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Posted on Thursday, December 28th, 2006 at 11:16pm CST by d6a72e89

Company: TXU electric, Dallas, Tx

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I lived in Irving, Texas and moved out-of-state in late August of 2006. I did everything I was supposed to, including calling my phone provider AND TXU to give them my new address so they could send a final bill. I have paid my old phone bill off in full and TXU as well. My point is: even though I have proof in my bank records to show that I paid TXU off, they now have started sending me letters from a collection agency! This will go on my credit as a negative. They refuse to respond to any phone calls or email messages, they refuse to reverse the negative or fix the problem by acknowledging that I did indeed pay off my final bill. They also tacked on a "tampering fee" ..I can and have PROVEN to them through credit card records and a rental truck contract that we were on the road to another state and were not even in the Tx area on the date TXU says the "tampering" took place. (If there was any tampering it was the maintenance personnel at that complex, I've seen them do it to others electric boxes and nothing gets done about it.) TXu refuses to listen or reverse those charges and I was forced to pay them to keep that moronic company from putting that on my credit...which they are totally quick to do!!! TXU is one crooked company, all the folks who post here at complaints.com and all the consumers who are being raked over the coals by this fraudulent company should go in droves to the public utilitites commission and whoever else will listen. There is strength in numbers people, this company needs to be assessed for widespread fraud and misuse!! Also, consumers beware if you sign up for TXU's average billing service, if you ever fail to pay your bill right on time they will immediately charge you hundreds of dollars on the spot in one huge bill ...this happened to 2 different families that I know. It was horrible, their elect. was turned off immediately and they were charged well over $700.

In closing..I say TXU needs to be investigated and they also need to build them a darn office (like our phone & cable companys have) where consumers can GO visit if they have a problem. How convienient for them to be able to hide behind a phone and be as rude, hateful and deceitful as possible???


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