1997 Nissan Sentra Used Auto Purchase

Posted on Monday, August 28th, 2006 at 2:16pm CDT by 1b202e1c

Company: 1997 Nissan Sentra Used Auto Purchase

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I had the most awful experience when purchasing a used auto from Bill Heard Chevrolet in Buford, GA. I purchased a 1997 Nissan Sentra on 07/29/06, as is, no warranty. It was delivered to me on Tuesday, 08/01/06. By Friday, 08/04/06 the oil light came on as I was entering my driveway. I popped the hood and checked the oil-THERE WAS NONE!!!!! I happened to have 4 qts in the trunk of my other car, so I filled it back up. I called the salesperson and she called me back so that I could bring it in the next day to have it checked. I brought it back in on Saturday, 08/05/06. The salesperson was not there, so I spoke to her sales manager Mr. Marshall. He did his best to try to tell me that there was nothing wrong with my car, even though there was oil dripping on the lot. He tried to tell me that it wasn't oil, but water dripping from the AC. He didn't know that he was talking to a woman who knows how to change her own oil. I emphatically stated that I wanted the car to be checked out by the service department. I asked him if he could explain to me what had happened to the oil-how did it vanish. I asked him if maybe the 'oil fairy' took it. He got mad and said that he would speak to his boss, John Sosnick. He came back out and said that although I had only purchased a $2900 car, they would have it checked. He took the car around back. He returned a few minutes later stating that he himself put the car on the rack and couldn't see any oil leaking. I was livid; I took the car home. On Sunday 08/06/06 I dropped the car off to Mr. Marshall so that it could be checked by a mechanic on Monday, 08/07/06. On Monday, I spoke to Chris Hayes in the service dept. He said that my car was leaking in 3 places and that it would cost around $1000 to repair. I then spoke to John Sosnick who stated that he would talk to his district supervisor about this matter. He assured me that they would make things right. Later that afternoon, I spoke to the district supervisor, a man called 'Hub'. He informed me that they would not pay to fix my car. He said I would have to pay for the repairs or trade it in for a more expensive, better auto. He said that they would not give me my money back or pay for the repairs since I bought it as is, no warranty. I told them to put enough oil into the car so that I could come take it off the lot. I picked up the car and took it to my mechanic to check out. After telling my mechanic about my experience, he said he would give me a fair estimate to repair; it would not be $1000. The next day my mechanic called and said the car only had one leak and that it would cost $159 to fix. He then called Bill Heard Chevrolet and told Mr. Marshall that they had really screwed me over and that they also tried to hose me again with outrageous repair costs. My mechanic had purchased 5 autos from the dealership in the past. However, after seeing how they did me, he would never refer anyone to their business in the future. I am very happy with my car. I am also happy with the customer service that I received from my salesperson-she was great. However, I will never do business again with Bill Heard Chevrolet .

Erin Coyle

Flowery Branch, GA


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