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Company: Ridesafely.com / Salvage Car Sales

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ridesafely.com/Reparts, LLC

8201 Almira Ave.

Cleveland, OH 44102

This company sells salvage cars to consumers for insurance companies. They have no transparency whatsoever and take no responsibility for anything. They hide behind disclaimers that attempt to take away all of your rights as a consumer. They don't give you the VIN on the car so that you can check CARFAX. They shroud the "offers" in secrecy so that you don't even know who you are bidding against. This smacks of shill bidding. How do I know that they themselves are not jacking up the prices? You can't inspect the cars beforehand. They say everything is AS IS, even when they further damage an already salvaged vehicle. They claim to know nothing about the cars they are selling. You are buying blindly and they just want your money.

Let me give you an example: I bought a car from them. They forced me to send the payment overnight via cashier's check (no credit cards allowed--you'd have some recourse then) or face a $100/day penalty. Cashier's check or wire transfers only. This gives you no protection whatsoever.

The ad they showed on their site said the car had no visible damage. It also had a key in the ignition in the picture. They claim the photos are taken at the insurance company. Then the car gets towed from the insurance company's yard to one of their yards around the country. Mine was taken to their yard in Miami. When the transport truck I hired went to pick up the car, they called me and said:

1) There's no key (--it was in the picture at the insurance company, so someone at ridesafely's towing yard lost it. I had to order one and pay $250 for it).

2) Before they lost the key, they rolled the windows down and left them down. It rains a lot in Florida. When I got the car, it had over 2" of standing water in it. Smelled like cat piss and caused mold in the interior.

3) The bumper was badly dented in where ridesafely.com towed it (remember, none of this was in the pictures when I bid--I based my "offer" on what I saw in the pictures--what else do I have to go on?)

4) The front emblem was bent and fell off.

5) Because of the moisture, the glue holding the rearview mirror gave way and it fell off.

I called ridesafely.com and got the run around from customer service. I finally spoke to Igor Litinsky. Although he's in Ohio, NOT Florida, he tried to defend the tow yard and suggested that the transport company I hired caused the damage (sure, before they even touched the car). I sent him the pictures that the transport company took BEFORE they left the towing yard in Florida. My company also filled out a written detailed report of all the damage. He looked it over and said that he'd have to file a claim and customer service would call me. Two weeks passed and I never got a call.

I filed a complaint with the attorney general. Ridesafely.com responded with a boldface lie. Said that as a "courtesy" they refunded me $250 for the "loose" mirror and loose emblem. Didn't even mention the major things like the water damage and the bumper. They went on the say that the car was "AS IS" and that I'm trying to blame everybody else for these problems. They NEVER offered me a refund. NEVER. Besides, $250 wouldn't even begin to cover the damage.

Also, they can say that this was an AS IS sale all they want, and sure, I bought a salvage vehicle, I know that. But there is no way in hell that I am going to accept a salvage car with SECONDARY DAMAGE because of their negligence. That's NOT what I bid on. That's like saying "Sure, you bought this car from the insurance company, it was dropped off at ridesafely's tow yard, and while it was there, a tree fell on it, but they are not responsible because it was sold AS IS."

Well that's not how I bought it and ridesafely.com WILL be held accountable for the damages the car incurred while it was in their possession.

If you must buy a salvage, DON'T BUY from these people. I've been to other salvage websites and they tell you the VIN, what's wrong with the car, what kind of damage it sustained. Heck, sometimes they even have the spare parts you need. Ridesafely.com is the biggest ripoff on the Internet. Deception and fraud at it's worst. It's already touch and go when you buy a salvage vehicle, but this is just asking for trouble. And they want to make sure that as a consumer, you have no recourse, no rights. Read their FAQ and see for yourself.



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75596b09, 2007-10-12, 08:31AM CDT

PLEASE READ THEIR TERMS OF SERVICE IN FULL PRIOR TO DOING BUSINESS!!!!!!Do yourself a favor and DO NOT BID ON ANYTHING YOU CANT SEE FIRST!!!!!. DO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING YOU CANT SEE PRIOR TO WRITING THE CHECK FOR!!!! Check out companies that give you a useable description and allow you to see the damages prior to buying/bidding...Although they are still sold As-is you are able to inspect damages and take pictures in person.. These companies are out there,do some research...

3aac6c26, 2007-10-29, 09:40PM CDT

Can you provide the links or websites that you would recommend using.

c77da18f, 2007-10-29, 10:03PM CDT

Your complaint was very helpful and it made me change my mind about using ridesafely.com My biggest question is what websites sell salvage cars and tell the consumer the VIN and everything that is wrong with the car?

d9c70fb3, 2007-11-30, 03:53PM CST

There are multiple concerns with the way this does business.

1. I had the same experience with two vehicle purchases where major components were damaged or stripped from the vehicle (documented by Ridesafely's own photos). They denied resposibility citing their policy of not being responsible for "loose parts". I my case the loose parts were tailgate, radiator, ligt assembly, etc.

Suggestion: keep a copy of the pictures in the auction adds as they now remove them after the auction process.

