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Posted on Saturday, December 2nd, 2006 at 9:35am CST by f12a1c88

Company: Sofa Express

Category: Stores, Shopping

My fiancee and I bought $3300 worth of bedroom furniture from the Sofa Express store in Columbia, SC 2 weeks before Thanksgiving 2006. We bought the furniture under one huge condition, that the furniture would be in house by the day before Thanksgiving as her brother and sister-in law would be travelling to our new home for the holiday. We postponed wedding planning duties waiting for our furniture on Wednesday and I finally decided to call only to be informed by the store that we weren't scheduled for delivery until the 29th of November- 6 days after the holiday. Our paperwork clearly stated the 22nd of November. The regional manager negotiated a deal where we received "loaner" furniture for the night but only after a breach of contract lawsuit threat. My fiancee is a teacher and I am finishing my Masters degree 2 hours away from Columbia and living on campus. I repeatedly told Sofa Express that they would have to accommodate my schedule for a re-delivery. The Store Manager in Columbia hung up on me 3 different times- I won't "out" her name but you may want to call 803-788-7890 and ask for the store manager to ask her why she hangs up on customers. When we finally had the delivery set, they failed to bring the drawer chest which meant my 4 hour round trip to Columbia was wasted for the most part because I would have to make another one to receive the rest of my furniture. Furthermore, when the delivery drivers were leaving, they ran over my mailbox and from the window while I'm waiting for them to knock on my door and tell me what happened- I see them put my mailbox into their truck and drive away. I go to the store immediately while I have the Sheriff's office on my cell and ask the same store manager to call the delivery driver's boss- she gets him on the phone and asks me to speak to him which I decline because I'm on hold with the Sheriff. When I decided to give the company another try and hang up my cell, and ask her to call the guy back, she yells at me "Why didn't you just talk to him when I had him on the phone---what's wrong with you?!?!" I leave and call the Sheriff back. As I was making a police report, the drivers came back but only because they were tipped off by the store that I made my complaint to- they have since replaced my mailbox but only again under threat of lawsuit. I called the corporate office and nothing disciplinary was done about the store manager's conduct and the director of operations who will also go unnamed informed me that the delivery drivers knocked over my mailbox because they were trying to get away from me- that's a quote. This is Sofa Express' last chance to compensate me adequately for the hell I've received from them.


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