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Posted on Thursday, December 28th, 2006 at 12:53pm CST by 307a6186

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I recently purchased a television from MDG Direct, and it has been nothing but a nightmare from the very beginning.

I ordered the computer on October 18th. On my original phone call I was told by my associate Mike, that there 40"

television was made by LG. I was also told this 40" LCD would fit into my entertainment unit. ( which is 42" wide )

After some deliberation and thought I called Mike back, and ordered my new t.v. After filling out some paper work and

faxing it back to my Mike I was told I would receive the T.V. by the end of the week.

The end of the week came, no sight of the T.V.

Over the weekend I was informed by a friend of mine, with the same T.V. that it was actually more then 42" and that the t.v.

he had bought from MDG was Prima, not LG. I called Mike first thing on Monday to inquire. Mike was sick that day, and the service

I received over the next few days was terrible. I was indeed told that the television I ordered was a Prima.... Mike must have had a mix

up. And although it wasn't going to fit into my entertainment unit, if I was to cancel the order there would be a charge of roughly $500. And

by the way, the t.v. that was supposed arrive last week is on back order. I waited to call Mike, who was supposed to be back on Tuesday.

My phone call was similar to Monday. Still no sign of Mike. T.V. was still on back order. Still roughly a $500 charge to cancel. I insisted on

speaking to someone in charge. According to the young lady on the phone, the manager was in a sales meeting and was unavailable. She had

been told to deal with the problem on here own.

On Wednesday I finally got in touch with Mike. I explained how disappointing the service was I had received from him earlier, and from the young

lady looking after his account when he was sick. He said he understood. i also told Mike that i couldn't understand a cancellation charge on a product

that was different from what I was told. He said he agreed and would see what he could do. Later that day I was told by Mike, that my t.v. that was on back order yesterday was now enroute to my home, and if I was to cancel now they would have to charge me the $500 as a restocking fee. He had no other choice.

Unfortunately, things go from bad to worse. The Prima television has been poor quality since day 1. My first few phone calls to MDG resulted in someone telling me to call Prima. Phone messages to Prima went unreturned. I finally had someone at MDG tell me they would get in touch with Prima. Prima called the same day. A work order was set up with a local store. Not to worry, they would be in touch soon. It has been a couple of weeks and still no signs of work order at the local television store.

In the meantime I had sent a letter to the company. Explaining my situation, even offering to drive the t.v. to their warehouse, and exchanging it for a new one. the young man that returned my email, after several days. I was informed by this young man to contact Prima, since it had been almost two months since I placed the order. I guess in his mind two months should be sufficient for a $2000 television.

After experiencing such terrible customer service through these two companies, I strongly suggest researching everything and anything you intend on buying from either of them. Both companies lack customer support.They look for a quick sale, by offering sub par product and looking the other way. I am upset with the service from both companies and would highly recommend looking elsewhere for your computer/electronic needs.

Jeremy Mills


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424f2e07, 2007-10-16, 05:51PM CDT

Thanks to Jeremy Mills on his insightful story.

I have been in the market to buy a HDTV for a couple of months now, and on the advice of my brother, had decided to research the lesser known companies in hopes to find the brand name quality, without the brand name price.

After seeing a good deal for a 32" MDG LCD TV, I decided to do a little research on the internet, and hence came across this article.

What a nightmare! but this article has given me the information (and words of warning)I hopped to find before doing business with these people.

Thanks for the heads up!

ec1f9f3c, 2008-06-08, 01:11PM CDT


Buyer beware, cheaper DEFINITELY does not always mean better. Do not buy 3rd tier brands!!!!!!!

The heading to this says it all basically. Going to make the story short and direct. October 2007 I bought a Prima PH-4237P 42" Plasma TV from Best Buy in Ajax Ontario. Worked well for a bit, so decided at Boxing Day to buy a HT-TS37P 5.1 surround sound system. Shockingly it was defective and the jacks the speaker wires plug into were not functioning at all. The large box was lugged back to Best Buy to be returned, waiting in like for literally 1 hour. At the time the box among the bunch was the only one not looking as if it was abused in shipping. After the difficult task of locating another system it was then paid for with the refunded money and taken home. Travelling back and forward with such a large box was certainly nothing I planned for or expected. After all the time wasted and frustration the new system was hooked up to the TV and surprise surprise the speakers again did not work. Hesitant to call customer care again (which was totally useless the first time) the call was eventually made after some internet research. Speaking to a kind gentleman who at the time spent some time on the line trying to trouble shoot the issue. There was no luck yet again, his "Supervisor" afterwards could be herd in the background doubling the call with him to "TRY" fix this issue. Turns out that obviously all speakers should work and even with a digital source like X Box 360 (which the home theatre doesn't work at all just the TV speakers) there is no luck. All connections and settings were checked, double checked and even checked again with service reps and the instruction manual.

