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Posted on Tuesday, December 19th, 2006 at 3:14pm CST by 4213d382

Company: Nikon D80 from

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My experience with leads me to conclude they are an unscrupulous and unprofessional retailer of cameras. I ordered a high-end digital camera through their web site. The next day I received a mysterious email from "Scott" (no indication the email was from expresscameras) saying I had to call them or my order would be cancelled in 14 days. I reluctantly called Scott ,who said he needed my security code from my credit card. When I asked why that information wasn't required when initially placing the order online, he said I was wasting his time and he would just cancel the order. After a second phone call to confirm the authenticity of Scott, I proved the security code and was told the camera would arrive in 6 to 10 days. Ten days later, I called to find out the status of the yet undelivered order and was informed it had been backordered 6 to 8 weeks. When I asked why I wasn't notified of this situation, I was told "I'm telling you now." Furthermore, I was told that the price would not be guaranteed and I'd have to pay whatever it was when the item was shipped. I contacted the company a number of other times to confirm whether or not the items was in stock and was told everything from, yes, it was in stock, to it was backordered 2 weeks, to being questioned as to why I was asking. Without exception, the people I talked to at expressecameras were rude, untruthful and unprofessional. Needless to say I cancelled my order and will never deal with this company again, nor recommend anyone else do so either. Buyer beware!


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