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Posted on Monday, August 7th, 2006 at 2:49pm CDT by 44609839

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From: Leona Carloni

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Generaan e-mail to Peter O'toole, and he in turn sent it to the escalation dept in which Bill Baur rudely answered the first letter when I purchased this Hotpoint 2 1/2 years ago and felt it did not work correctly, he crucified me or ate me up and spit me out when I told him not once but two different occasions of the problems, now it just leaks water all over and we keep rags all around, and my playroom smells like mold because of that;I then emailed Peter O'Toole and he handed over to Mary Culver, in which she sent back my canceled check because the service man from ge could not fix machine or said there was nothing wrong, and the next day it leaked again, Mary said she would pro rate my use and send me a 100.00 check after I purchased another ge machine, I don't want any more GE products, I just spent 1,300.00 on a Kenmore with 5 yr warranty, I would at least like the 100 check pro rated after all the terrible service, why would I go back after Bill Bauer and all the rest wouldn't listen to me, after all I only used ge all my lift, and they made me the criminal for buying a lemon, instead of listening and trying to improve the machine, we the customers are the best critics, and they make a business successful when there ears are open!l electaric in Fairfield Connecticut


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