2. Coversion of funds- You are right they are very strick about their payment methods and timing, but just try to get a refund. I have waited over 75 days and had to make repeated calls. They hold the monies that are for deposits after you win their auction, but then are notified the "insurance company rejected your offer".

3. Inaccurate information- One of the vehicle purchased from them had significantly incorrect description information, that would have altered my evaluation of the vehicle/bid price. The affiliate location manager stated, that this was "a corporate car they shipped in here, you cannot believe anything the put out." i.e. reported that car runs and drives. In one case it was obvious that a vehicle listed as "side damage, was in fact also a flood vehicle". All this does not matter as you accept with you register the waivers of liability and you sign again releases when the vehicle is purchased.

4. I do believe the bidding process is not a true auction. You will notice the same vehicle on auction several different times and sales representatives will call negotiate a higher price for the vehicle after the "auction" is complete, stating the insurnace company needs just a few hundred more. It is likely they are negotiating with you for a higher commission.

5. Customer service is poor. For the most part the ladies working as customer representatives are efficient and helpful. They are however bound by the guidelines and cannot deviate from them. It is the managers, George someoneorother, that can make decisions.

6. When they make an obvious mistake, they alway document the correction as a "courtesy credit". I once dispactched a truck to pick up a vehicle which had by policy been paid in full, ready for pick-up. I was notified that the vehicle was not at the location, but yet storage charges were being accrued. My out of pocket for transportation was significant. They found the truck at another location several weeks later (missing may parts, like airbags) and only offered to provide a "courtesy credit" for the storage fees, for the period they could not locate the truck!

When I made these complaints in writing to the manager, his e-mail reply (he would never speak to me) was that I should find another company to do business with, if I was not satisfied with his service. I have. Local auctions allow better opportunities for inspections with is your best protection. The prices I have found are moderately lower and their management in my area is a lot more customer focussed. Do yourself a favor, deal locally/regionally with reputable individuals, Ridesafely is hit or miss at best.

25844f81, 2007-12-13, 10:28PM CST

Could you provide me the links or websites that you would recommend using.Tnx

c3d8b0bf, 2007-12-30, 12:52PM CST

Hi,this almost indetifies with my own expirience.I also bid on a vehicle from ridesafely.com,and when I went to pick it up there were no keys,(even though were clearly shown on their photos).At the wearhouse they wanted to charge me a fee so they could put it on a dolly,so the car could be moved to my trailer.I also had to pay for keys to be made.their pictures were very misleading,didn't show or were unclear on some of the damage on the vehicle.The customer service was really,really poor.

I would never,ever do aby business with these people again!!

290ff4d4, 2008-02-05, 11:54AM CST

All we do is let you bid, and you decide whether to take the lose or not. What can we do? Warranty a salvaged car? C'mon. You know how junk yards go, junk. Rain or snow you deal with the elements. Enjoy people hope to see ya'll bid.

e66f7460, 2008-02-22, 06:05PM CST

Thanks for the info. I just signed up for the service but I guess I will save myself alot of trouble by not bidding on anything.I thought alot of the bids seemed high I mean some of the cars I could have bought used with a clear title from an individual.

c321bee1, 2008-02-26, 10:02PM CST

RIDESAFELY ARE CROOKS. They are basically selling cars that are available on copart at a much higher cost than what they sell for at the copart auction. There salvage cars are all listed on copart.com. They in turn relist it and take offers from people. The are just getting the most money out of folks who do not have proper credentials to bid on items at copart themselves. Instead of charging a marginal fee they make a killing. An example of this, I saw a 05 Acura TL get an offer of $8100 on RIDESAFELY and in turn watched that TL sell for $4100 on copart. They made $4000 of some poor sucker. If you don't believe go ahead and sign up for copart they will let you watch but not bid. You will see the same exact cars listed on both sites. RIDESAFELY your guys need to work on Honesty and Integrity. I am glad I saw these complaints before I ever bid on any items from RIDESAFELY. Ridesafely is a good idea ruined by greed.

40cff647, 2008-02-27, 12:56PM CST

I purchased a vehicle from ridesafely about two years ago. When I received the car the damage was much more extensive than the pictures showed.What I mean is the car had been damaged by the yard after the pictures were taken. I had to sell it for parts to a salvage company@ a $3000 loss. The car was not rebuidable as sold. Stay away!!!

d1c2af73, 2008-03-02, 07:31PM CST

So true!!

I did the same thing I bought a 2006 nissan pathfinder on line thru ridesafely got burned, I had to put a new frame under the truck the original one was bent!!! They did not show this clearly in there efforts to deceive the public into thinking they are buying a somewhat repairable vehicle.

I have fixed other vehicles from having seen them on line with no problems everything was up front not hidden behind there clauses, this proves they are not on the up and up! When I received the truck after having paid in full and had it shipped to buffalo from pensilvania, I had a severe eye opener, the truck had a bent frame???? I kept all the file pictures on my laptop if anyone is interested in seing how the truck was cosmeticaly altered from its damaged state to fetch a higher bid from the unsuspecting buyer. They had taken self taping metal screws and put the front grill, passenger fender, and complete front nose back on with these screws for the "net" photo to net a fish like me into buying it. In appearance it was displayed to have much less damage and since ridesafely is not interested in giving any simple damage notes they clearly put us on the hook for our own judgement.

