Frigidaire (Electrolux) Side-by-Side Stainless Refrigerator

Posted on Wednesday, December 20th, 2006 at 4:26pm CST by 1dcb63e2

Company: Frigidaire (Electrolux) Side-by-Side Stainless Refrigerator

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I had the Frigidaire, top of the line, stainless refrigerator PHSC39EGSSO delivered to my home on July 19, 2006. I have not had a cold refrigerator since. The refrigerator runs hot. Although set at 33 degrees, it runs between 41 and 44. It cannot keep milk more than 48 hours before the milk spoils. The ice maker leaks causing frozen water to form in the freezer.

This refrigerator cost us $2400. So it is not an inexpensive model. We have had repair people out several times. One repair person caused $200 damage to our kitchen countertop. They only paid for $100 of the repair bill. Electrolux refuses to get involved, even though they selected the repair company, they scheduled the repair company. I refuse to go further with Florida Appliance Repair, because they are crude, use profanity, and are destructive.

Famous Tate, our retailer, has been of little assistance other than providing a loaner dorm frig so we can have milk in the house. (And cheese, mayo, and other items that would perish in the Frigidaire refrigerator).

I would advise anyone not to purchase an Electrolux product. A factory representative even admitted that the electronics are miscalibrated. One repairman admitted that this product has had many service calls.

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f19e2790, 2008-07-30, 10:15AM CDT

Same frige, same problem. Two years old, and has always been too warm. Now it is out of the "safe temperature zone" and out of warranty. New motherboard, new thermistor, and still the same. 4 service calls, several calls to customer service, and nothing. Frigidaire is offering me 70% off a new comparable model; however, after 2 years I should not have to be replacing anything, and why in the heck would I want to buy another one of their crappy products. I guess it serves me right not having done my homework ahead of time - nearly every review of Electrolux (Frigidaire's parent company) and Frigidaire have been scathing and frequently for similar problems.

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