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I recently made a purchase through, where I ordered 3 items totaling $101.43. I had not used my account in several months, and had previously used it with my bank account as my payment method. When I placed this new order, I didn’t realize my bank account was still set as my default payment method, even though I had entered my credit card information. I closed that bank account about 2 months ago, and my payment to Amazon got returned. Since Amazon separated my order into 2 separate shipments, there were two separate payments- one for $79.99 and one for $21.44. Now, two separate payments means two separate returned checks, resulting in TWO $25 service charges. Since the payments were returned as “account closed”, Amazon immediately sent the amount due to Certegy collection agency. I received a letter in the mail, showing I owed $21.44 plus a $25 fee, and a second letter referencing $79.99 plus a $25 fee. After contacting Certegy, I asked that one of the fees be reversed, since I only authorized ONE payment, not two separate payments. They referred me to to get the fee refunded. I then called Amazon, and the representative could not help me at all. All he did was search his database for my concern, and referred me back to Certegy. I told him Certegy could not help me with this issue. He then transferred me to a supervisor, who did the same thing he had- looked up my question in a database, and said I needed to contact Certegy. I then contacted Certegy a third time, and this time the representative told me the return check fee is set by the state, and in California the fee is $25 and can only be reversed if the transaction is proven to be fraudulent. I explained the situation to her again, and the reason for the two separate charges, and she said Amazon would be responsible for crediting the fee back to me. I called Amazon and immediately asked for a Supervisor. The representative said she was sure she could help me, and I told her I had already called twice before and spoken to a supervisor, with whom I needed to speak to again. She assured me a second time that she’d be able to handle my problem. So, I explained it all over again to her, which took several minutes. She responds with “I’m sorry, we are updating our systems and I am not able to look up your information, please call back in a few hours.” ARE YOU KIDDING?! is a crock.

I could go on and on, about my quest to recover a $25 fee that I had to pay twice, simply because Amazon separated my order.

The customer service team at Amazon is lacking actual knowledge of their company and its operations, and simply uses a database to try and help customers. They do not listen with the intent to solve a problem, they listen for what keyword they can type in their computer for a quick answer. The other problem is that most of them do not speak fluent English, and therefore you cannot understand what they are saying. I will never make a purchase from again, it’s not worth the headache.

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b841060d, 2010-10-25, 06:33PM CDT

That is more common then you might think. I had an issue where I sent in a book through Amazon's "Trade-in" system for credit on the store. Long story short, UPS lost the book. I thought I was safe because they insure everything, but they said since Amazon approved the shipping they must initiate the inquiry. After speaking with Amazon for hours I was left with "It is not their policy to initiate insurance orders for their customers." (even though it does not cost them a thing! UPS covers the insurance up to $100.)

I don't think anything else needs to be said about their consumer policies..

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