Car problem

Posted on Tuesday, December 19th, 2006 at 7:00am CST by 1341d136

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I am at my wit's end as to where to turn on this situation, so hopefully you

can offer me some advice. I blought a used car 6 mnths ago and have had

several probs turn up. The most recent is a leak in the trunk area and the

dealership has been down right rude and have gone so far as to ban me from

there unless I sign my life away even for them to look at the problem. I

have been treated so shabbily I am virtually reeling from it and don't know

what my options are. The dealership is Fundy Honda in Saint John, NB,


Can you please advise me as to what options I have open. I have been

seriously considering going to our local newspaper with this and if that is

the option I choose, do I have to notify said dealership?

Any info you can supply would be most appreciated.




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