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Posted on Monday, December 18th, 2006 at 4:49pm CST by b66be828

Company: Landmark Window Systems,

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I wish to file a complaint against:

Landmark Window Systems

261 Martindale Road Unit 12A

St. Catharines, ON Canada L2W 1A2


Toll-Free: 1.866.355.3332

>From my experience, their customer service is non-existant. After being visited by high pressure salespersons, in my home, I signed a contract on 02 Dec 05 for window installation for a total of

$6033.73. Plus another $1241.20 for an additional window. When the installer came to

install the windows, shortly afterwards, the bathroom window was not frosted as per

the contract, (it was clearly annotated). The installer said that this would be quickly

replaced, and not to worry about it. I then paid the bill in full. The window was not

replaced, and Landmark windows would not return my calls, I was unable to get any

response out of Landmark windows, until Oct 2006, when I was forced to lodge a complaint

with the BBB to try to resolve this issue. Only with the assistance of the BBB did

Landmark window act to resolve the error. Overall my experience with Landmark Windows

has been horrible. I am a veteran from both Bosnia and Afghanistan and suffer from

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dealing with Landmark windows has been extremely

difficult to say the least, and I don't believe that anyone deserves to be treated in

the way that I have. I do not feel that I recieved good value from Landmark windows,

because of the lack of after sales service. My experience with them has been that they

do not stand behind their product, and this is reflected in their customer service. I

would not bother trying to obtain warranty service and would just have the windows

replaced by a reputable company should there be future issues. I do not feel that I

should have paid full price and only recieved partial service. I have spoke to Landmark

windows about my dissatisfaction, but they said that they were not willing to discuss a

partial refund. I realize my error in paying before the service was complete, but I

thought I was dealing with a reputable company that had good customer service.

I was hoping to get a partial refund of $1500, which is approx 20% of the $7273.93

I paid.

Thanks for your help, and for providing a very valuable service!

Brian MacPherson


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0e87481a, 2008-07-21, 02:47PM CDT

I haven't actually bought these windows, nor even seen a salesperson, but do have a negative comment about their "cold call" marketing. They phoned out of the blue and we happen to be looking for windows, so I asked several questions, especially whether their vinyl is available in colours other than white, and if so, if the colour is EMBEDDED (not PAINTED). They assured me it is (which is interesting since I've contacted about two dozen window companies and NONE have "many" colours in embedded vinyl), so we requested an appointment tomorrow. They called back to confirm and started asking what I consider personal questions - "do you rent or own", "how many windows". I NEVER give ANY information to a company calling out of the blue so I wouldn't answer. Believe it or not, they actually said they couldn't send someone unless I did! I asked why and they said they won't send a salesperson unless it's an owner and there are at least 3 windows to replace (which is crazy as I've had a few of the majors here - Marvin, Andersen, Loewen - and none of them had that requirement!). I said then you should ask 'do you have at least 3 windows', and he wouldn't change the question, so I hung up. They've lost our business (which is huge as we have 22 windows!). I could probably complain about the questions to Consumer Affairs and maybe I will. First, I'm going to check that claim about embedded vinyl...


Eastern Ontario

a07eceea, 2009-12-11, 02:32PM CST

I have to say that we bought 7 units from Landmark after a high pressure sale. We have been fighting with Landmark for 7 months since installation began. The windows are not what we wanted, the installation was shooty (even though they have sent 3 different installers out), the windows are garbage (which even their own installers have tols us). We were offered $500 to settle on a $20,000 window purchase. We have huge amounts of condensation causing mould even though the humidity in our house is only 6%. We have air whistling in above the windows. The third installer ripped out a wall to find that the first installer did not even frame the double door to code. We have had water leaking. They didn't even support the bay window when they originally installed it. Think twice before you allow this company anywhere near your home.

Lowegi, 2012-10-01, 11:27AM CDT

I bought Landmark windows three years ago. We had some problems with the installers. The doors they installed were so flimsily installed that my 14 year old son actually took the door right out when he fell against it. Landmark refused to come and even assess what happened let alone re install the door properly. We have had the other two doors re installed at our expense because Landmark did nothing about it.

I got sick and couldn't do any work for over two years. So now we are ready to do the siding on our house. The windows are inset too far so that the flashing will be dropping the rainwater inside the siding. It's obvious that this is a mistake by Landmark. However they want to charge me to even come and assess the situation and then they tell me that they did not make a mistake, that there is nothing on the contract how far the window flashing should have been from the house in order to do the siding. We were very specific in our order that one half of the house would have 1.5 inch insulation, strapping and siding, and the other half would have 2 inch insulation, strapping and siding. It is fall and we want to have the window problem solved and the siding on before it gets cold because the siding is too brittle and too expensive to break to do in the cold. Landmark promises to call and get it done in a week. That was three weeks ago. I will be heading to the better business bureau today if I don't get satisfaction today.

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