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Posted on Friday, December 29th, 2006 at 7:52pm CST by 0e6eba7e

Company: Canadian Tire Westbank BC

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Canadian Tire, Westbank BC

I called Canadian Tire in Westbank(I live in Oliver, BC 2 hrs drive away),

on November 28th, 2006 to find out if there were any Goodyear Nordic tires

available, I was then told that a shipment should be in on Friday (December

1st, 2006). I had then booked the Friday and Saturday off of work because

at that time we had that cold snap here and I found it urgent to get snow

tires on my car. On Friday morning I came in to the store at 11am to

enquire about the tires, I was informed that the truck had arrived and they

were waiting on inventory. I then was asked to call back at about 4 pm to

see if inventory was complete. At 4 pm I did call the store and was

transferred to the automotive department and was told that inventory is not

done but it looks like they have the tires that I require I then asked to

make an appointment as soon as possible seeing as I am from out of town.

The representative said that they couldn’t because they need to be sure that

all the tires are in and inspected and I was told again to call back at 6

pm. I called back at 6 pm and inventory was done and they had my tires, so

I then asked to make an appointment at that time I was told that the

earliest was Monday morning, which was no good for me because I had to

travel back to Oliver to go to work in the morning of Sunday and worked

through the week. What I don’t understand is why there was not a courtesy

extended to me to at least make an appointment regardless of the tires being

in the computer or not. I’m sure that even if they weren’t the tires that I

needed and I had an appointment it wouldn’t be hard to fill if I had to


Needless to say that this situation was quite frustrating, to add insult to

injury I did find the woman who I had spoken with in the morning when I came

to first ask about the tires not very pleasant and uninterested in my

concerns. I did end up purchasing the tires and rims the following day

again encountering the same apathetic customer representative.

I expected more from Canadian Tire cusomter service seeing as how I am in

the hospitality industry I know what it is like to serve people and i was

very nice and to the point to make what I needed clear and that I was from

out of town and time was a factor. I would have just appreciated some



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353814d1, 2007-12-05, 09:59AM CST

They are running a first come first serve shit show. Compared to kelowna, they are terriable. I also went to get new tires. I had to go and buy the tires from kelowna bring them to the westbank location, then wait the whole day for them to complete the simple task of installing the tires. They need to get a new manager in there that can assign some kind of scheduling system. Overall I give the store a 2/10.

d5dcd3a6, 2008-03-05, 12:36PM CST

I enjoy shopping at our beloved Cambodian Tire as I like their product selection, as well as general pricing. In my some +30 years of living in this valley, it has been the main kelowna store that secured me as a loyal customer - service was never really an issue. i reside much closer to the Westside store ( the one in which you experienced your tire frustrations) and now try to do most of my C.T. shopping at that location. One of the general comments that has continuously come up since the day they opened their doors on the westside store, is that the service is the pits - there's hardly any staff, and once you do find someone, they normally know very little, if anything, about whatever it is you're enquiring about. As a whole, the store is very poorly staffed, stocked, and kept. This particular location is nowhere near at the standards that most of their stores are at, and I personally see it as a reflection of the calibre of the young staff they have. Countless times I've walked past their warehouse doors and witnessed young teenage boys who can't be more than 16, gathered in the warehouse goofing around, throwing cardboard boxes back and forth at each other. If by chance you're able to find one of these guys out on the floor and ask them a question, 9 times out of 10 they have no clue, and pass you on to someone else who likewise has about as much knowledge as a beachball. Granted, there are a handfull of helpfull staff in there, but they are few and far between....never mind trying to juggle countless customer requests/questions at once. If this is the sign of the times with regards to the current labour shortage, we're in big trouble. companies like this simply will not survive, regardless of big the parent company is. If you're not able to stock the shelves, help customers find the product in order to put some sales through the's going to be mighty hard to pay the bills.

You're not alone in your experiences in that store - I have similar events happen almost every time I'm in there. I've learned to just do everything myself in there, otherwise I'd be in there for weeks on end waiting for a resolve. My last trip in there was to return/exchange an item, and I gave up waiting on their staff looking for something in the warehouse after 25 minutes, and went to the main Kelowna store, where I was in and out in about 4 minutes.

Next time I have an issue, I think I'm going to talk with the store manager, or better yet, the owner if he's around. I'm sure he's heard it all before, but if things don't change, he may as well lock the doors for good, as no one will be shopping there if their current level of service continues.

7122569d, 2008-03-14, 01:42PM CDT

This is the worst Canadian tire I have ever seen, I live across the street from the westbank store, and make the trip to kelowna when ever I shop at canadian tire now..Young staff that know nothing about service, poor management ..this store will be bankrupt in no time

b5cebee7, 2010-06-30, 07:20PM CDT

Would you rather they tell you they have the tires and book an appointment only to find out that 2 out of the 4 tires you need were not in the shipment that they ordered?? They are only trying to ensure that all is in order before making a promise

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