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Posted on Wednesday, August 9th, 2006 at 10:10pm CDT by be0e1b73

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Manchester, New Hampshire

I have read some complaints about B-Dry and I agree. They are money hungry along with many other companies out there. B-Dry put in a system at the house I live in now when it was owned buy the previous owner. $5000 I believe it cost. Life time warranty as long as the house is around. It's seems like it cost that for everyone no matter what the problem.

Well the previous owner said the basement had flooded a couple times since they did the work. It was dry when I bought the house and it looked pretty good I guess. Well now it was my turn. I called B-Dry to tell them the basement had flooded and they need to come and fix the problem. I knew right away things were going in the wrong direction when he started by saying "Well let me tell you about that house and the previous owner".

He claim's the person before me never took care of the basement the proper way by putting this very potent chloride solution mixed with water down in the crack once a month. Believe me I did it and it could kill you. Anyway he proceeded to tell me that because she didn't take care of it properly I am going to get charged for him to come and fix it! Bullshit I thought! Why should I be charged for something someone else did or didn't do. Im not paying these people a dime for crappy work that should have never had the problem in the first place.

Well the short of it is. They suck and will never see this house again and I hope many other people agree that we do not need people like this trying to rip us off. I would have to say to everyone, Do it yourself because it's not that hard and it will save you $4000 like it did me!

They don't know what their doing, no matter how long they have been around.



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3cd68147, 2007-12-08, 06:02AM CST

Friends of ours in Somersworth NH had B-Dry start to install a system in thier home. That night the basement walls caved in. Caused them to replace the foundation. B-Dry said it wasn't thier fault. They cut a trench into the floor right next to the wall...causing it to give way during the night! Stay away...they were not very helpfull either when it came to fixing the problem.

9f4f3aed, 2008-12-19, 01:54PM CST

*AND* the B-Dry System is just the pipes - the sump pumps aren't included. I had a "System Check-up" three months ago, replaced a battery back-up system ($665) and the system failed. B-Dry came and replaced the pump and sent me a bill for another $575!! Meanwhile, I have a wet basement and a system that I just don't trust.

498d0854, 2010-02-02, 12:55PM CST





samc...Baltimore, MD

7fbcdd61, 2010-02-05, 01:17PM CST

Dale, Can you tell me what product(s) you used in order to waterproof your basement? I have a lot of cracks in the floor which allows my basement to flood everytime we get a heavy rain. Ive been searching for a good product to use and haven't stumbled across one that has really good reviews. Im glad i read the compalints first on B-Dry before I jumped the gun to call them!

Thanks, Mandi

be0e1b73, 2010-10-06, 07:37PM CDT

I do not remember what franchise I talked to but it was a Manchester area number.

Since all that mess with them I have completed my basement drain system myself (a few years ago I think its been)and I have not had any problems at all. I have pretty much forgot about the draining system because I have not had any problems.

I bought everything from The Home Depot to complete my basement drain system. If I remember correctly it didn't even cost me half the price as they were charging. Of course my labor charge was very cheap $0.00. :)

b9f155b9, 2011-09-20, 02:33PM CDT

I wish I had read all of your comments before calling B-Dry. We just had a similar experience. We got over 6 inches of water in our basement, and the weather was dry and sunny that day. Our B-Dry System failed to keep water from entering our home, so we called B-Dry. First, B-Dry questioned whether we really had a flood in our basement (they didn't see water, as if we were going to leave everything as-is for 3 days until they got there). Then B-Dry said the sump pump needed to be replaced, qualifying it with a statement like, "if" we really did have as much water as we said we did! We had to buy TWO new sump pumps. The B-Dry "warranty" seems to be a sham, since they will never have to blame water seepage on anything but a malfunctioning pump. And, surprise, the pump isn't part of their "warranty." Their advertisements stating that they keep water out of the basement are deceptive and misleading. According to their own customer service department, they "never" get service calls for the patented part of their systems, only for replacing pumps. Hmmmm......

989c541d, 2011-11-11, 11:33AM CST

I have been trying to get someone to come to my home since Labor day. I got from the area franchise and he never called back. I called the main office numerous times. I finally got the president Brian on the phone. He is equeal full of shit like the people that work for him. He never called to follow up when he would be in my area. Hence I would only tell friends the system sucks. In a bad economy this is not helpful to sales.

3c84af74, 2011-12-07, 02:22PM CST

I also had customer service issues with the NH ME BDry systems company. They are the only company in the area and they do not provide customer service.

