hometowncandy.com aka: jordanalmonds.com aka: ebulkcandy.com

Posted on Thursday, August 24th, 2006 at 10:12pm CDT by ce29afd7

Company: hometowncandy.com aka: jordanalmonds.com aka: ebulkcandy.com

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To Whom it May Concern,

I am in dire need of any assistance that can be provided. I placed an order with hometowncandy.com on 8/6/2006 and my bank visa/debit card was charged on 8/8/2006. My email receipt was from jordanalmonds.com.

This was a thank you gift and to date, 8/24/2006, the recipients have yet to receive this $52.46 gift. Additionally, the surprise is gone as I have called them asking daily if they have received a shipment since I can not receive a response from hometowncandy.com aka: jordanalmonds.com aka: ebulkcandy.com.

I have emailed too many times to count, called and left one voice mail because any other time it states the voice mail box is full, and last but not least we have begun faxing to request results. I continue to request tracking information, proof of delivery information (knowing the products have not shipped). I simply can not fathom how a company can remain in existence with this kind of performance. Not to mention continue to operate under three separate unlisted company names. They certainly do not live up to the information they provide about customer satisfaction and guarantees as noted on the website.

We have contacted the Better Business Bureau and they will require payment for their assistance since these three one in the same companies address is unavailable and all phone numbers are unlisted. I continue to search for information, the location is in Montgomery County, PA and their phone service is through MCI Worldcom Communications, Inc-PA.

I am hoping by contact complaints.com I can receive some communication about the best next step to take or if anyone else has had the same experience.

Thank you in advance for any assistance that you may provide.

Kim Leibrock-Herber - North Aurora, IL



5132d400, 2008-09-19, 10:45AM CDT

Dear sir, I had a similar experience with this group of fraudsters. I only recieved a refund after threatening to go to the FBI. Good luck... and if they don't refund your money then I WOULD go the FBI and shut these people down.

dd9abd33, 2010-11-11, 06:15AM CST

I too ordered candy on 10/21/10, I still don't have my candy either. I E-mailed the business and attempted to call both telephone # which are busy 24/7. Help! [email protected]

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