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I have subscribed to Supernerd, dont laugh I may have been the nerd for signing-up for 2 years.

Supernerd is an ISP based in Melbourne Australia and at 350mbytes per month for A$19-95 it seemed like a reasonable deal for a Broadband Connection.

The problem is that the ADSL connection keeps failing, mind you when their Modem failed, they did send another one 10days later, however they did forget to send back the cables - that took another week.

In the last 6months the ADSL connection has failed 8 times, this you would probably think is not to bad, however the problem is that it will be off until somebody returns to there office the next day and of course there is nobody to contact as there is nobody at the office.

Would you pay for a subscription to a company that describes theirselves as "SUPERNERD - Fast and Reliable" - the only thing you can rely on is that it will fail and that there wont be anyone there to fix the problem.

If there is anyone out there in Supernerd world with the same problem, please let me know. Phil Jeffery


6a37967a, 2008-04-07, 06:10AM CDT

Warning to all people thinking of signing up with SuperNerd, Their customer service is hopeless! I can't comment on existing or business customers, but as a new user i am disgusted.

-Apart from giving you the option of paying additional for a 'Customer Service Guarantee (CSG)' to ensure your service is enabled within 14 days, and yet still taking a entire month (even when ADSL lights were showing on my modem after 3 weeks) to enable my service, and in fact never even calling to inform me that the service was active, it took me to call and retrieve my log in details.

-Being charged for my phone line service, for the entire month while pending my account to become active, and being told that this was an actual mistake, but still have not received a refund on this charged amount.

-They also promise a 48hr turn around on all complaints... well its now 10 days later, three emails and one phone call reminding them about my complaint, and im yet to receive a reply!

All this excused, i do receive very fast connection speeds (up to 11mb/sec) but live very close to the exchange (~0.7km).

So new/potential users BEWARE, if i had the option of changing ISPs I WOULD! Nothing ruins a customers point of view or satisfaction than hopeless, AND I MEAN HOPELESS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I have even implored them to respond to my emails, YES EVEN BEGGED TO RECEIVE A REPLY! Needless to say i still have not had a reply, nor a refund of the first month incorrectly charged for my phone line, nor any details about their breach of the CSG and any relevant refunds.

Thank you

bec9a834, 2008-09-14, 07:12PM CDT

I have had dial up with supernerd for about 5 years and during that time I have only dropped out probably half a doz times... maybe less..

Any problems I have had I just emailed them to either info or support and have always had replies that were reasonably quick either by email or by telephone.. (and they seem to be fairly persistant with their phone calls, even calling up until 8pm..) That would be my only complaint against them..

In all I have found them to be very agreeable to most of my complaints big or small.. but as I do not have adsl I really don't know much about it.

(A good tip I find when dealing with companies is to remember that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar)

PS.. I'm not singing their praises for any other reason than I have found their dial up to be better than dodo or iprimus as far as drop outs go.. and their support always pleasant and helpful.. my only real complaint would be in accessing their webmail



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