My basement has flooded 4 times since I paud them $5,000. I also had a battery backup system installed for an additional $1200. The first power outage (19 months after the system was installed) did not function, and the basement flooded. The service man came out 3 days later, and said it ws Unfortunate, that I got 1 of the 4 bad backup systems he had seen. He told me for $500. he could send the part back to the manufacture and they would repair it and not gaurntee it to work. Or I could pay them $900. for a new pack and an additioanl charge if a new battery is also needed.

I think they installed a non-working backup system in my house.


You guessed it they will not call me back.

Corporate B-Dry will only refer me back to this one agent.

My friend has a Rescon system out of NH. They would appear to be a better bet than the Biddeford ME B-Dry company.

3c87c16d, 2012-08-10, 10:43PM CDT

The B-Dry rep was out here last week to look at my wet crawl space. He made a proposal: Drill weep holes in each block that is directly on top of the footer, put a drain channel below the footer all the way around the perimeter, and run it to a sump. I talked to another company and told him what B-Dry had proposed. His response was. "Why do you want to bring more water into your crawl space? Isn't the goal to keep it out? If your house is like a boat surrounded by water, it would be like drilling holes in your boat! My company would seal every crack and crevice and make sure no water gets in."

After such an eye opener, and reading all of your comments, I am convinced that what B-Dry is doing should be considered as fraud. Thank you all for your help.

84610d7b, 2012-10-09, 02:12PM CDT

I'd like to add I justed the B-DRY and yes the system was 5000.00. But get this my sump pump stop working last night and I called them to get a replacement. The rep got on the phone and tried to feed me this line that I had an electric problem which is totaly BS. The pump has worked for at least 5 yrs. and that a replacement pump would be 1000.00 dollars for a 3/4 hp pump. On home Depot web page at the most 158 buck for a 1 hp pump. WTW I called customer service and I'm waiting to hear something back from them now. NEVER AGAIN. They never called me

8f7bc90d, 2013-08-28, 04:54PM CDT

I must say that you are all right!!! I am previous employee of b-dry and they are money hungry and don't want to do things the way they tell you they are going to be done cause all they want is the check. The motto is get in get it done as quick as possible and get the check. And this is not mention that some of the people they have doing work is thieves but they don't care as long as they get that check!!!! They sold a woman in Harrisburg pa carbon fiber strips for a wall which are to be 4'' inches thick and all but 8' foot long but because you can only buy them in a pack of six and they needed like 24 and only had 12 they cut them in half and put up which is not going to help the woman in any way but yet they still charged her like 4,000 thousand dollars. I could go on about other things I know they did but I will stop there.... And this franchise is out of Westminster md ran by a guy named Scott and Steve and a Edgar so be sure not to use these guys unless you want ripped off. And there system does work if it done right not the wrong way....

shelley w., 2013-09-11, 01:58PM CDT

i'm trying to get b-dry to call me back right now. i had b-dry and it seemed fine in my former house so i referred them to my parents for their basement 3 years ago. they have never had the dry basement as they were promised and after fighting with b-dry they just gave up. i feel kind of responsible so i'm in the process of trying to talk to a b-dry rep. to see if there is any resolution that will be agreeable to both parties. but like i said no one is calling me back. they never waterproofed on the 3 foot section of wall behind the hot water heater because they said it was unessaccary and now water pours in that wall. but when my parents called b-dry they said they didnt do it because the homeowner refused to move the hot water heater which was a lie and really kind of stupid. cost my parents 6500 dollars and they said they would come back and fix it for another 500 dollars. if you were going to pay 6500$ for a system why would you refuse to move the hotwater heater, thats absurd. of course b-dry agreed with me that its a he-said/she-said situation. b-dry knew it would leak so why wouldn't they insist on it being moved. i hope i can come to a positive resolution but reading these reviews is discouraging. i would advise anyone else not to get the system, and if you have it and you have problems then fight like mad and keep pushing until you get some resolution. i have noticed that alot of companies today handle complaints by just ignoring the customer until he becomes frustrated and quits. dont quit. there website says of their company values that they want to give "mind blowing" customer service. hold them to it!

Virginia L., 2014-02-24, 09:21AM CST

Had b-dry system, for $7000.installed last spring. Now 2 toilets downstairs do not work. The sewer line is filled with water all the way up to the flanges. Tried to syphon to no avail. They said "we don't fix sewer lines. If we broke it or something, the homeowner is responsible to fix it". Just paid plumber over $500. and they cannot figure out what is wrong. I am NOT a happy camper.

75f8f29f, 2014-02-26, 12:58PM CST

B Dry is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. BBB will handle customer complaints and base their rating of the company on how many complaints received, and if the company cooperated to meet the customer's. Have any of you taken your complaints to the BBB? If not, WHY NOT? Also, your failure to do so allows them to appear to be a perfect company which causes others to judge them as responsible and highly competent. Please report your problems so the unsuspecting customer can be forewarned!

