US Bank is Horrible

Posted on Tuesday, December 26th, 2006 at 12:05am CST by 01f332b9

Company: US Bank is Horrible

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I have a serious complaint with US Bank and the short version of the story goes like this: I stayed at a hotel in MN for 1 week while in process of relocating for a job. The hotel accidentally charged me for an extra day which was really bad because I did not have enough left in my account to cover the extra day so US Bank assessed an additional $70 in overdraft fees plus the $66.86 that never should have been charged. OK, up to this point the blame lies with the hotel chain; however, the hotel chain immediately issued a refund for the error and a representative from US Bank told me that all I needed to do was go down to hotel or arrange conference call with someone from the hotel and the bank and they'd be able to reverse all the charges. In an effort to be thorough, I drove down to the hotel and we called the bank from the front desk as I had been instructed to. Now the story changed, US Bank said that they could not resolve the issue until the refund was posted to my account which could take up to 48 hours according to the manager. Here it was Fri. Dec. 22nd 2006 and I was trying to get everything straightened out so that we could be with our family in Duluth over the holidays so I asked the manager if they could at least reverse the overdraft charges pending the refund posting to my account so that I could put gas in car to be with family for X-mas and he said that because my account was only 4 months he could not do that for me. I continued to beg and plead with no success. Needless to say, it is now Dec. 26th, we missed christmas with the family and if the refund doesn't post tomorrow I will not be able to go to work... The worst customer service I've ever experienced in my life without a doubt. It's amazing to me that when you make a withdrawal or an authorization is made against your account the funds are gone immediately within seconds, but when an error is made and a refund is issued it takes several days to see your money. Bah humbug US Bank.



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