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Posted on Thursday, August 3rd, 2006 at 10:58am CDT by db482c04

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Rogers AT&T Wireless

I am really fed up with this company!!! About 6 years ago I had my cell service through Rogers. They had a problem of getting my address wrong and sending my bill to another address. This caused me to be late with my payment as I never got my bill on time. One day I went to use my phone to find it was cut off and to call this number to get my cell service turned back on. when I did I was informed that I was late with another bill. I told them I did not get my bill and I asked them what address they had. Just as I thought it was sent to the wrong address again. They told me a totally different address. I told them that I can't pay my bill when I don't receive it. The guy from Rogers continued to tell me that I should know what my bill is each month and make my payments regardless. This infuriated me! And how am I to do that when if I go over my minutes my amount changes.

I told him to cancel my service and send me my bill to my right address.

A week later I received my bill and paid it right away. I was done with them and decided to go to MTS. They had to verify my bill was paid through Rogers and then they hooked me up right away.

Well 1 year later I got a call from a collection agency saying my account with Rogers had not been paid. I was so mad I phoned Rogers. To make a long story short. I went to my bank, had them trace the check, got a copy and faxed it to the collection agency. The agency told me that if there was a problem they would call me.

Now! 4 years later I got another call from a collection agency saying I owe Rogers this money again. when I talked to Rogers they couldn't even find my account information and they asked me to send the check via fax again. I told them to take me to court for it.

This is ridiculous! Is this not harassment on their part? Do I have to keep this check that I already verified to them for the rest of my life incase when I am 80 they hit me up for another payment? Not too mention the collection agency keeps calling me and it is never a person. It is always a recording and then I have to wait on the line because all representatives are busy. How stupid! I am tired of their harassment and wonder where I could file a complaint against Rogers for their stupidity?

Since I have been with MTS I have had not one problem and they never screw up with my mailing address.

Michelle Glowach


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dd5637d6, 2008-02-04, 09:53PM CST

Hey I had the same type of problem with them. I told them to cancel my contract .. okay the phone rep was like "yep yep"... about half a year later... my parents got a call from some collection agency from vancouver telling them that their son blah blah blah. Got into a phone fight with them (rogers). Apparently I didnt'; cancel my contract and that my monthly bill was re-occuring for a while up until new years where they sent it to collections.

3ba091c8, 2008-05-20, 10:46AM CDT

really mean staff and customer support they dont know how to talk to customers i will say that bell and telus are much much more better than rogers becuase they will work with you the way you want to.... but rogers.... have lots of problems they dont see any differenece betwenn the new and old customer... for example new customer gets discount and the charge the new customer for it... such as i liked one of the phone and and that was cheaper for new customer who doesnt have any billing history... while for a new customer it is muuch much more than that also .... bestbuy a electronic store is providing cheaper rates on handsets than rogers while bestbuy is carrying the same handset as rogers being rogers authorized dealer....i am really tired and they are such a pain in the head i wish if they have a depaerment where we could file our complaints against them... because customer support first of all they should follow one rule .and the rule is : customer is always right if the customer is wrong then they should follow the rule number one.... they should make their customers happy and they shouldn't be let going their customers to any other companies i said that i am going with bell they did not care at all they said they can cancel my service so i said ok i want them to do that so they cancel my servie now i would like to go with bell canada....i also asked them that i wanna sepak to manager then they transfer me to the rong department..anyhow such a stupid network with stupid sutomer support...take care guys thanks for your time....

e9dad01b, 2008-06-12, 01:55PM CDT

I have the exact same scenario... they've made a flag on my credit as well, even though the bill was paid off six years ago, and I confirmed that it was paid off again only two years back. This is making it difficult for me to get a mortgage now.

38433ae0, 2008-06-16, 08:08PM CDT

I have been with Rogers Wireless in Winnipeg for almost 3 years, and it has been nothing but a headache.

When I first bought the 2 phones from a Rogers Video in 2005, I was told that I would have long distance calls free between my Husband's phone and my phone, which is the reason why I purchased the 3 year plan to begin with. My husband works out of town and he has to drive in our winters on the dangerous highways, and his vehicle had broke down on the side of the road, previously.

