Tesco, Amersham, Bucks

Posted on Tuesday, December 12th, 2006 at 5:50am CST by e910aa5f

Company: Tesco, Amersham, Bucks

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En route to my brother's funeral yesterday (11.12.06), we stopped off at

Tesco in Amersham to wait for the rest of my relatives. We were to have a

drink/snack and the food looked so appalling and inedible, we chose the

lesser of the evils, a toasted sandwich. Mine came on a plate, thin white

bread not even cut in half and it was completely tasteless..because it had

no filling. I took it back and was morosely given another, flat, no

garnish, not cut in half. I decided to complain and was met with absolute

resistance, rudeness and snide comments.

I asked to speak to the manager of the cafeteria and was told she was on

her way. After 10 minutes, I was asked what I wanted her for and that she

had gone home. I went to Customer Services who told me the cafeteria was

not part of Tescos, so I pointed out that it had their name on it and I

demanded to speak to the Store Manager. A gentleman came to see me and I

took him to look at the heated display and asked him if he felt it looked

acceptable and he said no he did not. I then showed him my sandwich and

asked him if he thought it looked ok..no he did not. He said that the

store were aware of the issues and knew improvements were needed. How

could he make this better, he asked me. At which point I wanted to

say..'give me a megaphone' however he offered a refund. He took my


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