Posted on Wednesday, December 27th, 2006 at 6:52am CST by 19b50486

Company: www.yourcardaccount.com

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This is the most confusing and confused company. Calls received give a call back number, but no person, reason for calling, card called about, or any other identifying information.

So, did "they" get my call? My letter? My payment? My inquiry?

Now, please let the company try to figure out what I am calling in reference to, and why.

Thank you.

T. Biggs

somewhere USA


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eeb2db25, 2008-04-10, 10:35AM CDT

I have always paid my bill on time and unfortunatley I went to the hospital unexpected and was unable to make a paymnent on the due date of the 14th. I called on the 16th when I got home I called and explained the situation and asked if there was anyway there could be a fee and over the limit fee waived as a courtesy.. at that time I was told flat out NO I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO PAY ON TIME. I tryed to explain that I have never been late and indeed was very sorry for this happening it was just simply out of my control. I was told that fees are not waived and was talked to very rudely. For this Iwent ahead and paid the amount due and I closed the account, I understand that the fees are there for a reason but in two years I have never been late and then to be treated so rudely was compltely uncalled for.

dd504dad, 2008-06-21, 02:51PM CDT

This company need to close their doors and call it quit's. I always have problem's with them. Just look at what we the people have to go through to pay their ass.. thanks SAM

f72c20dc, 2008-08-10, 10:26AM CDT

I too have called nyumerous times and can not get a human on the phone with sst card services. They tell you to call your creditors and have your interest rate lowered, but you can not get through to anyone. then it says for your convenience, press 0 and then it says "If you would like to make a call, please check your number and try again.I too thinnk I will cancel my autopay and just quit making payments. I am sure that I will get a hold of someone then. What a shame to make all your payments on time and let it go like that but they are making 120 in interest every month. That is 2 tanks of gas. I would think they would be more willing with this economy to take the common sense approach and work with you instead of treating their cardholders like this. Maybe the attorney general would be interested in these practices they are doing???!!!!

Cindy Judd

Flagstaff AZ

fe9b7c23, 2009-07-23, 11:02AM CDT

My computer was down on the date I was due to make my online payment. I actually called a friend in another state to help me set up my account and get the payment made on time. Then the next week I received calls from SST. Apparently the online set up did not go through. Even with an SST representative on the phone with me, we could not get the online set up accomplished. They finally took my payment over the phone and waived the phone fee. But how can I trust that I can make an online payment in the future. This is the first time I have tried to go paperless and it was a disaster. Their IT people need to do their jobs if they want their customers to pay their bills per their agreements with this company.

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