I realized after a few months that I was being overcharged by Rogers and that we were also being charged for long distance calls between the two phones. I contacted Rogers and asked them to credit back the amount I believed they owed, and I was told that I should have complained before the first three months had passed and I was no longer entitled to a refund.

After spending almost $2000 in the first year of service I began to feel used and abused by our Wireless service - ROGERS!!!

After I sent them numerous complaints and called several times to try and rectify my issues with Rogers Billing, I ended up getting no where fast.

In December of 2005, I received a call from Rogers asking if I would like to add a phone to our service package, not realizing that Rogers would change my old contract date to a new contract date of Dec 2008 by accepting this phone, I was severely penalized for charges that I believe Rogers added on to our bills for no reason. I called again and told them that I was not informed of the new extended contract, because a member of their staff neglected to tell me this information, so they decided to put the last phone on a new contract date, instead of all three.

In September of 2006, I had had enough and decided that the Better Business Bureau needed to deal with Rogers and their extorsionistic behaviour. A Rogers Customer service rep. called me and suggested that I change our service plan so that it wouldn't be as costly, and I expected to have my new bill reflect the changes....good luck!

Three years later, and Rogers had the nerve to try and extend my contract with all three phones to Dec/08, which it should have been March of 2008 for just the two phones, and they continued to bill us between $200 to $300 a month for service. Now I'm dealing with a collection agency in Rogers name for the amount of $1400 of false charges which they cannot justify.

Never mind that in January of 2008 they cut our service off during a family trip out of the country, and the three phones we had were no longer connected, and I was still being charged for over $250 to $300 without even touching any of the phones....How does that work? I am looking for anyone who would like to start an online petition against Rogers for their extreme costs, and their horrible service representatives, and Ted Rogers himself who is estimated as the third highest paid Canadian. We should BOYCOTT Rogers Wireless, anyone interested?

1c86241b, 2008-09-24, 03:18PM CDT

A very similar satuation happened to me. I sent a request in writting to cancel my service. Had the service transfered to my new address. One year later, I get a call from a collection agency. My old address had not been canceled??? I was billed for 6 months of service and I did not even live there! To top all that, I had service at the new address! I faxed in my new leasse, a copy of the letter, spoke tou countless CSRs and they claim the charges a legitimate. Now I have to take Rogers to small claism court to get them off my back for the $900.00 they claim I owe them!

If anyone wants to team up or share information, (class action?) I can be reached at [email protected])

Take care!


9ddf5da9, 2008-10-14, 01:09PM CDT

I moved to England sent Rogers 3 emails asking them what I owed for my cell phone gave them my new address and Phone number to be contacted. When I moved back 1 1/2 years later I got a notice from a lawyer saying I owed them money. I paid it right there on the phone IN FULL..I get my credit report and the BS on there is absolute Lies. Now I have to figure out how to get ahold of some live person and fight with them to correct their BS.

aaa87d3d, 2008-10-22, 08:25PM CDT


F**K UP!!!!



d67296c8, 2008-12-12, 11:16PM CST

i have almost the same problem but the worst parts they accuse me for ordering 2 iphone and they charge me for and they want me to pay for but they start sending my bills to a different adress and they want me to pay the bills regardless now making my story short no customer services they admit that a fraud was done one my account. but they dont want to do something in top of that they did charge me for reprinting the bills .charging late charge to.and they suspend the service i have 5 cellphones with thoose scammer since 2002 they dont care about a customer and they want me to pay all the bills in one payment. now they suspend the services and is not the 1st time thay do this.this is unecceptabale

65ed1f8c, 2009-01-31, 09:42PM CST

Rogers will rip you off, buyer be aware they try very hard to steel from there custemers and have made an art of it. there is a reasion why our rogers phone bill in late all the time they do that for the late fee they charge us. what ever you do stay away from rogers phone company. i signed up for one year and at the end of the year they told mee my contract was three years unless i could provid them with the origanil contract they wernt going to admit they were wrong so they lied and they charged me for the two years remaining. Warning Rogers cell phone company is ripping you off.

b18cd444, 2009-02-24, 05:45PM CST


they did the same thing to me, they sold me a phone with a 3 year contract and i cannot cancel it, unless i pay $400 dollars....i am so pissed off. i hope their company goes down soon along with all their tricks..those bastards!!

