenmore - Kenmore Front loader 417.43042200

Posted on Sunday, December 3rd, 2006 at 1:23pm CST by 3a35cf4a

Company: Kenmore

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

Kenmore Front Load washer sounds like a thunderstorm when spinnining. Called service, Sears, told that bearings had failed. Total repairs almost 900 dollars on a 3 year old washer that was purchased for less than that. Was told that not using HE detergent as described in the user manual was the cause of bearing failure. I tried to find this information in the manual and it is not there, only to use a much smaller amount of detergent. Please do not purchase a front loading machine unless you are aware of the outrageous cost of repairs, and the fact that Sears will not stand behind the product and will deny any liability.


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047d9316, 2008-08-20, 07:01PM CDT

I have the exact same washer and the bearing went out on it just like your did and it had nothing to do with what detergent i was using. Sears is just pulling your leg on that one dear. the bearings are never in the detergent so there is no way this could be the cause.

d8e10c06, 2008-11-23, 06:05PM CST

Just another reason not to buy from Sears. Buyer beware.Mine lasted 4 years and died right before Xmas.

857a37c5, 2010-07-30, 08:14AM CDT

yeah they all fail the spider assy on the wash drum will fail allways in 4-6 yrs the bolt on assy is not available seperate you have to but the whole tub at 275-350$$$ the bearings fail in the tub around the same time another 300-600$$ also not available you have 3 long screws that will eat the tub assy up if the load gets unbalanced causing the tub to fail this is the bigest piece of crap kenmore ever put their name on made by i beileve maytag don't buy a kenmore front load machine you will regret it if you get the master agreement that will cover you for 5 yrs any how

c2153b6a, 2011-01-05, 10:28AM CST

Hey, our machine got extreme noisy all the sudden and I haven't looked in to it yet to find the cause. Our machine has 7 years of use though without any problems except for the severe stink that initially comes out of the discharge hose on the spin cycle. Any more input out there as far as the extreme noise being produced at spin cycle? It's on normal speed and I even re-balance the load to see if that helps.

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