& $30 incentive for signing up for Amazon Visa Card

Posted on Tuesday, December 12th, 2006 at 10:44pm CST by 1f70d56e

Company: & $30 incentive for signing up for Amazon Visa Card

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I was told if I signed up for a Visa card through Chase Bank and was approved I would receive $30 on my first order.

I applied, was approved and when I went to order the credit wasn't there. I email Amazon:

11/27/06 11:48:17 PST

NAME: removed to protect my privacy

COMMENTS: It appears on my Amazon Chase Credit Card that you did

not apply my $30 reward for the credit card enrollment. Please check on this and adjust my balance with Chase ASAP.


Hello from

I apologize for any misunderstanding about the sign-up incentive offered for the Visa card.

Your Visa card account will automatically be credited for your $30.00 sign-up incentive within a few days of your first purchase with your new card. The discount will not be deducted from your order.

The credit should appear on your next monthly Visa card statement. However, if your first purchase was within a few days of your next monthly statement, then the credit will appear on the following statement. If the credit does not appear on your card

statement, you may wish to contact Chase directly at:


For more information on how to use your Visa card, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page:

Thanks for shopping at

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If not, click here:

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Best regards,

Yohan Customer Service


Date: Mon Nov 27 19:48:25 UTC 2006

Subject: Gift Certificates & Promotional Offers

To: int-primary__4r4t4y@amazoncom

Then I went to the site to order on Oct 30, 2006 and the $30 credit was there. So I ordered some books consuming my $30 and leaving me a balance of $11.36. Then the statement from Chase came in and the $30 was not deducted from the order. I called several times documenting each call and every time was told it would be deducted within two days from my account. It never happened.

I called Chase I called Amazon and each blamed the other. Finally I told them to cancel my card. Then Amazon said we would like to help you but the only thing we can do seeing you canceled your card is give you a $30 credit on your next order. HE** why on earth would I want to order anything from Amazon again? Help me tell people about Amazon's tricking people into ordering and not giving what they promise. I live on a very limited income and can not afford to be scammed. I have mostly all the emails and have documented all calls with dates, times, and names. Does anyone know what I can do to get my money?


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