Junior, 2014-02-27, 08:49PM CST

I reported a complaint to the Better Business Bureau about B-dry and the BBB gave me the runaround and would not process my complaint! I hired B-dry to encapsulate my crawlspace and they did not seal the vapor barrier to the foundation wall with polyurethane sealant, they did not overlap the vapor barrier seems properly. All the seems were poorly taped or not taped at all. The old moldy, mildew infested 6 mil vapor barrier, which was full of debris and sharp objects was left underneath the new flexi-seal vapor barrier. The support columns were not wrapped and sealed either! I asked the salesman after the work was completed about the vapor barrier not being sealed to the wall and he said it does not need to be sealed because I don't have a moisture problem, then he said if I want to I could seal it to the wall myself. I asked about the old vapor barrier also and he said it will help channel water better. My question is what water? He told me I don't have a moisture problem!

Since B-dry employees are lazy, incompetent, and money hungry liars I got a second opinion and fixed everything myself because i wanted it done right. If anyone pays B-dry $6200 like I did for a crawlspace that is 988 sq. ft. and got ripped off like I did, go to www.crawlspacerepair.com. You can order the vapor barrier tape, foundation pins, polyurethane sealant and pretty much anything else you need and the customer service is wonderful. Youtube also has plenty of helpful how to videos. Now that my crawlspace is properly encapsulated the musty odor in my house is gone and my utility bills are slighty lower.

609bfea0, 2014-03-05, 05:19PM CST

I recently had B-Dry out to take a look at my crawlspace. My crawlspace stays very damp, but there is no standing water. The crawlspace is under an addition to the house. The salesman told me I needed to get a drainage system and the estimate is over $5000. I had two more estimates and was told I only need to encapsulate the crawlspace. I am not sure who to believe at this point, but I am hesitant to invest in a drainage system if it isn't really needed.

Junior, 2014-03-05, 07:08PM CST

What companies gave you the 2 other estimates? Have you checked your crawlspace after a heavy rainfall? Is the foundation poured concrete or cinder blocks?

609bfea0, 2014-03-05, 10:33PM CST

The other estimates were from Ameri Dry and Value Dry. The crawl space foundation is cement block. I still need to check the crawl space after a heavy rainfall.

e2de5a6d, 2014-05-21, 06:30PM CDT

Are you Kidding me? I just signd off on B-Dri today , to fix my basement and I can't fix it myself I'm to old. And now I reead this? Well what shall I do?This is scaring me now.Inge

7454d8ca, 2014-05-28, 02:14PM CDT

Inge, I hope you cancelled your B Dry contract. I'm pretty sure you have 3 days to cancel any contract. If I were you, I would hire an independent Structural Engineer (WHO DOES NOT ACTUALLY DO WATERPROOFING) to inspect your moisture issue and write up a detailed report of the work that needs to be done. Then get several waterproofing companies to give you an estimate for the work. Make sure that the Engineer's recommendations are included in the contract you sign! You need to make sure your contract spells out IN DETAIL each aspect of the work to be done. Good luck!

b6d75120, 2014-09-23, 01:15PM CDT

b-dry put a pump in my basement and it stopped working. the repairman said the pump switch was worn out. now they don't sell this pump any longer and the switch for it is not made any more. I found out the switch is still sold. now was that a lie or another way toget over to get me to buy another pump. I read all the complaints and it bother me that a company can stay in business with that many. just why cant the get the switch and replace it.please let me know alma riley

7454d8ca, 2014-09-23, 06:45PM CDT

Alma, the pumps are not covered by B-Dry's "warranty". So they are sloppy when they install them. They don't care if the pump stops working! They don't give you the instructions that come with the pump, when they install it, because they don't want you to know that it is not installed correctly. If your pump has stopped working, there is no reason to call B-Dry because they will overcharge you to fix it. Your best bet is to call a reputable plumber or handyman to replace or repair the pump. Altho' the pumps are not cheap, it is not difficult to replace one. It is an easy job and should take less than an hour.

f766ad68, 2015-03-13, 05:29PM CDT

Well....it would seem I have had a very different experience than most. I bought a home in Versailles, KY with a moat in the basement back in April of 2006. I finally got tired of dealing with mopping up water from every rainfall event we had. I called b-dry in April/May of 2007....my basement....thankfully....has been dry ever since. I have a beautifully remodeled basement and have added an additional 2800 sq ft of living space to my home. People are flabbergasted by the results. I love B-dry so much that I just bought another property with a moat running through it as rental property. The first thing I did was to call b-dry and have a new system installed. I'm looking forward to years of maintenance free DRY basement life. I'm thinking maybe the results are based on different franchisees....but don't have a clue. I'm just happy mine was a success.

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