I paid 14500.00 for the truck since it looked like it might have had 5-7000.00 needed in repair I have put 12,000.00 into it, I would have been better off buying a used one off a lot since this is where I am at and this does not include my 80-100hrs of my own time.

Do not recommend this to a soul, this site has been set up by societies leeches, feeding off bottom and taking in the honest and true and screwing more than there share of us!!!


If you are set on buying a repairable vehicle I found this site after my very bad judgement buy from ridesafely

iaai.com they charge 250.00 for the year but you can look at the cars on line ask question's and go to your local auction if one is local to your area.

Watch your monies always, there are to many wolves/vampires out there that will hapily bleed you dry! [email protected]

2558b855, 2008-03-10, 08:45PM CDT

hi my name is eddy i have one question for you, did realy give you the car or not i will like to know pls

f39736e2, 2008-05-12, 11:14AM CDT

Hi I too read all the scary reports about this so called rip off company; but still decided to give it a try on the assumption if my purchase turned out to be a pile of crap I could always break it for spares and sell on e bay! Anyway I purchased a 2002 BMW K bike which showed extensive fairing damage (very expensive to fix) and a key in the ignition.Guess what, when bike arrived at border (I live on a island in BC canada)there was no key BUT also there was no damage to speak off. Afer ordering a key from Germany ($85)and waiting for two weks we finally found a small crease in a fairing edge (certainly doesnt need replacing).So bike fired up fine and sailed through very strict out of country inspection. Only thing Ridesafe did was try and get me to raise my bid by $1500 between end on their auction and actual end of real auction; no real pressure I just said no and that was fine. Am I happy with my buy, you bet. I ended up with a $15000 bike for $4800. Would I do it again, maybe but would choose a vehicle that I can actually view on the other ,true ins salvage sites. (Yes it is possible with some vehicles).

b8fb15b1, 2008-06-10, 10:32PM CDT

Well i purchased a vehi from ridesafely it was a 03 bmw everything went well with me and all the reps were really nice... them main thing is that you have to read the faq's when you register you agree to the terms of use and the faq's by aggreying you agree that you read there faq's... IN THERE FAQ'S IT CLEARLY STATES THEY DO NOT GUARANTEE THE KEYS EVEN IF VISUAL IN THE PICS DO TO THAT THEY CAN GET LOST IN TRANSPORTATION... SO I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ARE MENTIONING KEYS IF IT STATES IT IN THE FAQ'S IF YOU CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE THEY INFORM YOU OF THAT AS WELL BASICALLY EVERYTHING I HAVE READ ON HERE ALL THE THINGS ARE ON THERE FAQ'S AND CUSTOMER SERVICE TELLS YOU IF YOU ASK.

1d5ee584, 2008-08-01, 09:31AM CDT


I almost got suckerd into buying a car from them. I saw it online, it looked realy nice. Perfect, I mean just perfect, with the color combo I was looking for. First phone call, I asked if the car runs, lady at customer service said she doesn't know and they will go the extra mile to see if it did, only when and if I was the highest bidder. Now, I called back the next day and another lady told me there was NO way of knowing and that is all on me to buy or not to buy. So I said "FU" and didn't buy.

All I can say is forget these guy's. Coparts.com has the same cars. Thank you to the previous comment. Do yourself a favor. Just go to coparts, at least there your safe and you know everything about the cars....

f8e42ccf, 2008-08-04, 10:51AM CDT

After searching through many websites, I ended purchasing a salvage title 2006 Mercedes CLK 350 for $16,800 (original clean title ACV was $44,200)and fixed it for $2,900 from IVACars.Com for the following reason: (1) I do not have a dealer license or any other form of license that was required from me at other auctions (like Copart, where I had to pay $50 to just look at their inventory, find out the information they provided was the same as the one provided at IVACars, and I could not buy from them) (2) Their prices are more reasonable than at other auctions---do have to warn that their prices seem low when you first log in because they do not raise their prices themselves, so do not expect to pay such a low price. If you are the highest bidder, which I was several times, they will allow you to raise your bid. With my Mercedes I was the highest bidder at $10,200 and was for sure I was not goint to get the car since at Ridesafely the highest bid was $19,700 and at Copart the preliminary bid was $14,500--I tried to find out how it ended at Copart but was unable to find out more information than the prelimianry bid outcome-- when I called them to see if they could tell me they stated they could not. (3) Before buying the Mercedes from IVACars, I was the highest bidder on an 02 Mercedes CLK320 with damage type MC-mechanical....before submitting my bid, Andrew (one of their customer service representatives) made sure I was aware that that damage MC meant it had mechanical damage...I had not even thought about finding out what MC meant since vehicle said it was RUNNING...this made me trust them more. (4) When I requested the full VIN number, they at least provided me with the following explanation of why they could not provide the complete VIN number--they used to provide the full VIN numbers, but have stopped doing so due to international illegal crime. There are countries, like Canada, where a person can insure a vehicle just with the VIN Number, claim it stolen, get their money because the car is never found, since all along it was in the United States sitting at an auction. When a person purchasing the vehicle tries registering it, then they might have a problem....thus they had to change their rules to protect themselves and their buyers, like me.