Extremely frustrated at the "Good deal" which turns out to be the biggest mistake of my life, living with a system that does not function correctly was annoying but out of fear like the first time there was no way I would make the risk of exchanging again at Best Buy because from my experiences and also from friends you conveniently always seem to get something worst when you do that. Ironically no one at the service centre was able to help or did not offer to send a new one. At this point things just got out of hand in my eyes.

At the 6 month mark, the TV just suddenly stopped working. At this point my frustration had grown because along with a defective home theatre that no one could seem to fix my TV just gave up even thought it was cared for as the manual said. The service centre was obviously contacted immediately. A work order was created and my receipt was faxed in to validate the warranty.

A day after "Abb-Tech Electronics" contacts me asking what was wrong with the TV etc and broke the news to me that it was not exactly "in home" service. Friday of that week they sent the workers to my place to pick up the TV. These men were very rude mainly for two reasons. 1) They did remove their shoes ONLY after stepping on the carpet on the way up to the stairs. 2) When they were told it was up stairs they gave each other this strange look, to later drop a remark in my room saying "Why would you have such a big TV upstairs?". Frankly that really annoyed me and was clearly nothing to do with them, the fact that I can is the obvious answer to their completely out of line remark / question.

They put the TV down on the driveway behind the truck before getting it into a box and loading it on which regardless to if it is cleaned or not is something I NEVER wanted done. No one had told me the approximate time period it could take until calling a few days later to see the progress. The entire day monday passed and no one had even looked at my Television yet. A response of 5 - 10 business days was rather upsetting to me based on my experiences in the weeks before with the home theatre system. Being unable to get a response from those higher up in the company is one of the main reason for posting this experience on various websites and complaint boards on the internet.

After my near "Hell on earth" experiences with this company it will be my duty to ensure that none of my Friends, Family members or as many as possible who see this ever buy Prima. A no-name company who should be trying to gain life long customers over looking the obvious fact they are a 3rd tier brand who is up against giants that will simply obliterate them in sales. For it is better to pay a little more and get better quality and quite possible treatment. Hopefully you consumers who read this learn from my big mistake and do not make the same one, buy brands that are more likely to last based on history such as Sony. Even if they do break down which is unlikely your guarnteed better service at Sony without a doubt. A company who understands the value of each individual customer will always come out on top in the end in one of the main goals which is customer satisfaction.

967bcc2c, 2008-07-23, 10:54AM CDT

Your experiance mirrors mine. I purchased my 30" 3 years ago and now expecting my 3rd replacement 32". Each replacement has taken 2 - 4 months to resolve. This company doesn't deserve to be in business unless it changes it ways. My biggest complaint is they don't return phone calls. Nor tdo they update you when they are facing unexpected delays. It iwll be difficult for me to find a reason to buy one of their products again.

a803baef, 2008-09-15, 10:31PM CDT

Had ypu paid them yet. If not just stop payment or if you financed through them just don't pay let them think about it. Could you not have ordered one under a 42 inchin exchange. and to cancell they charge you $500.00 I would check into legality on that.

cf4c60c3, 2009-02-04, 04:09PM CST

I purchased a prima tv from canadian tire on nov 28 2008 . the tv is defective and never had a clear picture . on feb 4 2009 canadian tire will not exchange it .they claim their 90 day return does not apply because i took it out of the box.I tried to phone the repair depot and was put on hold for 15 minutes and no one answered .I called cdn tire customer service and they say they cannot do anything and i must deal with prima .I urge everyone to not deal with cdn tire or prima products

49104853, 2009-02-08, 11:45AM CST

Why not buy a TV from BestBuy or Sears etc. Why order a TV not even not what look like ? I think you must looking for something cheap or deal!!!. If you by cheap then please do not complain the quality of product and service, that is what you paid for! The manufacturer sold cheap and deal sold cheap then they don't have profit margin to give you good service!!!

99289dfa, 2010-05-03, 03:39PM CDT

i went to and found they can fix any brand lcd / plasma tvs,

b5cd0cd5, 2010-05-03, 04:06PM CDT

i had a prima lcd tv brought to in toronto they fixed it in 2 days, check with them.

Daniel S., 2013-03-04, 02:44PM CST

Est ce que le code existe pour la manette de Bell prima ph-4248p

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