Posted on Thursday, August 31st, 2006 at 3:24pm CDT by e78a0751

Company: Wendy's

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I recently visited the Wendy's in West Lafayette Indiana located on East

State Street. They forgot our caeser side salad. I called the Wendy's and

they mailed me a coupon for a replacement side salad. The next time that we

went through we ordered 5 junior bacon cheeseburgers which were supposed to

be plain but all 5 were made and given to us with lettuce and mayonaise.

Hoping to avoid another bad experience we drove across town to the Wendy's

in West Lafayette Indiana located on Sagamore Parkway. We waited for

approximately 15 minutes for our food AND to top it off I witnessed an

employee doing something very disgusting. The employee came outside to give

the car in front of us their food and while she was outisde she touched the

door twice, a railing, the car that she was delivering food to and her face.

Then she went back inside and without washing her hands or changing her

gloves she handled our chicken nuggets. We were so disgusted that we threw

the food away.

This afternoon we went back to our original Wendy's located in West

Lafayette on East State Street. We ordered a junior bacon cheeseburger

plain, but saw on the screen that it was rung up with only lettuce. We told

the girl taking our order at the speaker and again at the first drive thru

window that the burger was plain, and she confirmed that BUT upon receiving

our food we realized that ONCE AGAIN our food had been incorrectly made.

As a frequent Wendy's customer, I am very disappointed in both of the West

Lafayette locations. One of the locations can't ever make our food

correctly and the other location seems to have no regard for cleanliness or

for the Indiana health code.

Thank you for your time,

Bethany Chapman

2515 South River Road

West Lafayette, IN 47906


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