Posted on Thursday, December 28th, 2006 at 3:21pm CST by a646b4ff

Company: Teleflora

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TELEFLORA (online - ordering of flowers)

Don't do business with TELEFLORA unless you enjoy being lied to and getting the runaround by this disgrace of a service. Their "exceptional service" (which they advertise in their website) is the total opposite; the service is terrible and promised return telephone calls are ignored.

After ordering/paying for flowers to be delivered for my parents' 60th wedding anniversary (my 1st and last order with them), I called them to request a change in my delivery instructions if no one was home to accept delivery, which was accomplished.

I then asked "Ashley" in Customer Service if I could please have the name of the florist in my parents' town being used, so that I could contact them about my order and request an estimated time of delivery (since they'd be delivering to gated community, with the visitor needing to be pre-announced). "Ashley" told me she had no access to that information, but "would have someone call me back with it", which of course didn't happen (lie #1). After calling again an hour later, I was told by a second agent that "Operations Support" could give me that information (lie #2), and I was transferred to "Carter" in Operations Support, who told me I wasn't entitled to know that information! I had just spent $81.00 with this company on flowers for a special event for my parents, and I wasn't entitled to know the identity of the florist who would be fulfilling my order? "Carter" then told me he could give me an "8-digit ID number" for the florist that I could try to look up on their website, which of course, in their usual pattern of deceit, was useless to me (lie #3). "Carter" asked for my phone number and promised me he would call me when delivery was completed, which turned out to be lie #4, since the promised phone call never came.

The customer service representatives of this company are obviously blatant phonies and liars. The almighty dollar is obviously their bottom line, not their customers, as they represent.


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