Sears- business policy as to purchase and finding someone to listen

Posted on Tuesday, August 8th, 2006 at 2:55pm CDT by 518804b0

Company: Sears- business policy as to purchase and finding someone to listen

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Hey I've got a nice one , Went to Sears on Saturday and bought a microwave

on sale, after opening the box, its was the wrong color. No problme right?

Oh no, I took it back, so I gave them the save Visa check card that i

purchased it on, she wrote the credit, I have a sheet saying my acct has

been credited. Then she wrote up the new one, $15 dollars less(got a better

deal) and paid using the same card. So, a charge, a credit, and a charge.

all within 15 bucks of each other. So i go look at my checking acct, that i

don't usually keep much in and low and behold, all the charges are there, no

credit and i am over drawn because the double charge with no credit overdrew

the acct and I have $150 in overdraft charges. So my bargain microwave now

costs almost double and my checking acct gets turned upside down. So I try

to get in touch with the SEars. NO local phone numbers published for there

parts/service center store where i purchased it. ONly a national 800 number

with a automated menu. So I call the sears outlet next door and they give me

a number which is local, it has an answering machine directing me to call

the 800 number and hangs up.

Great Company , Great Service....NOT

Rhett Nowell

Lilburn, GA


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