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Posted on Tuesday, August 8th, 2006 at 12:52am CDT by 896a0cf0

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This complaint regards Acer Technical Support at the Acer Service Center.

To whom it may concern;

I recently had some problems with my Acer computer and took it to an Acer Service Center for service. Their behavior and utter lack of professionalism has led me to consider never buying an Acer product. I can’t imagine how a company as large as Acer can afford to treat its customers so poorly.

I recently had my C110i Tablet PC stop responding. It refused power on at all. After consulting with my IT Department, they found they couldn’t diagnose the problem. They could “fix” the problem for a while, but the computer would work for about 20 minutes or an hour, then shut down and refuse to start back up.

Finally, I went to Acer's Service Center on Friday, August 4th. Even though my computer was out of warranty, I insisted on Acer Service, as I felt they would provide the best, most professional service for my computer. My first interaction with the Customer Service Representative was quite good. She was efficient, respectful, and accomodating.

On Monday, the Customer Service Rep called and said the computer needed the mainboard replaced. She quoted me $600 USD for the part. I told her I’d pick the computer up the next day. I was planning to return to the US so I thought I’d get it fixed there if I could get a detailed description of the problem.

The next day, I took time off from my workday (Acer Vietnam does not support pickup/delivery of computers, according to the Customer Service Rep) and went to the Acer store. There I was given a printout with the generic description. They diagnosed "MB04 - Mainboard System Unstable". When I asked for clarification so I could get a detailed description, I was told the mainboard had a fault. She could not specify whether it could be fixed by reflashing the BIOS, replacing the CPU or other alternatives, so I asked to speak to the engineer. I was told he was "busy". But I saw him just 2 minutes ago walk into the office. Surely he could take time out to discuss the problem with a customer. After all, it could be $600 of business in a country where computer sales aren’t that big. I even asked if there was a language problem (if so, I could understand his reluctance), but I was told he spoke English, but he was too busy.

I find it insulting that while I have to take time from my work to come to Acer's office to drop off and pick up my computer, your staff couldn't even bother to take 2 minutes to walk out and explain the problem to me.

Also, when I enquired about pricing for a computer on display, I was told it was only a showroom model and not for sale, yet it is listed in the catalog available in the showroom. The receptionist, while efficient at her job, was so dismissive that I didn't even feel welcome or respected as a customer enough to bother asking for a supervisor. Given the behavior of the staff, I couldn't imagine a supervisor being better if their staff was this incompetent.

In any case, the arrogance and incompetence of Acer, Vietnam, have led me to purchase a computer from another company and I will seriously consider never buying another Acer product. If Acer cannot be bothered to take care of its customers, I see no need for me to recommend an Acer system to anyone and have them go though the same lousy service as I received.

All I wanted from Acer Service was a detailed description of the problem. An unstable mainboard is an unacceptable description. If the engineer could explain the problem, or at least tell me that “unstable mainboard” was as specific as he could be, then I would be satisfied. Instead, given the arrogance of your technical staff, I have decided to consider junking my Tablet PC and buying a computer from another vendor. In fact, I bought a computer with close to the same specifications as the computer I enquired about at Acer, where they told me it was unavailable.

In the interest of customer relations, I would appreciate your response to this complaint. I have omitted the name of the Engineer and CS Rep, but it is available upon request.


8a4ced3c, 2008-11-23, 07:27AM CST

dearest sir i have a pproblem w/ my acer loptop it s in hebrew version and i need it to be in english version coz i cant read and write hebrww thanks and have anice day yolly

9d774a22, 2009-02-18, 10:23AM CST

I bought my laptop on 15th of december 2008 in USA in chicago at the rate of $850 but acer aspire is funking up;and lap develop a fault just in 31days.right now can use my laptop it just develop a fault... please need your assistance 4rm chimaobi

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