I know they made a profit from my purchase, and am sure it was higher than the $280 document fee charge they state is their only charge, but after trying to go through other websites and even looking for the same car at used dealerships (which are not always better than auctions to tell the truth, since many of them also buy from salvage auctions), I ended up with a win...at least IVACars made me feel they were as honest as possible and provided me with the information they knew.

If anything I would recommend IVACars but also recommend for you all to spend a little of your time researching your options so that you can hopefully get the best deal out there, and quick tip be carefull with donation cars even if they have clean titles...they might end up being worse than a salvage cars...I talk from previous experience

5a052db7, 2008-08-05, 03:27PM CDT

I have bought four cars from RideSafely and had been taken each time.Extra damage from towing,title problems,extra finance charges and won bids that were turned down.Don't use them for any good deals.A picture does not show bad engine or frame damage.

c8f6f0b6, 2008-08-07, 10:32AM CDT

FYI, some good alternatives for buying a salvage with transparency are:

www.erepairables.com (and from here, you can click on links to hundreds of salvage dealers around the country who are legit and transparent!)

www.copart.com (you can't bid, but just go and look at the same cars being sold here as on ridesafely.com, then you will have proof that ridesafely.com is JACKING UP THE PRICES! This should be illegal!)

Good luck to you all!

e146b54a, 2008-08-13, 08:00PM CDT

I for one do not understand why there are so many complaints out there about this company. I myself purchased a vehicle from ridesafely.com. I purchased a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT. Of coarse I read over the FAQ's and Terms of Use on their site prior to placing an offer. As I can tell many people who complained about ridesafely.com didn't do so. Its like signing up for a credit card without reading what the interest and late fees are. Anyway by the pictures on their site i did not have a picture of the engine because the hood was bent but it looked like there wasnt much damage underneath maybe radiator and condenser had to be replaced. anyway i got the vehi and the whole front had to be replaced "radiator support" had to cut the whole front off get a used one for $75 at a junk yard and weld it on myself. anyway all together it cost me $3,800 to fix with DMV fees and taxes at DMV. The vehicle is worth $7,000 as it is fully loaded. Oh had a slight problem with the title but they got it flipped for me in less than a month after holidays too. the vehicles are sold as is from insurance auctions they are not brand new so read the FAQ's and understand how they work. I have purchased 3 more vehicles from them since.

84e95c1b, 2008-12-30, 03:08PM CST

If you want to cut the middle man out and pay less, try this. www.iaai.com or www.copart.com. Ridesafely cuts and pastes the photos from those salvage pools that are storing the salvage vehicles. Ridesafely does not sell vehicles on behalf of insurance companies, they pretend to be doing business with them. That is why your not allowed to go visit or inspect the vehicle prior to it being sold. They accept the highest bid and forward that bid to iaa or copart as a legitimate bid. Sometimes ridesafely wins, sometimes they don't.

c5bd1901, 2009-01-13, 09:41PM CST

Well, everyone here seems to voice their Opinion and I just want to share my experience with RideSafely.com. Its clear that the company does not want to take any additional responsibility by offering gurantees... I found myself in position where i wanted to undestand that ridesafely has no connection to vehicle insurance co., well my bid won the auction and i ran into couple funky scanarios where i found myself exchanging email with Logistics Manager at RideSafely.com and HaulMatch.com which was the Transport co. i ended up hiring by default! Now, as consumer we all try to look for deals and anything that seems out of the Norm... well i notice as i was going back and forth with the Ridesafely and Haulmatch.com that the names were exactly the same no spelling difference. When I say default its really it no choice, i was going back and forth with HaulMatch, asking questions to make sure i was playing my cards right, well my last email i received was- Thank you for hiring us to transport your vehicle...! and i never ask for the service i was only asking questions, well besides the questions i wanted answered., Now either Ridesafely.com is small co. over extending its capacity or they really don't care about consumer period. I sent money to Ridesafely, in PA in form a wire Transfer and Paypal deposit to NortheastMortorsports, LLC...? oh, and something else i found interesting was i tracked several vehicles which some how, some where... Auction was magically extended several day ahead, which i was trying to bid on before it close auction. some Vehicles that auction ended i search and found again.. i think there is somtheing fishy here.,My particular Auction and most Auctions describe: runs and drives ..but not verified by Ridesafely.com staff., mean while i have no choice,but to keep my purchase! To top it off They got balls to email me and say oh, by the way we have parts for sale for you new purchase... All i can say if you have a problem with RideSafely. com is : http://www.attorneygeneral.gov/compl.../bcp_form.aspx



well keep sharing feedback is going to help all of us

7dae1052, 2009-01-20, 04:30PM CST

Yeah, this place is a little fishy to say the least.

I was the highest eligable bigger at auction close..

The car comes up for auction at Copart.com a couple of days later, which I knew would.. Later that day, I get an email saying that my bid was beat by another person for 2300.00 and that they were unable to get the car for me at my bid price.

So I go to copart.com and review the recently sold cars.. and see that the car was sold for $1600.00

So I dont know how it gets sold at copart (which is where ridesafely.com bids on cars for us) for $1600, and then I get an email stating that it went for $2300.???!?!?!?!?