cb30f4f2, 2009-06-23, 03:09PM CDT

I am a 4 year customer who has felt betrayed by my service from Rogers for the recent years. I have been satisfied with my first year where the cellphone I had did not undergo any technical problems. Last year, I was using the Motorola Razor and it was under repair so frequently that I used the loaner for most of the year when I was forced to pay over two hundred dollars for this phone. During the first year I had my Razor, it was a year that the Rogers brand really confirmed the negative brand image that they had on me. I was very displeased by the manners of the technical support person, the slow 3 weeks service to get my phone back each time, and the quality of the repairs (for example, when I got one feature fixed, another feature broke the following week and I would have to take another day to come back to the long line up. Everytime I walked back in that hateful store, where the technical service line was longer than the sales line up, I felt regretful to choose to be a customer for this company.

Last year in 2007 - 2008, I was told that my phone's battery was completely unrepairable and that I had to spend another hundreds of dollars to replace my cellphone. My third phone was the most manipulative experience I have had at Rogers. The sales representative in the Montreal office on Ste Catherine street told me that the battery was dead so I brought it back to BC's store where my phone was fixed. I really feel attacked by the salesrep when they lie to my face in person that my phone won't get fixed at all when all they want to do is rob me of my money for commission. So I ask you how this possibly contributes to a positive brand image to Rogers? How would this possibly keep customer loyalty? The very best perspective to take from this experience is that the salesrep is too underqualified to know that my phone can be fixed by Rogers. So then the question would be why would Rogers want salesreps who negatively represent Rogers?

Currently, I am getting my third phone fixed again where the salesrep at the Montreal office warned me that she could send my phone to the technical support but she doesn't think my phone would be able to be fixed. Giving her a few concise sentences of my experiences with salesreps who gave me that exact line - is it in their training manual?

After being on hold for 42 minutes with customer service, I was put with a polite representative named Shiva. He fixed my text messaging but was unable to filter out the computer messages so I would only get the phone to phone messaging but not the incoming computer messaging. He also forgot to give me my account number.

Anyway, I think my problems are not that unique as a Rogers' customer. Each phone I had with every year I was in my contract with high-switching costs, I have had different terrible experiences each time.

8baf06a1, 2009-06-29, 12:47PM CDT

I agree with the person who wrote the complaint and we as customer need to send millions of complaint letters to the VP of Rogers an show coporate that they must revise customer consumer ethics by phone or person and refunds, billing, better selections and exceptions of new contracts that have early broken phones and accountability to those reps who give very bad advice and supervisors, etc...have a better broken and return policies, especially in trace & tracking. Newer better software to making billing more accessible and assign more jobs for people to keep the websites on Roger products more updated especially advertising a cell phone for 3 different contracts and finding out by customer service by phone, the product is not available anymore in production then phoning twice and two other reps tell me the phone is still available in the model but is now only available for our new refurbished /return/broken/policy produres. I was also told that because I called at different times to get info about the phone and order it, complained about the website, the rep said "you can't keep talking bad about rogers even in a complaining way, or they will take offense to screw up your credit or billing account etc...spread the word...start petitioning head office don't call anymore they will only get lousy customer relations to resolve things and they have given me so many excuses why I can't get a replacement phone except by adding a new line or get the refurbished and they sent a cell phone without a backup battery and back casing inside the package. They told me it takes 3 days get it back, called in three days and said they received the phone but its not scanned yet and that will take another 7 days to have someone scan it into the system.

76112a5e, 2009-08-26, 08:00PM CDT









38934bb6, 2009-09-01, 09:51PM CDT

I have had a similair experience, and yes it's my own fault. about 15 years ago I had a phone with Rogers and they called and told me that I could get another phone on my account for free (no mention of extending the contract) so I agreed. Too good to be true. Of course. So after learning that this other phone was incurring ridiculous monthly charges ($1500 - $2000/month)and they couldn't tell me why I cancelled my account. And you know what happens then. You have to pay out the contract that I didn't even know I had signed up for.

