Posted on Sunday, December 3rd, 2006 at 1:02pm CST by c63eff52

Company: 1Dollarhosting.com

Category: Internet Services

I am so fed up with this company. They shouldn't even be called a company. Their tech support is a joke! When their servers go down for intolerable periods of time -- days sometimes, in this case a week and counting; no email, no website, no message telling you what happened -- nada! At this moment, my site has been redirected to some random person's website. Just perfect. All my traffic goes to her. Awesome! Not a soul in this company has a clue who does what or when they will be back... according to their "helpful"-yeah-right!-receptionist, who always claims to be "just the receptionist" and can't do a darn thing except chew food while she talks and takes messages as she waits for "everyone" to get out of a meeting. Hah! Seriously. My loyalty to this place has thinned and am currently searching for another hosting company that cares -- I repeat -- who cares about those who keep them in business.



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