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Posted on Tuesday, December 12th, 2006 at 10:13am CST by c46cbaec

Company: Camera Purchase Attempt /

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1938 McDonald Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11223




Nature of Complaint:

- fraudulent advertising

- failure to give advertised Price

Details: advertises the Nikon D200 camera body for sale at prices ranging from below $ 800.00 to prices above $1400.00. The prices change daily on the web site and generally fluctuate every day or so. The advertising is consistent, daily, and says they have this item in stock.

On October 18Th, 2006, I ordered, on line, this camera body for the price listed that day at $ 819.00. On October 20Th, "Ken" called to confirm my order and in the process attempted to sell me tons of related equipment for the camera including batteries, chargers, lenses, etc. He was irritated when I refused to buy anything but the camera. He closed the conversation with my by saying the camera could not be shipped for 6 weeks or more. I accepted that condition and advised him to proceed.

On November 27Th, 2006, I called BestPriceCamera to check on my order and shipping since the date was close. I was immediately advised that I had "canceled" my order and that no order existed. I protested and was hung up on. I called back with the extension of "Ken" (I had kept detailed notes on all my contacts with them) and complained to him. He placed me on hold at least 7 times and finally someone - named "Nick" - said that the camera was not in stock. I complained about it being advertised on the Internet everyday at a different cost. He said that was wrong and that they would take it off the Internet - of course, they never did and still never have.

After complaining about my treatment, Nick said he would reinstated the order but that it would take 3 to 4 months for the camera to be shipped. I left the conversation with this expecting to occur.

Two days later, my credit card that I had utilized to pay with was compromised with some unauthorized charges and the card was immediately canceled by my bank - effectively "canceling" my order with

BestPriceCamera is guilty of the following actions and I caution everyone to NOT ORDER OR DO BUSINESS WITH

- they do and continue to advertise fraudulently; they have no intention of honoring their advertised prices.

-Their items are incomplete. All cameras come with batteries/chargers but said I would have to pay an additional $250.00 for a battery set-up.

- I believe illegally utilized by credit card to "cancel"my order with them.

- They are dishonest, rude, caustic, and unfriendly

- They need to be criminally investigated for their conduct

Tom Robinson


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