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Posted on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006 at 7:03pm CDT by d5aea999

Company: Prosvent

Category: Health, Beauty

I watched a info program on this product on the Men's channel and thus it sounded too good to be true about how it will clear up your prostrate problems and if it doesn't work they will refund your money. So I ordered the product and they sent 60 day supply for $79.95. The letter that came with the product stated in BOLD Face Type that " In order to maximize the benefits of Prosvent, I recommend you take it for a full 60 days". The order was sent on 6/9/06 and rec 6/14/06. I took it as prescribed and ran out of the product on 8/7/06 with no noticeable benefits. thus I called the company customer service center to inform them it did not work and was given an address to write to! which I did on 8/7/06. They sent back a reply on 8/17 stating they would not refund my money because it was over the 30 day request period.

Also on their shipping label it clearing states "Some men may need to take Prosvent for a full 60 days to experience the maximum benefits". I did, it did not work now they are refusing to give my money back.

I know there are several sites on the web where one can post warnings about companies like this please help me?



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4302f582, 2008-10-12, 07:01PM CDT

THANKS for posting about this ~ because now in latter 2008 this product is still for sale! My 79 year old hubby falls for these things everytime but I always check on the Web first. We do get a lot of help from vitamin and herbal capsules, etc. sold by Swanson Health Products (on the Web). They work and are reasonable. In fact, I am getting ready to order some more.

Blessings! Jayna

d1f5fd62, 2008-10-24, 01:54PM CDT

PROSVENT WARNING. They say they will send you a fee bottle for just the shipping of 9.95. They send you two bottles and in all the advertising with them say "I recommend you take it for a full 60 days". I did not see where they said they would bill you for that second bottle if you don't return it in 30 days. I assumed I had to take it for 60 days before I said it didn't work and get my money refunded. When I got a bill a month later I called and they said I had to pay the $79.95 because I did not tell them within 30 days. Then a month after that received another bill for $89.95. I called and they said I was on an authomatic mailing list. I had specifically told them 3 times I just wanted the free sample not to mail any more to me. They said send it back within 30 days and we will refund your money. I sent it in right away (28 days ahead of time) Then on my next months statement it had not been taken off. Called again. They said they did not receive the package and since it was past 30 days they would not refund my money. I did not receive the package back and the post office said if Prosvent didn't receive it it, that it would have been shipped back to me. It has not. It must be in limbo. They are refusing to refund my money. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. I am out $160 for two bottles of pills that were suppose to be guaranteed.

53ab6185, 2009-01-01, 02:17PM CST

The best way to do it is to buy the ingrediants separately. Most are available at Wal Mart or on eBay. You get a lot more product for your money!

d22cdb81, 2009-01-20, 05:47AM CST

I ordered the full portion with the understanding that if it didn't work I could send it back for refund.

After taking it I became dizzy, and my heart was skipping beats. Probable cause was because I take Atenalol (for irregular heartbeat)and also lipitor.

I called the company and talked to a female on the phone and she said to send it back and to make sure that I send them a shipping control number. She stated that I would get a refund of around $69 after they received it. I haven't heard from anyone since.

I shipped it via UPS and got the notification of the arrival of the return to Prosvent. Still waiting!

Forbes Wilson

I tried heartily (many times) to forward the control number by email and also tried to call them by phone. Every time I got an answer on the phone I experienced an immediate hangup. The email efforts failed also.

I am still waiting.

56b5fda5, 2009-01-29, 01:19PM CST


c672c4cd, 2009-12-21, 11:44PM CST

Your experience seems outrageous. I recommend that you write to the Better Business Bureau in the town where the product is manufactured. Send a copy of your letter to the local newspapers, to City Council Members, Members of Bds of Supervisors, your Assemblyman, and your Congressional representative. Attach a personal note to each stating your indignation; and asking for an investigation. Thois involvles some work but if you are serious about preventing others from suffering the same treatment you report it should be worth the effort. Good luck.

