GE - General Electric - problem with GE refrigerator/freezer side by side

Posted on Friday, December 29th, 2006 at 3:14pm CST by 5d0393c7

Product: refrigerator/freezer side by side

Company: GE - General Electric

Category: Products, Services

I bought in my life a lot of GE products and was happy with them so far -

until now. A GE refrigerator that is still under warranty (less than one year old) had a problem and I reported it to GE just after Christmas. The light was going on and off at the icemaker/water unit outside and there was a constant clicking sound. They gave me a repair date of January 4 (more than a week after reporting a problem with a refrigerator).

The following day I had to call them again as the cooling stopped completely (the sound stopped also). They were not willing to give me a repair date before January 2, this was nearly a week. I expected a 24 hour turn-around time as food spoils easily.

I had purchased a lot of good food (steaks, lobstertails, large scallops,

salmon, etc) as I have time between Christmas and New Year and I wanted to

cook something nice on my large Viking grill.

Is this normal that for refrigerators the repair time is a week and not 24

hours (what I would expect)?

If this is normal, is there any manufacturer who either offers as a standard a 24 hour turn-around time or offers at a premium this service? For computers Dell offers a fast on-site repair service, do appliance

manufacturers not do this?

I have nearly all appliances from GE (GE Profile dishwasher, GE microwave,

GE fridge, GE frontloading washer and dryer) and I had in many other homes

GE products without problems.

The only other appliance I ever had problems with was a Bosh dishwasher that did not work even after six repair trials.

I would appreciate your assistance and posting my problem.

Best regards,


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54ff8167, 2009-08-06, 07:17PM CDT

You are lucky they came at all. I have two (2) GE side by sides both less than 5 yrs old sitting in my yard to haul off. The one in the house leaked water so the water had to turned off..thus.. no ice maker, and no water in door. All of which I paid for on all of these models. Never heard from GE. ALSO. If you have a DEL computer, don't expect them to fix it at all. I bought a new one 2 years ago for my teen age son. Not all of it showed up in the beginning. We finally got the monitor, keyboard, and mouse 46 days later....after which they said the warranty/ return policy had expired. We wanted to send it back because it did not work AT ALL. After speaking with people in India, Phillippines, Guam, and Mexico, We gave up. No one ever offered a solution or help. Good luck. Try buying a Kenmmore. We have had wonderful luck and service from all our Kenmore items. Have a great day. Gmasuzieq

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