So now we go to 2009 and I once again have a rogers phone, the conrtact should have expired in April 09, but I was looking for another carrier and a better plan etc. so I let it carry on. But while I was shopping around I called to get my planned changed (Oct 08)to something cheaper. Silly me, I didn't know that when you change your plan they automatically sign you up for another 3 year term. So now my contract expires in 2011. I don't want to stay with them another minute never mind YEARS!!! They say that it's written on the back of the bill, and I must have been stupid to not read the small print to see if I was going to get screwed AGAIN!!!! Please let me know if anyone has been able to get out of these sorts of "contract" I was always of the understanding that a contract is something that you agree to and have to sign. When I ask for my contract in writting, they say that it's a verbal agreement. but they do say they tape the conversations, but I guess only to protect their own ass, they loose all the rest of the recorded calls!!! I will be continuing on with this, I will be calling a manager, president of the company I don't care who. And if that doesn't work I'll add my complaint to the other 600 or so at the Better Business Bureau where they have an F rating (I should have checked that first, lesson learned) I don't appreciate having to deal with a company because they make me. It should be our choice as consumers.

c23c9c32, 2009-09-11, 01:46AM CDT

In June I ordered the new HTC Dream. I got it two weeks later. I was given a rebate for it being so late. I got the Dream and noticed Battery Issues and called Tech Support. They told me to turn off Wifi or Bluetooth yet I never used it. The phone would die due to battery issues I was told to look for a battery locally, but I never found one and sent back that phone for a replacement, I got the second phone and that one was worse than the first and it was returned soon after as I went out with a full charged phone got to the Hospital a 15 minute trip was dead. I called tech support they said oh just send it back and I did. I was to get a refund and waited and did not pay my bill as I wanted to know what the final fee might be, instead they turned of my service in all this time I had been using a Sony Errisson W580i I used for most of the time I had the other phone as it just ws not reliable, especally due to my medical issues.


I was told you owe $400.00 yet I don't have the phone yet they still want the money. A refund of $179.00 or $235.00 was appied but then reversed it and they now expect payment and I get nothing. First they promise one thing then do another. What recourse do I have.

I have a $400.00 bill and no smart phone.

b1b8c159, 2009-09-12, 11:38AM CDT

I finally called rogers and asked for the accounts receivable department then asked for the manager of that department told her what happened told her i emailed rogers also called rogers and now my credit rating is saying i was not able to be located and i never paid them..I was pissed when i seen it on my credit rating so the basic of it here is the manager called the credit company and got it changed for me, but you need to speak to the manager not some dumb twit that wont do anything also ask them for the reference number of the call and their employee number then ask for the manager it will get sorted just dont take no crap from them. Good Luck to you trust me i know how frustrating it is to deal with rogers it took me along time to get it worked out. Take Care and again good luck

60ab8c91, 2009-09-30, 12:37PM CDT

i feel your pain, but the bottom line was, you didn't pay your bill. you knew they had a habit of sending the bill to a wrong address, yet you still waited for the bill to show up before you paid it. you must have known that you had not seen a bill for sometime, you must be close to your due date. you could have just went and paid 100 or whatever to cover it till your actual bill showed up.. then you would have the satisfaction of knowing you paid it, and may even have a credit if you overpay a little.. anyway you just were lazy or didnt have the money.. at the end of the day, you used the service. you could go into any outlet with id and find out how much your bill was.

441bfcc1, 2010-03-30, 11:09PM CDT

Rogers is a scam,I was warned about their deceitful ways when I first signed a 3 year contract with them."you are gonna get shafted" is the exact same expression used by my friend and after 7 years of having been their customer it has dawned on me,they had been scamming me all along,overcharging me for the services that I was not even using and when I disputed their overcharged bills,they started giving me the run around,they always try to come up with a lame excuse to keep you chained to their contracts,if I was you,I would find another wireless company this instant.

a38ad3dd, 2010-08-02, 06:43PM CDT

I am fed up with Rogers as well. I got a hardware upgrade in February of this year. I decided I wanted to go back to a blackberry, I was told the cost would be added to my bill as I wasn't eligible for another upgrade. I paid my bill online when I received notice through my email. I wondered why my bill was so high so I called them. They then informed me that I had a second line attached to my phone. I never knew anything about another line was never informed of this. When I told them I wanted the line cancelled they told me it would be at a cost of 400.00. I told them that I am not paying for a line I did not authorize or ask for. Subsequently I told them to send bills to my lawyer. I have had it with them.

