BBQ Island.

Posted on Thursday, December 21st, 2006 at 8:45pm CST by 943a4388

Company: BBQ Island.

Category: Other

Buyers please take note:

Ref: Imperial Outdoor Living Inc.

8753 Lion Street.

Rancho Cucamonga Ca. 91730


Model Name: M-3000

Summary Line: The Company will not respond to phone calls or letters. Employees who answer the calls will not put me through to the person running the business.

Complaint Description: I purchased a new BBQ island on 4-23-06. Model M-3000. Lori Seina was the sales rep at a Home Show in Westlake Village Ca. The BBQ & Island was delivered to my home and installed on 7-19-2006. Three week later the BBQ became a safety hazard because the handle that lifts the heavy top hood cover off the cooking surface would come off in your hand and then slam back down on to the cooking surface. If you didn’t know this you would probably get your hand broken. I have to keep my guests away from the BBQ to prevent them from getting hurt. There are no decals on the knobs that tell you if the gas is on, off, high or low. That’s not as big a deal as the handle coming off; it just demonstrates the poor quality of the product or the poor workmanship.

I made calls to this company week after week for months. I’ve spoken to someone named Mike and Brain who supposedly work in customer service. Mike and Brian are great at giving the “yes” treatment and lame excuses. But mostly they ignore and don’t return your phone calls. When I asked these two who owns the company I was told that there is no owner. There is a board of Directors that runs the company, but none of them are ever in when I call to escalate my problem.

Not until today while doing some internet research was I able to find out that the owner of the company is Phillip Bovard. I don’t know if he is willing to address my problem because the receptionist won’t put me through to him.

If Mr. Bovard is able to resolve the safety issue with my BBQ quickly, I’d be more than happy to reply back stating so. If not I would suggest that anyone looking in to purchasing an new BBQ island look at other vendors, this one may not be worth all the problems you’ll encounter when you need service.

Do your self a favor and spend on hour on the Net researching these companies before buying from them.

It also takes at least 3 months to get your BBQ.

Gil Garcia



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