I did find out from copart, that the yard that the car is actually at, will charge a service fee based on final auction price, anywhere from 250 - 1500. I called and based on the price that my car went for, the processing fee should have been $250. $1600 plus the $250 still didn't come up to 2300.

I've won four ridesafely auctions, and still haven't been able to buy a car yet..??

Do to state laws, general public is not allowed to purchase salvaged cars without a automotive dealer license. So we are at the mercy of people like ridesafely and others.

Sounds like some of these holding yards have some employees that are stripping parts off of cars, and screwing them back together with bubble gum, to make them look better off than they are...

I RECOMMEND NOT BUYING FROM THEM, you will not have a pleasant experience.

dd3b8bb9, 2009-01-21, 12:25PM CST




df5193f4, 2009-02-11, 02:59PM CST

I live in Canada and need a bill of sale, my VIN number and my documentation from importing the vehicle before I can get it in my name. I can purchase a transfer sticker with my VIN number but again I can not get the car in my name. I can not imagin an Insurance Company in Canada paying out a claim to someone without wanting verification that the vehicle had been bought at auction.

0d3fc7ad, 2009-02-17, 10:47AM CST

They rolled back the mileage 80k on a car I bought from them

6aaec9cf, 2009-02-17, 05:56PM CST

I've had the winning bids in on 7 harley flh's. It seems to be their practice to boost the price by a minimum $1000 each time. And, as so many others have stated, more damage is present than they admit or show. Luckily for me, I search with two criteria. Are there enough parts usable to recoup my money and I never bid more than 1000. I miss out on a lot of scoots, and have on occasion managed to take two or three and put together one righteous sled.

I have to make a comment about those saying things like "i bought a $24,000 dollar car for $2400. Maybe it works for cars, i ain't sure...but when it comes to harleys, a reconstructed title, even on a pristine bike, means what is worth 20,000 with a harley title is worth less than a quarter with the new title. The reconstructed paper undermines the value. Luckily again, I don't rebuild to original. I build radically custom horses which require custom titles to begin with.

Look. If you're gonna buy from them, just be mindful of the risks you accept. If you are buying basket cases, don't pay more than basket case prices.

e3195e21, 2009-02-17, 08:57PM CST

The base source for insurance auction cars is www.iaai-bid.com and is the source for ALL the other proxy bidders like ridesafely, copart and ivacars. In most cases IAAI provides the complete VIN. The drawback is few of the auctions can be bid on from "non-dealers". Just a few are "P" for public auction. That is where the other companies get involved by serving as a proxy bidder or middleman for the "regular Joes" out there. Unfortunately it's the price of admission for average Joes.

772d0a9c, 2009-07-10, 07:24PM CDT

It is a scam. Even if you win their auction plus the real auction, they called me to ask for $500 more dollars(over the phone, not in email so there is no evidence). So I lost because their profit margin wasnt large enough. They need to go to jail. You will read about it

1d68f3cd, 2009-07-17, 06:38PM CDT

I read your story which i believe is truth.but am desperate to buy a salvage car now because i need a car back home in africa.can you please tell which other conmpany that is reliable to buy a salvage car from in usa.thanks

b484ed4c, 2009-07-26, 11:41PM CDT

When I went to buy a vehicle from these guys I had already won and the auction for that vehicle had already been closed and even had put the money down and the next day I got an email saying they had gotten a higher offer for the vehicle after I the auction had already ended and I had even put the money down. Luckily i got my money back with no problems but it was still weird how they got a higher offer when the auction had ended, they just didn't want to let it go for that price so they probably gave me that lie to keep me from buying the vehicle.

5bd96dcd, 2009-09-23, 04:30PM CDT

OK I will keep you all informed. I checked Copart and IVCars and have not seen this car. Its a 2003 SVT COBRA. It is wrecked beyond repair but I am not interested in repairing it anyway. What I do want is the motor, transmission, rear end, fuel system etc. So far!! from the photos the motor looks to be in good shape and if the motor is ok then the tranny should be good to go as well. Now I can sell these items on ebay and make my money back plus a little for my time. Now as of today I am still the high bidder after winning their little inhouse auction. This thing according to them should be over by 6pm my time tomorrow and I will let everyone know the good the bad or the ugly. If they come thru I will say that and if they junk punch me I will say that too so stay tuned.

5bd96dcd, 2009-09-24, 07:02PM CDT

Ok I said I would let you all know of my experience with ridesafely so here goes. I won THEIR inhouse bid of course but that only put me out with the rest of the buying world. So Last night I get this email that states that another bidder had out bid me by $300USD and it game me until this morning to at 8:40am my time to up my bid. I was prepared for this as many others have stated that Ridesafely does this to make a little more money. I go ahead an place the bid for $100USD over the last bid with only 5 seconds until close and I was THEIR final bidder. Now that was this morning and its now 4:30pm here. I just get this email stating that they did not secure the auto and the winner paid over $8300USD my offer was for $5500USD.

Now from a value standpoint the buyer got hosed on this deal as the motor and tranny was/IS worth maybe $6000 which is what the going rate on ebay is. The body was just about shot but the the rear clip and hatch are good but thats only worth $600. I feel sorry for the buyer as that was just too high and will be watching ebay to see if they try an recoup their investment. One can always tell as those are the engines that have a 10K price tag and never get sold.

