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Posted on Wednesday, December 20th, 2006 at 6:34pm CST by 8e4e447c

Company: comcast cable service

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In september I ordered cable and internet service from comcast for the

contracted price of 59.99.

When I received my cable bill, the bill was 240 dollars. I called them up

various time about it and they said that they will contact the sales rep,

which I provided them and that they will contact me back about it. The

first rep I spoken to was very rude, they made it seem like that I was lying

to them over the phone, that there was no way the price was 59.99 or that I

was too stupid to understand the bill.

Not only was I not contact back but was sent a second bill containin late

fee. I was also charged a 20 dollar service fee but them giving me broken

modem the first time. After numerous call to the company and not receiving

any help after one promises after another that they will look into it and

call me back out it. I finally got fed up and went to the local office with

my contract.

The cashier there told me that I had to pay at least some part of the owe

money for me to keep my service, so i agreed to paid for what I should owe.

After a few days I was finally contacted by comcast but not about their

billing mistakes but demanding that I paid my outstanding bill. I explained

the situation to the rep and she said that she'll look into it and contact

me back. Not only was I not contacted back again, a few days later a

technician knocked on my front door demanding that I paid the bill or they

will turn off my service.

I did not paid him so they turned off my service. After that I wrote an

email to the company but I have not received any feedback at all.

There customer service is not only impolite but have no business ethics.

There workers have a poor habit of promising things that they cannot


I even contacted the main sales rep. division manager before and they said

they will contact me there mistakes but they never did.

Never trust comcast. There sales people is rude and unhelpful.


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