Equity Builders of Virginia, LLC complaint

Posted on Thursday, December 14th, 2006 at 6:14am CST by 082eef3a

Company: Equity Builders of Virginia, LLC complaint

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There is already 1 complaint on this site regarding this contractor, here's another.

My wife and I signed a contract with Equity Builders of Viginia in May of this year to have our basement finished. The scheduled work was to begin in June, which it did, with a completion date in August though we said take your time because we wanted it done right the first time.

Everything was going fine until August when worked stopped. At this point they had completed the framing, electrical (2 items to address found by Prince William county inspector), HVAC and plumbing. Phone calls and emails to Jamey Rexrode, owner of the company, went unanswered for over a month. It wasn't until October when I started noticing complaints against this company, 1 on this site. A complaint was submitted to Service Magic, a consulting service for contractors.

Finally we were able to get a hold of Jamey and found out that he had fell ill and that he could not complete the work but his brother, Steve Rexrode, was taking over his work. Steve stopped by we gave him the information that the county inspector handed over to us and stressed to him that this basement needs to be completed within a month. He said no problem and that is the last we heard from him. Again for a month our phone calls and emails went unanswered. We did find another lady in our area who was going through the same situation with this builder. The main phone number was disconnected and reassigned, though cell phone was still active. Left numerous messages, at times the voice mail maxed out where we could not leave any messages, however it would clear out in a few days which meant they were either checking messages or just deleting them.

We finally received an email in early November that Steve was unable to keep up with the work load and had to back out of several jobs until new hires for Jamey's position could be found. The email also stated that we would be refunded money for work un-done (which was the same amount we calculated back in October) and that it would be 7-10 business days until the check could be mailed. We are now on day 41 with no check and again no one will answer our calls or emails. Service Magic has been no help as they have not been able to get hold of the contractor. They offered a $500 "we are sorry" check, which we didn't receive and really don't care. BBB has been no help either.

We talked to 1 attorney who basically said we are SOL as far as getting any money back and that any attempt will end up costing us more money than we will ever get back, if we ever do. We are currently filing a complaint with the Virginia's contractor board, which will be forwarded to both West Virginia and Maryland. Which the only thing that can happen is that they lose their license. We really don't ever expect to see our money again we are focused on making sure that everyone else is aware of their business practices. We are also submitting an application to the IRS to inquire if they are involved with business fraud.




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