godrej fridge : amazingly poor product

Posted on Friday, August 4th, 2006 at 12:27pm CDT by 116fe021

Company: godrej fridge : amazingly poor product

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Dear Somebody at GODREJ who is responsible for manufacturing such a

poor Quality product and then also having a Quality Check Person also

certifying it as QC PASSED.

7 years after purchasing a Godrej Fridge 210 L Double door

Same story recounted as every other person of the previous generation

who had purchased a fridge in the 1970s buying another Godrej in the

late 1990's and repenting at lesuire,

Day 1 :

Notice that the left side pannel was bent.

the thermostat does not cut off

the fridge would run non stop and would not cool

took 5 days for the service engineer to come and check and 2 hours of

arguing to make the engineer to admit that the bloody fridge was not


Another day for the replacement of the faulty part.

Sorry forgot about the bulb, that never glowed from day 1

Service agency say that is a handling problem and not covered under

their purview.

Took repeated visits to the Dealer who passed on the buck to the Service agent.

Mind you when you buy a fridge You buy from some pillar, go to another

post to complaint.

Godrej has a special cell for that so that people who have bought a

bad product never meet the people who are about to buy a product.

Any way managed to convince people that the pannel was defective from

day one and needed to be replaced.

They do not replace a faulty fridge on day 1

they say that they will replace the pannel

How soon can they do that ?

2 months

Why because they will have to order the pannel to godrej who will sent

it from the factory. ( 2 months to transport a pannel accross the

country from God Knows Where..)

2 months pass by ...


The Pannel starts to buckle and the Rubber Padding on the door does

not seal shut properly . so now there is loss of cooling aswell

The door does not shut properly so the light keeps burning all the time.

Oh yeah the bulb was replaced ( Had to pay for it )

4 months pass By

My Father Says : Forget it

I say : How to forget it ?

The Damn Fridge Stares at us every day all the time.

6 months

Finally took a Call to the Godrej General Manager in town and his

intervention to finally make the Pannel arrive within a week .

Pannel replaced and sealed with some vague adhesive which has left

ugly stains on the sides of the fridge. ( No Big deal. Small price to

close the door. )

Story with the company and the service ended here.

Story with the product continues

Year 2 to Year 7

the paint on the door starts bubbling over.

the white plastic parts starts turns yellow.

body starts to rust

ineffective cooling

inside cooling pannel covered with frost within 2 days of defrosting

moral of the story : do not buy a godrej fridge


Himanshu Jaitly



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