Sorry I'm rambling:>) I requested my refund of my deposit and although I didnt get anything I would not be too upset with a small admin fee if there is one. All and all, thus far ridesafely has done ok by me.

Anonymous, 2009-10-12, 03:03PM CDT

I was the highbidder on 10 cars but none of my bids was accepted.

This morning I was the highbidder for the fourth time on the very same car but I dont think they will accept my bid this time either. If not, I will ask my $2000 deposit back and never ever visit their website again.

ca71d345, 2009-10-23, 01:24AM CDT

I agree with some of that, but i will add this do not bid what you have seen personally or had agent take a look at, i am looking for a salvage now grand cherokee and people are overbidding on these things.

ex 2005 grand cherokee totally blown motor going for over 7grand two days before the actual auction i looked at the truck no damage to body or frame but the motor(blown) and minor dents and the quadra trac 2(cheap basic) not worth it.

8fe6532e, 2010-01-26, 02:52PM CST

01/28/10 thieves is an understatemet. i bought and pickup a car from their lot the hubcaps were stolen by them also the car had fresh scratches all over hood,bumper mirrors every where . the person at the lot told me they strip the cars after they are sold and even if i make a claim they will not honor it. he said they if the car does not run they push it with forklifts as long as it is paid they do not give at rats ass about the customer. It stated it needed only the fuel pump, yet when the fuel pump was replaced the engine was no good it had water in the oil. also the title is not good for transfer due to RIDESAFELY TAMPERING WITH IT.

8c188a0a, 2010-01-26, 02:54PM CST

01/28/10 thieves is an understatemet. i bought and pickup a car from their lot the hubcaps were stolen by them also the car had fresh scratches all over hood,bumper mirrors every where . the person at the lot told me they strip the cars after they are sold and even if i make a claim they will not honor it. he said that if the car does not run they push it with forklifts as long as it is paid they do not give a rats ass about the customer. It stated it needed only the fuel pump, yet when the fuel pump was replaced the engine was no good it had water in the oil. also the title is not good for transfer due to RIDESAFELY TAMPERING WITH IT. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE THIEVES. THEY TOLD WAS WOULD GET 50 DOLLARS IN THE PURCHASE OF ANOTHER CAR. I WOULD HAVE TO BE AN IDIOT TO THROW MY MONEY AWAY UNLESS YOU ARE A JUNKYARD DO NOT COME NEAR THEM AND EVEN IF YOU OWN A JUNKYARD THE VEHICLE WILL BE STRIP. THEY WILL TELL YOU TO LOOK FOR PARTS IN EBAY TO REPLACE THE ONES THEY STEAL!!!!!!

9f2d6779, 2010-03-17, 01:17PM CDT

This is a reply for a person who left a note on Monday, 12-Oct-09 15:03:12 CDT

Ridesafely.com is just marketing company which helps customers with an access to the insurance auctions' vehicles. We place your offer online and we also compete with other marketing companies just like Ridesafely.com. That is why other offers appear and vehicles get sold to other brokers. Auction for one particular vehicle takes place within seconds. That is why there is no time to get back to our customers after auction begins. In some instances you might get out offered before the auction begins, and that is when Ridesafely.com notifies you of an increase.

9f2d6779, 2010-03-17, 01:27PM CDT

This is a reply to the first posting:

We have been in busy for over 9 years and are selling over 10,000 vehicles annually. Although, there may be some instances where customers are not happy with their purchases, many customers purchase vehicles without reading over our website FAQ and Terms of Use pages. Let me clarify how our site works. We are listing vehicles for insurance auctions on our site with the information provided by insurance companies. They don't describe cars in detail and only list several pictures, and have a basic two word description of damages. Since the description field is very small - they have no way of listing all different damage types, and hence they list a primary damage based on which the vehicle has been salvaged. Be aware ridesafely.com does not have the vehicles in our possession nor do we have vehicle history reports on these vehicles. Therefore we do not know to what extent the vehicle may run and drive or if it runs and drives at all. Since we did not perform the tests on these vehicles we do not know how the insurance auction verified this information. Some of the auctions do provide the full VIN number and others do not for decoding purposes. We assure our customers that we do not increase offers to make a bigger profit. In the offer that customers are submitting, the offer already has shipping, all insurance auction fees, and our own profit built into the offer price. Therefore, the offer you submit is the offer that we will present. You can read more about this on our FAQ page.

Customers should be aware that we do not have possession of the vehicles nor do we have vehicle history reports. The vehicles are delivered to our storage facilities in the same condition as advertised on our site. We understand that customers may be upset that they receive a vehicle with more damage however; we do not know about hidden damage because it is not visible in the photos and not always advertised by the insurance auction. If the auction advertises the vehicle to come with additional hidden or mechanical damages, it will be stated on the advertisement however, may not be visible. Ridesafely is only a marketing company for the auctions and once again we do not have full disclosure on the vehicles. It is up to our customers to assume any damages even though they may not be visible in the photos. We do not pressure customers to purchase vehicles with this damage and we attempt to provide as much information as possible.

