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Posted on Friday, December 22nd, 2006 at 12:33pm CST by c994d805

Company: silkies scam

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I guess this is a continuing scam of Silkies. I received a package of unsolicitated hosiery and a bill for $14.92. I decided to send the hosiery back but could never find the department that would send me "a postage paid label" on their web site. So I guess that I'll stash these socks in a drawer until they send a truck for them. I expect that the harassing phone calls will follow, but I assure them that I have the resources and patiece to fight this scam.

Sincerely Audrey Ornett

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feb3677a, 2008-11-27, 05:56PM CST

These arent scams, you people just dont read the terms and conditions. They are on the webpage for silkies, go check them out. When you submit your info you ARE agreeing to pay them every month until you cancel. If you didn't call and get a cancellation number you're out of luck. Be a more conscious buyer and you won't put your credit at risk. geeze.

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