27734b45, 2011-02-22, 05:22PM CST

Get this one i had 2 Corperate cell's ane for me and my 18 yr old son. I had mine first then added another in his name he could not access this contract as it was mine. It was a SIM card contract with Rogers Wireless $29.95ea a month. All was fine till my son bought a Razor and a Sony PSP. We happeded to be moving that month and I had not checked the on line bill for a month. I was setting up my office in my new place turned on the computer to check emails ect. printed off my Rogers bill and as i saw the amount $1680.00 and something rolling off the printer and almost threw up. As the story unfoldeds imnow responsable for the bill ( it has gone to collections) I have bad credit no phones and im not impressed that a minor can access the internet and use 700kbs PER DAY and I do not even get a phone call JUST A BILLLLLL. I will never ever use Rogers Wireless and will tell all what they did to me. Single Mother of 2

da5fe4e9, 2011-06-24, 06:26PM CDT

My ex had Rogers cable that he never paid. He had like 1000$ charges , I don't even know why Rogers didn't cut him off but anyways. He called Rogers one day to switch the service over to me. He called with my informations stating that I would take the service over. I then received a nice bill in the mail from Rogers. I then called them telling them that I never accpected this that the service must return to him. The representative stated that she can't transfer a service over without the other person conscent. I told her that my ex did transfer his service with Rogers to me without my conscent. I never spoke with annyone from Rogers to agree to that. She said sorry, nothing we can do !

5765d9b1, 2012-06-09, 04:41AM CDT

I don't understand why so many people are having problems with Rogers and no one can do anything about it. My son tried so hard to fix his bill with them... they refused to negotiate the payment... and after 2 months sent it directly to the credit bureau. THere was no collection agency involved.. and no support to help this student work through this stupid contract that they set up. I am so upset with this company!

45b7474a, 2013-07-09, 11:14AM CDT

Rogers wireless is nothing but a fraudulent company who knows how to ripp off their customers buy adding hiden charges to their phone bills every month!! Customers please beware of rogers wireless is under serious criminal investigation for serious fraudulent activities!! I used work in the office of the presidents office and trust me I can tell you horror storys that would make you sick to your stomack and trust me you would go to the RCMP POLICE ASAP!! That's why I quit because I couldn't sleep at night the way we where treating our customers that been with us for over 20 years!! Rogers does not give a shit about any customers and all they care about is money and how too ripp of customers!!! Rogers wireless thinks their untouchable because they have a lot of semi retarded cops who work for them so they think their untouchable!! My advise to everyone is keep making a lot of noise through media and Internet and even go to their main offices and with signs and make some serious noise to let everyone know what type of scammers and fraudulent company they really are!! Rogers wireless are all a bunch of criminals who should be all locked up in jail!! ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS SHAME ON YOU ROGERS WIRELESS AND HOME PHONE AND CABLE AND INFERNET TOO!!

janet m., 2014-09-13, 03:50PM CDT

How do you find out what collection ageny has yours, ive been trying for 2 days trying to hunt them down want to pay the damn thing which was 6 to 7yrs ago, just learnt about it then, but know seems to know has it, credit check told me it was there, but where do I call... PLEASE HELP!!!!

67fe2c3a, 2014-09-13, 08:35PM CDT

Rogers wireless customer service ripped off my 88 year old grandmother and then the Rogers wireless customer service decided to call her a stupid jew wow and to go back to her country to Israel where she belongs wow!! My grandfather fought for his country in canada the Canadian army and they have no right to make these discusting comments to my grandmother who is 88 years old!! I called Rogers wireless right away to complain and i was very upset on behalf of my grandmother who is really old and they had no right to make ratial remarks and decriminate my grandmothers heritage!! Shame on Rogers wireless to be making these racial comments I also advised them that 2 of her roommates where their that also heard the same thing and they also had the Rogers wireless agent on speaker phone too so everyone heard that discusting comment that was made to my grandmother the phone that my grandmother is an old lady and she has no buisness even getting any phones if she can't hear too good over the phone? Wow I was speachless how could anyone talk about an old lady like that especially when my grandfather fought for his country in canada in

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