Please be aware www.ridesafely.com is a marketing company which allows you to register for free and we are open to the public. We are a marketing company and not the actual insurance auction. The first email you receive is only informing you that you had the highest eligible offer on our website. This only means that you were selected from all of our customers to be represented by us at the insurance auction the following day. That is why we request a deposit to secure that if we are successful at acquiring the vehicle for you, you will then be responsible for paying the balance. The updates you receive are that of other parties are placing higher offers on the same vehicle. We do this so that you have the best possible opportunity in acquiring the vehicle. Just because you have the highest offer on our website does not mean this vehicle is yours. Please read the FAQ???s located under the ???about??? section on our website and you will understand that other authorized parties at the insurance auction can place offers on these vehicles. All vehicles go to the insurance auction the day after we end the listing on our website. Please be aware we can only contact you if the insurance auction has not started and a higher offer from another authorized party has come in. Once the insurance auction begins, it is a silent auction and all authorized parties submit their offers within less then a minute, therefore cannot contact our customer to ask for a higher offer. Also be aware the insurance auction has the right to refuse any offer they feel is not sufficient enough for the vehicle, insurance auctions also do not state any minimums or reserves on vehicles which they may or may not have so we have no way of knowing what they are looking for in an offer. The vehicles are located at the insurance auction and therefore you will not be able to view the vehicles prior to submitting offers. This is all done online. Sometimes the insurance auctions will not approve an offer and re-list the vehicle or someone cannot make payment on a vehicle and therefore, the insurance auction re-lists it for a later date. We apologize if there are any misunderstandings as to the way our process works. That is why we recommend that people visit our frequently asked questions section on our website so that they can get a better understanding of what we do and how it works. If you have a high offer on a vehicle and received the e-mail stating so, your invoice has instructions regarding how to make payment through bank wire or paypal.com. If we acquire the vehicle at auction, the invoice will reflect the paperwork required by us as well as how to send the remaining balance in through bank wire transfer, money order, or certified check only, as well as paperwork to print out, sign, and send back. If we are not able to acquire a vehicle for you, your invoice will show a request refund button after 9pm EST the day of the auction. You will be able to request the refund there or leave your deposit on the account for future offers which we will then transfer automatically next time you place an offer on a vehicle.

Unfortunately, we also cannot guarantee keys to vehicles or loose parts as they are sometimes lost at auction or during transport from auction to our facilities. If the key to the vehicle comes with the vehicle it will be given to you or your shipper and if the key comes with the title, we will mail the key with the title to you. However, customers must keep in mind that there may not always be a key to the vehicle for above mentioned reasons. Regarding the windows being left down, we attempt to do our best to cover the vehicles if there are open windows or the vehicle is heavily damaged where water can leak into it. However, we do not know how long the vehicles have been sitting at the insurance auction and how they were attended to. Therefore, if the insurance auction left the vehicle with the windows down where rain can get into it, we would have no recollection of it. Over the years we have improved our customer service center and claims department. We try to process claims in a formal matter by asking customers to present us with the bill of lading from their transport company and the release form from the storage facility. We compare the damages marked as well as how the vehicle was received and advertised and reply to customers explaining why the claim was denied or in the case of a valid claim, will present a courtesy credit for future offers. If you have any further questions please contact our customer service center at (215)-525-3885 or (215)-289-0300.

5c12d7cc, 2010-04-18, 11:38AM CDT

I have watching ridesafely.com for over 3 years. I will not bid as ridesafely definately has shills bidding up the cars. So many cars I have watched to descibe but here are a few examples.

I saw a car that had to of been hit by a train it was a 1985 caddy eldorado from the description they used the jaws of life to rip off the roof! The interior look like a friday the 13th movie blood everywhere the car was undescrible, the engine was ripped out from the collision and was sitting on the ground. The car sold for 4200.00 there was nothing to salvage on this car. Second car was a 1965 Mustang that was burnt to a crisp just a frame no engine,no tranny, no interior not even a steering wheel it sold for $5500.

Thrid was a ford explorer 1995 front end was completely ripped from the firewall forward had 198,000 miles on it it sold for 4500.00

I have seen this so many times I watch ridesafely as a comedy just to see how the shills bid up and up and up on total junk not even the metal is worth what their shills bid up. I guess thats why the insurance companies do not say a word they get a cut I bet. Fun to watch but do not bid what they do is a crime and illeagal. And someday it WILL catch up to them. They have a lot of money but so does the government.

edf83078, 2010-04-29, 02:21PM CDT

I bought a 2005 cobalt from ride safely, although the car was more torn up than it appeared in the pictures, it was repairable, We paid 2700.00 for the car. It ended up costing 5000.00 to repair. It was a 05 and we bought it in early 06. So, it was less than a year old. The car listed for about 18000.00 and we ended up with 7,000 in a great ride for my son. Everyone thought the car was bran new after it was repaired. I was recently offered 4800.00 for the car but my son says he will keep it till its worn out because its so great on gas. We have had no problems since the repair. So, not every deal on ridesafely is bad. If a burnt out frame sold for 5000.00 well the guy bidding was a idiot. Dont bid if price is too high. Also, expect that the car will probalbly have things wrong u could not see in a picture. Dont bid crazy amounts on cars u cant see and u should be ok.

