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Posted on Tuesday, August 29th, 2006 at 3:44pm CDT by 0ce9db5f

Company: Yahoo! Customer Service

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They absolutely do not have customer service. Automated responses, and sorry we can't help you ... definately DO NOT substitute for good service from a company I have been loyal to for 7 years. I was denied access to my account, and after several attempts to have my password sent to me I recieved a response telling me to fill out a questionaire with details about my account... I could answer all of them EXCEPT for the secret answer, which may have been set YEARS ago... and in response all I got was.. sorry, not enough info... They could at least have an email address where REAL people respond and aTTEMPT to help. I've just filed a complaint with which is the Better Business Bureau in Silicon Valley which handles Yahoo! complaints and compliments. I suggest everyone with similar issues do the same.


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a3e6c957, 2009-02-19, 01:18PM CST

Yahoo Personals has given me the worst service I have ever paid for. I emailed Yahoo repeatedly about my complaint only to be told that they could not help me because it is a complaint with Yahoo Personals. I then asked if there is a person I can speak with regarding Yahoo Personals and they said to call this #866-562-7219. I called this number and a filipino lady informed me that she does not have the capability to help me with my complaint. I asked her to speak with her supervisor and she said she was sorry but her supervisor only handles billing inquiries. I said, "Fine, I have a billing inquiry." She asked me what it was regarding and I told her that I don't want to be charged for my service and she put me on hold and never returned. I called back and asked for the corporate office #408-349-3300 and the only real person I got was the operator who refused to speak with me by putting me on hold and transferring me back to the first number I called. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and seeking legal counsel for service that I was not being provided, seeking punitive and financial damages.

6d43293e, 2009-06-17, 05:53PM CDT

I have had my Windows Vista program for two years without much problem. Lately when I check my regional weather I get reports from Sunnyvale, California instead of Toronto, Canada. I have followed proceedures to maintain my local weather but every time I turn on the computer I have to adjust the weather station. What is going on with your website to explain this inconvenience?

53382ca2, 2010-04-29, 02:40PM CDT

Why is it that customer service cannot do what is asked of them and work with the customers and help them out when needed especially when the customer is asking them to help get their password put back to what it originally was should they have forgotten what they changed it to. Is it that they are lazy and dont wanna do the work or is it that they just wanna sit at their desk with their fingers and heads up their asses? I would like to know which one it is because I deal with customers all the time and if there is something I could do to help them out I would although if there aint then I at least let them know who they they can contact and dont just sit with my finger or head up my ass all day long. So if I can do what I can to help someone by running a home based business I feel you can do the same damn thing at your office dont you?

8beb48bc, 2011-10-19, 03:16PM CDT

I use the computer at the public library and women with web cams send me im messages and there is no way to spam them or deleat them so what do we do in order to keep them away.

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