Posted on Saturday, August 26th, 2006 at 3:12pm CDT by 14f77731

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I ordered a bathfitter tub from TSK Ventures here in Lakewood, CO,

and am very unhappy with the installation.

I gave them a $600 deposit, then had to wait about 4 months to

have it installed.

And when it finally arrived, it was so poorly installed that I

have these problems:

1) my bathroom wall had minor damage (but this can be easily

repaired by me)

2) the wall molding on one side is crushed and will be difficult

to repair. It should have been removed first, or the new tub cut

to fit around it.

3) on one side, the outside skirt of the tub bows outward for no

reason, giving it a rounded look on that one side.

4) the caulking was very poorly applied in several areas, but in

one spot, a crack has formed that allows water in between the new

tub and the old tub.

I need to know if the water thats gotten inside has some way to

drain out, or will it be a problem in the future if the crack is

simply sealed with caulking?


709b221f, 2007-04-03, 09:52AM CDT


We recently became aware of this website and wish to assure all writers that Bath Fitter is deeply committed to providing excellent customer service through each of its more than 200 locations. We enjoy a better than 99% customer satisfaction rate and are working hard for that last fraction of a percent.

If you think you've been treated unfairly by a Bath Fitter franchisee, please contact us directly so we can do whatever we can to help you resolve your issue.

Bath Fitter



6972bd4e, 2008-04-03, 12:33PM CDT

We did not buy the Bathfitters product, my complaint is about their high pressured sales tactics, which were shoved on us yesterday afternoon.

If the Bathfitters product is so good, why the one time coupon, why must you sign the contract that day, or never get that price again? Why must you sign a contract at all, even if they cannot start your project for several months? Why must both husband and wife attend the one and only sales meeting? This is not done by any other contractors I've ever encountered, in the five homes we've owned and renovated.

Thank goodness we said "no" when we did, then had the sense to research this company online.

Once we said "no, we'll let you know if we want to sign", the salesperson turned on us. Again, if the product is so great and wonderful, why the urgency? If it truly does all they claim and works so perfectly, why the pressure?

My advice to all is avoid Bathfitters altogether. No product that is worthwhile has to be forced down the consumer's collective throats. Pass on this company and find a product that is good enough to use normal sales mechanisms, which is indicative of the company's owners and management having a little confidence in what they sell.

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