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Posted on Thursday, August 31st, 2006 at 9:34am CDT by 1f9e5bc9

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Im in Richmond Virginia and I had to have had one of the WORST installation experiences in my life. Here is the note I sent to their Customer service department and STILL, after a month, have no resolution:

First of all let me say that I am leaving Comcast because their customer service is a frickin joke!!! Having said that, I expect the company that brags about being number 1 in customer service to be the best? That's supposed to be you from what I hear. Here's how my day went - I was all excited to get directTV scheduled for installation between 8-12 -- two guys show up at 12:45. They take 2 hours just to tell me it is possible for me to get directTV but it will cost $367 in additional costs. Because, they had to fish a couple of wires through the same hole about 6 feet...UNREAL!!!! Which I found out later from directTV that they over charged me. The ENTIRE time they were here they had trash blowing all over my yard, I had to pick up the zip-tie remnants, I had to remind them as they were out the door to install my off-air antenna that I paid $50 for....after installing that - it doesn't even work properly. The picture constantly skips - so the guy tells me that the one at Circuit City is much better.(JUST WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR.) I had a spool of co-ax in my basement that I was planning on using...the installation guys helped themselves to that. UNREAL!!!! I have hardwood floors in my house and we had to clean up behind these two bozos that took 7 HOURS to install 5 receivers...I could have done this myself in 2 hours at the most. I have to say that this has not been a good start to my relationship with DirectTV. I expect a phone-call and some financial reimbursement for this piece of sh!t off-air antenna and the co-ax that they used. I would also like reimbursed for the 11 hours that I wasted while your installation crew talked on their cell phones and sat in the air-conditioned vehicle that ran the entire time it was here? Which by the way spilled anti-freeze on my driveway and has left a HUGE spot.

Now they keep closing my ticket saying they try to call....which is BS. I can't get anyone at DirectTV to help me because they say it is the installation crew that needs to make this right. I say I am a DirectTV customer - NOT a installation crew customer.

I am SEVERELY disappointed and will send this email to anyone that will listen.


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