3f824e38, 2010-06-02, 01:44PM CDT


I ordered Prosvent in hopes that I could resolve some prostate swelling issues herbally. I developed the absolute worst hemorrhoids I've ever had in my life, but to give Prosvent benefit of the doubt that it wasn't the cause I continued use. I ended with a bleeding hemmorhoid that lasted for almost a month (Thank God for Preparation H!!!). I quit use until the rhoid went away and tried it again. I went ahead and let my purchase go through. Tried the Prosvent again this week, and the hemmorhoid issue came right back. To make matters worse, even though I had made it explicitly clear on my initial order that I didn't want any extra offers OR a revolving bill of any kind, sure enough I got a package in the mail today, and they'd already billed my Debit Card. Called them up and gave them a piece of my mind, but I still have to pay shipping back to them on their crap before they will reimburse my account! Do NOT do business with this firm!!!!

Bad product, Poor service!!!!

650f8cbf, 2010-07-12, 11:51PM CDT

This difficult chronic pin worms white worms thread worms in the urine in feces. They r in the blater urethra eyes sinus and most of all the prostate. They cause outside hemorrhoids not deep roids. It takes years but they whip your immune system. They get everywhere kidneys liver lungs. Prosvent is treating u for worms weather by design or accident. U can have them for years and so contagious. Study up see the doc ask to be checked. They look like thread or hair clear to white. Note: if it looks like a worm it is! Worm Farm

c416d3a5, 2010-08-10, 09:08PM CDT

I called prosvent around the 15th of July to cancel my next order and all orders from that time.

I rerceived a 60 day supply which I am returning today. When you receive this return please credit the cost back to my credit card

Thank you

James Brammer

Order #36117574

5df979a3, 2010-12-20, 03:07PM CST

Anytime you buy a money-back product sold on TV you can expect a problem getting your money back.

For your problem, I use prescription Terazosin (10mg) which is a $10 month 90 day supply generic. Ask you doc to prescribe it and give it a try.

2d44f680, 2011-03-25, 11:58AM CDT

This is happend to me same.

Mark J., 2013-01-21, 01:22PM CST

01/21/2013: I signed up for a 30 day trial paying S/H for $9.95 and auto payment for additional 60 day supply. What I ended up getting was a charge of $79.98 and two 30 day trials. When I called customer support they explained that after accepting the initial 30 day trial and I was prompted for a free $10 saving that this added an additional 30 day trial and was billed the additional $60. I wanted the second trial cancelled and my credit card charge changed to $9.95. They refused to do and I had to talk to a manager, that by the way wasn't available.

When I clicked the $10 discount there wasn't a confirm you will be billed the $60. This was VERY misleading!!!!!!!!!!!!

salle w., 2013-11-22, 11:54AM CST

Ad is misleading. Don't think you can get a 30 day trial. It only comes with a 60 day trial which is $80. If you do the 60 days, you are beyond the 30 day money back. Can't believe I fell for this. they say it takes 2-3 weeks to process. they whipped the $ out of my account in 2 days and when I called on the 4th day to cancel the whole thing they said the pills were shipped that am. hahahaha

9da0c638, 2014-07-02, 08:12PM CDT

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS CRAP! My 85 y/o father who is in an assisted living facility ordered it, waited a month to receive it, then was told by his doctor (who saw the unopened bottles on his dresser) that he should not take it because it could possibly cause some very bad side effects. The worse side effect is damage to liver and/or pancreas, and the other side effects relate to blood pressure.

Long story short, I tried to get his $$ back and was refused (yes, it was 30 days past the 30-day "TRIAL")but I pointed out that my father hadn't even opened the bottles and they were still perfectly fine to re-sell. I cautioned them that if they charge his account again, we will take legal action. They were polite, but it's sickening how they mislead people into thinking the products are beneficial to their health and then they don't really stand behind their products by agreeing to refund $$ to people.

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