Midas, 2710 N. Main Street, Walnut Creek, CA

Posted on Thursday, December 14th, 2006 at 4:10pm CST by 50425571

Company: Midas, 2710 N. Main Street, Walnut Creek, CA

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Rip off artists!

I knew I needed break pads because my friend is the service manager at a local dealership. He normally services my car and it is in perfect condition. He can't do the breaks as cheaply as Midas can, even with the discounts he gives me. I knew there was nothing wrong with the breaks other than needing new pads. I told Rick (Owner? Manager?) that all I needed was pads.

The next day Rick's assistant called and explained that I needed the rotors machined and a break fluid flush. I asked why I would need the rotors machined (knowing full well that they didn't need it) and was told that If I don't get them machined, they will squeak. I politely refused. I don't care if breaks on an eight year old car squeak as long as they stop the car.

I then asked why I needed a break fluid flush. I was told that I don't really need the flush, just that it is a good idea. By this time I was pretty pissed because I knew they were trying to rip me off. I explained that I already knew that there was nothing wrong with the breaks, other than the pads, and was quite concerned that they were trying to tell me that I needed work that I know I don't need. I went so far to explain that the car had already been checked by a freind so I knew exactally what was wrong. Rotors and break fluid weren't an issue. I made it clear that all I wanted was the break pads.

A few hours later Rick called me and said that he was test driving the car and noticed I needed new wipers. This was true. He said he could do it for $12 and wouldn't charge me labor. I agreed.

When I went to pick the car up that evening, they had tacked $30 on to the bill. When I questioned it, Rick yelled from the back room (he couldn't be bothered to get up and talk to me himself) that it is $12 per wiper. I yelled back that he quoted me $12, not $12 per wiper. He ignored me. I paid the bill and decided to warn everyone what they can expect from this establishment. They've lost my business and hope they lose yours too!"


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