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Posted on Thursday, December 21st, 2006 at 6:01pm CST by e1417fef

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Dear Sir or Ma'am,

Oct 30, 2006 hired Topdside roofing to re-roof our house. Mark West told us we would get moved up quicker if we paid at least half upfront. Mark West came into our home and measured the skylight openings at this time. We gave Mark West 2250.00 on the 30th of October. On Dec 4 (34 days later) Mark West called to say they would be out the morning of the 5th to do the agreed job 8-9 am. No call until 2:30pm on the 5th. Mark West called and said his crew would be out at 8-am the 6th. No call no show until the 6th at 12 noon. We had 7 people on our roof working frantically. The house was re-roofed in 5 hours, but the two skylights never were ordered in time to have them installed that date. Topside roofing put plywood over the holes(skylights) and we were assured by Mark West they wouldn't leak. At 12am the morning of the 7th rain started coming into the house in both skylights. We called at am the 7th and spoke with Mark West to tell him the roof leaked where the skylights should have been he laughed over the phone and he said he would get Moses out right away to put a membrane over the wood to protect it from the weather,by 9:30 no one had called or showed up. We called Mark at 9:30 and asked if someone was on their way, he said "Oh you want this done today?" I will call Moses and have him come out. On the 7th at 2:30pm Moses showed up and nailed a piece of tar paper over the plywood. Mark West assured us we would have our skylights in short order, (days). We heard nothing more until Mark West called the 18th 12 days later and said the skylights were in they would be out the 20th to install. On the 20th we spoke with Mark West about the installation of skylights, weather was not permitting for safe installation on the 20th. Mark West said they would leave the shop at 7:30am on the 21 and be at our house bright and early by 8 am the 21Dec at 8:30am the morn ing of the 21st We called Topside roofing Mark West ( General Manager) to ask if anyone was on their way he said his roofer had to go and renew his drivers license and would be out sometime today to complete the job. I called Mark West back at 8:40 am and asked him if there would be any adjustment made on our bill, I told him I was very disappointed with all the lies he has been saying regarding our contract. I feel there should be some adjustment on our bill. The job has not been done to our satisfaction nor has there been much communication regarding timely manner. We paid half on the 30 of October. We have been under stress waiting for Topside and relying on the word of Mark West he has lied over and over. I would like to see some adjustment on the bill due to the long wait and unprofessional service we were receiving and the leak from the skylights. When I asked Mark West he basically told me NO. I told him at that time I would be filin g a complaint with the BBB. He said do what you have to do. My complaint is toward Mark West and his unprofessional service his false promises toward his customer. His disregard for our home and its contents. We have been very patient up until now. Our rights as a consumer and the length of time that has passed and the fact we received a bill stating the job was complete( incorrect statement) in fact the job is not done yet.. Nor to our satisfaction. We were told by Mark West the skylights had in fact been ordered prior to them even installing the roof. Mark West is unprofessional, he makes false promises and is not professional at all. He has no business representing any company with his behavior and lack of people skills. I asked him who the owner of Topside was and he told me Paul York. I asked him for the phone number and he would not give it to me. I would like to see something done regarding this long wait and lack o f concern for our home. Now per the contract we have a Balance of 2514.18 We received the bill on the 18th stating the job was complete and per the contract we have 10 days to pay balance in full. Please if you could help us. Mark West has told us Topside roofing does this all the time and that they work on several houses at one time. Maybe they should complete one job at a time . That way no consumer has to worry about their safety.

Thank you

Elizabeth Bruce


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fbc454f3, 2008-05-12, 11:20AM CDT

Mark West is no longer an employee of Topside Roofing for the reasons stated above. He has been gone since April 2007.

4513d018, 2008-10-03, 10:23AM CDT

This is not Topside Roofing in South Elgin ,Il.Pease make that clear.

5cfb18ca, 2011-07-10, 05:51PM CDT

ha-ha! now he's number two guy!

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