1996 Mazda 626 / Pacific Honda Used Car Dealer

Posted on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006 at 4:10pm CDT by 0348433c

Company: 1996 Mazda 626 / Pacific Honda Used Car Dealer

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Pacific Honda

4761 Convoy Street

San Diego, CA 92111

I was looking for a car to finance since I bought one here before and saw this low priced 1996 Mazda 626 and did not really want it. I wasn’t looking to buy anything that day but man these dealers will run you into the ground and can not take no for an answer. You have to be careful sometimes. I looked at it, the engine was clean. It was a 1996 Mazda 626 and very clean. I took it for a drive since I was under no obligation to buy or anything. After the test drive, I didn't really want the car. For some reason or another, I got suckered into going inside the office to punch in some numbers. Still I had no intention on buying the car. He punched some numbers, went to the back office and came back with a deal and I said no and was ready to leave when he said hold on, I will try to get you a better deal. So I ended up waiting not to be rude or anything like that. After the second time he came back, I still said no and asked to see the CARFAX. He came back a third time and I still said no on the deal. Man I was tired and ready to go home. This went on for about an hour. I should have just left the area. I never saw the CARFAX but the price that his partner gave me after 5 tries on making a deal with me, I got suckered into buying the car. It was unbelievable. So at the price I got the car, it was a steal, which I thought. So I ended up going to the Finance Department. It was late at night and I drove the car home. I got on the freeway thinking that everything was fine until I hit about 70 mph from when I noticed that the acceleration was stalling big time. It would not go pass 70 mph. I was frustrated and worried on the car ride home. I wanted to see what was going on with this car so I went back the next day and asked for a CARFAX, which I finally got from a different dealer on the lot. It was horrible, even though the CARFAX said only one owner, it was a prior rental. Boy was I furious, I wanted my money back or a trade or something. I keep on getting the same signs. I went back and forth for 5 days and never meet up with the manger or the sales dealer. They told me that they both had to be there so we can make the deal then. Well I took the car to the service center since it still has a one month warranty on it. I told the service guys what the problem was and got it back the next day. It was running fine, so I thought, until it stalled again at 70 mph. So their service did nothing to fix it. Just another day of my life wasted. Talk about customer service on their part. I sent an email to the president of pacific Honda giving him all the details and that lit a fire on the used car dealers tails. So I finally went in the next day for my trade. I got no deal what so ever. All I wanted to do was trade this car back to them and get a better one. I ended up getting a 2000 Toyota Celica for a good deal but I must say that the customer service there is not what I would recommend to others in the area. Please consider who and what you are dealing with when it comes to these dealers. Don’t get suckered into this like myself. It was a hard lesson learned and I will never ever go back to Pacific Honda for anything.

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