Dunkin Donuts - Bad customer service!!

Posted on Wednesday, December 13th, 2006 at 7:06pm CST by 40debdf1

Company: Dunkin Donuts - Bad customer service!!

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I was in the Dunkin donuts store in Bryn Mawr, PA on 12/11/06. I treid to get a coffee and a donut. I went to pay but I had no cash left, so I went to use my VIisa card. The clerk told me there was 5.00 minimum to use it. I got really upset and went to sit down with a few friends. Ten minutes later the cloerk tells me to get out for no apparent reason. I went back there the next day and sat down with a friend for 2 minutes before getting a couple donuts. I had cash this time. The same clerk came over to me and told me to get out. I felt really mortified and I was upset. That';s no way to treat people. I tried to complain to copmpany but they haven't responded yet. hat can I do?

Herschel L. Burak




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