Request for Tata Indicom Connection - Poor Service / Response.

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Company: Request for Tata Indicom Connection - Poor Service / Response.

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Dear Mr. Suroor Hussain / Mr. T. Anil Kumar(Nodal Officer - Karnataka Region)

This is with regard to the Fresh Tata Walky connection, which i have applied through one of the executive Mr. Karthik (ref Mobile no.9243186777). This executive has come to my place in Cox Town, Bangalore and collected the Documents and a sum of Rs. 1622/- as Activation Charges, Refundable deposit against the Application No. SL.No. KAI 2221533 on 29.11.2006.

Till date i have not recieved any status on my application form.

>From the day I have filled in the application, I am receiving calls from some agency (Ref: 08065599251) and confirm with me that i have applied for tata indicom walky services and they will be sending some person to my place regarding verification. Till 14.12.2006, no one turned up.

On 14.12.2006, I made a visit to the nearest tata indicom hub(at Dodikonda, Bangalore) requesting for status and cancellation of above application. There i have been asked to contact the Branch office at Richmond road, Bangalore to collect the amount which has been given as said above.

On 15.12.2006, I made a visit to Richmond Road branch and met the Customer Care officer at Reception. She have taken my details and put me onto Mr. Raghu, Branch Manager, Richmond Road, Bangalore. I have given all the details to him and requested him to help me out in getting back the amount which I have paid to Mr. Karthik. He in turn took all the details with the contact numbers as given above and requested me to wait for 7 days to get back to me with the status. I have requested him to provide me his contact number to confirm the status, for which he has provided the Customer Service Number 121 to contact for further details.

I have requested him to provide any contact number as i do not want to repeat the same thing to every officer in your service people. For which he refered the board number of another branch at Koramangla, Bangalore to contact that branch to get details. I am not treated well by Mr. Raghu. I felt that he just want to convince me and send me back. How can i believe that my request will be actioned by a person, who does not want to reveal any contact(atleast his contact number or any person who can take responsibility).

Today(20.12.2006), I have received a call from some agency (Ref Ph. No. 08065599053) saying "Sir, you have applied for a Tata Indicom Walky Connection, did you recieved it". I would like to does any one knows the status of my application.

Now I need to know

1. When I dont have any Tata Indicom connection, how can i call 121 as said by Mr. Raghu.

2. I have given the money to the executive on the same day he came to my place and filled the application form, but it almost took 18 working days for me to hear "Will get back" and "Pls contact 121".

3. Why should my money lie with Tata Indicom, when I am not utilizing any services from them.

4. There is no proper treatement to the customer once the Money / Connection request is taken from the customer.

Note: I have been with legal industry and I know what will be the effect if the such a poor service being provided to the customer. (that too one who have not utilized the service but paid money). This will be really painful when a person spend money / time for nothing.

Would request you to look into the above. I need a clear explanation for the way i have been treated by Tata Indicom.

Do not treat this mail as just as the service being provided to me by TATA INDICOM, Expecting your voice explanation.

Your silence shall compel me to post my all complaints by legal at your risks, costs and responsibilities.

Also please let me know, as to why I should not claim compensation from TATA Indicom for the mental tension, harassment etc. due to the deficiency in your services without utilizing your service.

Warm Regards,



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