5bd39369, 2010-06-30, 11:37AM CDT

i bid on this site,i gave up because the bid was just going up, up, and up.then i got a call from some "associate" asking if i could be interested in another car of the same kind.I smelled a rat and said "no"

1dcd4447, 2010-07-07, 06:50PM CDT








40598f7e, 2010-08-08, 03:17PM CDT

Hello guys I want to share a secret here about ridesafely.com

Ridesafely dont have any contacts at all with any insurance companies.

They are just bunch of brokers playing games.

The cars which are listed on there website same cars are listed on huge auctions i.e. COPART.com, MANHEIM, ADESSA and others.

Above are the big companies working with insurance companies and manufactureres.

All Ridesafely.com is doing visiting there website and importing there cars on there own website.

Also bit of gimmick some time you will see car sitting at $ 1600 but that bid ridesafely putting fraudulently to scam people. Lets say I bid and buy it for $ 1700. They will just visit COPART Website and may be bid on that car for $ 200 and try to get that car. If they got it great if not then you will get your advance back and they will make up a story that insurance company sold it to someone else for big bucks.

How much is ridesafely profit $ 1500.

77ac8a84, 2010-08-27, 01:05PM CDT

Let me enplane how ride safely works:

The take database from copart and post it on their website, then you bid on the car, let say your bid was $10,000, they take money and go to the copart auto auction and try to buy this car for $5,000.

See the deferents? SO they do not do anything illegal, thy simply trying to sell shocks a car much more expensive.

So do not use them because you will pay MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more. You can find a cars dealer friend and ask to buy you a car directly at copart or IAAI. Or just simply use services like http://www.autoauctionhelp.com/

you will save tons of money this way.

Good Luck

7045f72e, 2010-08-28, 09:39AM CDT


all join my voice the the first one who intiate this complaint, i want to say really Ridesafely.com is a comedy auction which make your life tragedy by end

i saw many old cars end up by huge prices which makes me doubt about this company really even though i never bought from them but i can assure that they are scammer, especially if you know the owner is Russian so they have no pity, as long as they can steel your money by hidden behind declaimers and terms and condition

go to hell ridesafely.com is illegal company who works against the law and against the people interests.

0d340fb8, 2010-09-16, 05:06AM CDT

I was also checking this website, cars having current bid of 5000$ at Auto Auction and Copart were having bidding of more than 10,000$ at Ridesafely website. They are just copying other databases and get high offer from their customers and then purchase the car a day later at the auction....

Stay away from these thieves.

b6b7fc1e, 2012-01-22, 09:24AM CST

I purchase a vechile from over two month ago and they havent sent me a tittle yet Help

3b1e2c8b, 2013-05-02, 10:52AM CDT

I purchased my first vehicle from Ridesafely this monday 4/29/13. I looked through the terms and conditions before placing my bid. I set my max bid to what I wanted to pay for the car after all the fees AND shipping costs (which was lower than market value of the car by quite a bit). To my surprise I was the highest bidder on the ridesafely website, still a longshot I thought since ridesafely still had to be the highest bidder at the auction on my behalf. Little before the auction I got a call from customer service asking to increase my max bid in order to have a better chance at winning the vehicle, I stuck to my guns and told them I already set my max and if it sells to someone else I will keep looking. Got an email a few hours later stating that I was the winning bidder and they won the vehicle for $150 less than my max bid (2,700 vs my max of 2,850). At first I was excited, then came the instant buyers remorse I and alot of people get when making relatively big purchases. I then started wondering if it was too good to be true, the website stated that it ran and drove but was not confirmed, they showed milage of 100k but stated it was not actual. I was wondering how bad the car was if I was not outbid at such a low amount. Anyways, I figured I made the purchase and need to stick to my guns as I could probably part out the car and get close to my investment even if it was in really rough shape. So I went through with the paperwork and wired the purchase price (probably the most annoying and time consuming part of this transaction), I also decided to go with their recomended transportation service Haulmatch.com, it seems they are affiliated as their websites are practically identical. Long story short, the car arrived to my house on 5/1/13 2 days after the auction so I did not have to pay any storage fees, they released the car to my mother-in-law. When I got home I was happy to find that all the loose parts in the pictures made it with the car (drivers side door, front bumper, front lights, front fender, rear taillights) It was not missing a single piece that was present in the photos. After seeing the stories here I did not expect to get all those parts. It also came with the key!!! and was in running condition. I took the car for a few laps around my block, engine ran really smooth, transmission works great!!!

I had a very good experience with this company. I think alot of it has to do with the fact that I know how it works, I work in the real estate auction industry. They just take your bids and bid on your behalf at the auction. I did what I needed to do in the alotted time (wire funds, complete paperwork), and so did they.

All in all I received a 2000 Chevy Camaro SS Manual transmission for 3,900 after all fees, and transportation. I am going to be taking the engine and trans for a project, I cannot find an LS1 and manual trans for less than 5k in the market. I am going to sell the rest of the car which should net me a few grand. So I make out with the engine and trans I need for 3k less than what I would have paid.

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