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I ordered theater tickets from the internet site on the 16th of November. They immediately booked a charge against my credit card in the amount of $544.00. Then I received an email from them stating that I would be notified if the tickets I ordered were available within 24 hours. By the way, they ask you if you want to "buy" tickets before you confirm your purchase... nothing about finding tickets for you. Anyway, after waiting five days to receive ticketing confirmation or correspondence otherwise I attempted to contact them at both of their customer service telephone numbers five times in two days both of which no person answered. Subsequently, I wrote to telling them to cancel my order. They acknowledge that they received that cancellation but claim I neglected to reference my order number... although I included their message which that contained the reference number.

At no time did attempt to contact me. They now claim they were unable to provide ticket confirmation I provided an incorrect email address although they had sent an email message to me earlier... totally absurd. And, they refuse to credit my credit card. Bottom line, they stole $544.00 from me. So, be aware and beware of They are scam artists.

John E. Longfellow

Marshall, VA 20115


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18e2fa2d, 2009-12-28, 01:01PM CST

They also don't refund the service charge when you have the insurance. I bought 2 tickets with insurance. Insurance was $20. So total charge was $250 and refund after cancellation was only $174. I didn't get it yet though.

6dce39d1, 2011-10-09, 10:19AM CDT charged me $350.00 for two tickets, but I have never got tickets from them. They claimed that the mail with ticket confirmation information were lost in my junk mails and refused to refund me. then advised me to call the theater for a post dated show, which I did. But the theater told me that they do not handel tickets sale. I have to call ticket master for ticket. I called ticket master and was advised that there was no ticket order information assoicated with my name. Clearly, is scammed people for money. I have disputed the charge on my credit card. The case is pending. I am posting this to let people know is a scammer.

b834a680, 2012-01-14, 11:12AM CST

Also they will charge you fees but they won't give the best seats especially when you paid for those front row seats. This fellow is right. Dont trust broadway if you are in new york go get the tickets in the theater or ticketmaster you will save a lot and get good seats.

3f7fe468, 2012-11-01, 11:13PM CDT

We ordered 8 tickets for a family trip to New York from Colorado. Unfortunately, our flights to New York were canceled due to hurricane Sandy. Our play tickets were for Thursday and the airlines couldn't get us to New York on a rescheduled flight until Saturday. was completely unsympathetic to our situation and refused a refund. I would never order tickets from them again!

64954d89, 2013-05-24, 07:56PM CDT

I had purchased theatre tickets for lucky guy in nyc -for my moms 83rd birthday I purchased premium tickets .At no time did the agent identify the seats as orchestra left or orchestra right -when I received the tickets and saw that they were not orchestra center I called to ask for replacement tickets or a refund.I was stunned to hear that the customer service manager Kendrick refused my request on the basis that I should have known that" side" was orchestra left or orchestra right even though the agent never identified them as such and despite having a history of only buying orchestra center with this company.they refused to assist me and have lost a customer and i will be vigilant to ensure that I spread the word of my complete lack of confidence with this company.

3f7fe468, 2013-05-24, 09:35PM CDT

I posted one of these complaints. were not going to refund our tickets after hurricane Sandy canceled our trip. We had tickets to Mary Poppins and after sending a letter to Disney productions, we received a full refund. It might be beneficial to let the production company know about the problem.

4f4ea037, 2013-07-04, 07:35AM CDT is a total rip off site which adds and provides no value except stacking ridiculous service charge! for providing NO service at all. We got 5 tickets for the lion king at $208 a piece for E row Mezzanine level totalling $1040. When i checked the lion king site, I could get better D row tickets for $255 less.

When I went to pick up the tickets at the box office I was shocked to see that the face value of the tickets was only $157 ..which is 51$ per ticket less than what I paid to this cheat site. The lady at the box office said it is always cheaper to get it directly from them. Save all the hazzle and heartburn, stick to ticket master which is pretty reasonable or if you are in the NYC area, go directly to the box office for the absolute best selection of seats and the lowest prices. Shame on me for being fooled. I should have checked out the reviews and shouldn't have bought the tickets in haste. I hope my mistake will benefit others from staying clear away from this rip off site. They may hoodwink poor tourists but a business cannot survive long term this way. Its a matter of time before everybody knows the TRUE value of this site..

David C., 2013-08-07, 10:53AM CDT

Just ordered tickets from but I chose the wrong date, when I won't be in New York. My fault, but "all sales final" - a contract term that would be deemed unfair in the UK where I live.

****** UPDATE *******

Well, I take it all back. Despite not having taken out the optional insurance, I emailed and they let me change the dates at no penalty.

The process meant that I had to re-order the new tickets first and then have the first transaction refunded.

Can't say fairer than that really.

Tom J., 2013-12-02, 07:20PM CST

This site charges a 40% service charge which is absurd compared to other ticketing sites like ticket master. They prey on unknowing first time Broadway ticket buyers. There is no reason why their ticketing fees should be 8x higher!

I bought two Broadway tickets to my first show, not knowing and thinking that the high ticketing fee was normal. I ended up spending over $100 on fees where ticket master would of charged $20.

f9a5cb11, 2014-01-10, 03:51PM CST

I got great seats but paid a premium. ORCH EE seats 6 and 8 which I didn't notice so I hope seat 7 with switch and I paid $115.00 over the total for two tickets @ 132.00 each.

Keep off!

Debbie C., 2014-05-20, 05:24PM CDT is the official site for Broadway Show tickets. Do not use - their service fees are outrageous! I used them not knowing this and will make sure I never use them again!

c806e645, 2014-12-13, 09:45PM CST

I bought 3 tx on for Jersey Boys. The listed price was $230. Nowhere did it indicate that this was the PER TICKET price and not the total price until after the purchase. This organization is a scam and should be shut down. When I called the box office, they said they could not help with a refund because they did not sell the tickets. They also advised against using because of their high fees.

aa3dde22, 2015-05-09, 11:34AM CDT

BEWARE of If you dare buy tickets from them MAKE sure you know what the fee's are (and by the way the fees are in FADED print. They charge a 35% charge just to do what either the theater or Telecharge does for a SMALL fee. Save your self a lot of $$ and aggravation and go to the theater website or TELECHARGE.COM to buy your tickets..

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