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Posted on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006 at 4:22pm CDT by 47fab4f3

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Greyhound Bus Line at the St. Louis Airport routinely overbooks and strands travelers at the Lambert Airport. They staff their phone lines so poorly that it’s impossible to talk with anyone in authority. They offer no solutions and create barriers to obtaining a refund.

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f990bf93, 2008-01-07, 02:32PM CST

I HAVE been trying all morning to file a complaint with greyhound bus lines by calling your customer service office in dallas, tex. 214 849 8966 about an incident that happened yesterday on bus no. 7148 from st. louis to springfield, mo. when i called the number, i was placed on hold with a recorded voice saying, A CUSTOMER SERVICE OPERATOR WILL BE WITH YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. well, i stayed on the line at my telephone expense for 40 minutes before i hung up in disgust.

i am an international journalist and was riding on the packed bus with 54 other people when the bus engine overheated and we coasted to a stop at a rest area between rollins and springfield, mo. we were scheduled into springfield at 1;30 p.m. and it was 12;30 when this happened. the bus driver named donald did everything possible to help the passengers who included several elderly people on crutches, but he couldn't do much more than wait for another bus to arrive from st. louis. it didn't get to us until 6 p.m. during that time, we were without water or food. one passenger complained of chest pains and we feared she was suffering a heart attack. when we arrived in springfield to register our complaints and ask for food vouchers or some kind of compensation for our severe discomfort and problems, the counter man seth said he couldnt help us with anything and that we would have to contact your office in dallas because 'i just work behind the counter and sell tickets.''

he gave me your number to call and this morning i dialed it and got a recording that asked me to 'stay on the line and a representative will be with you as soon as one is available. ' after a 40-minute wait with repeated statments, i finally hung up.

i spoke with many of the 50-plus passengers on the bus. two were truck drivers who were enroute to a driver's orientation meeting and they told me in the past 2 days, another greyhound they were on had the engine catch fire. i had a greyhound break down 10 days earlier when we left dayton, ohio to go to springfield, mo. and the bus barely limped into the station at 3 miles per hour. and still another passenger, a young student enroute to phoenix, az. to go to college, said he had had 2 buses break down on him.

my question is, what is happening to greyhound and its maintenance system, and why couldn't seth provide these hungry tired passengers with food vouchers or some kind of compensation to make up for the misery they had been put through?

the SPRINGFIELD NEWS-LEADER is a daily newspaper here. i have contacted them about this breakdoweditor linda leicht is doing an article on this about greyhound. her number is 417 836 1249 or cell phone 417 848 6853. i would strongly urge someone in your company to contact her or myself as soon as possible before the article is published. we are anxiously awaiting Greyhound's response. thank you.


geno laurenzi

international editor


b60bbcbb, 2008-06-15, 07:10AM CDT

Ican understand why you are mad at greyhound; I recently went to virginia and it was an experience that i will never forget. All of the terminal were poorly staffed and were filthy( drinks spilled,old gum stuck to the floors)the trailways bus that we were on had bad air conditioning,arm rest broken,filthy inside(windows had not been washed in god knows when,strong urine smell in the area of restroom,trash bags hanging off the backs of seats.

I had bought a reserved seat ticket whch was not honored and you could sense the hositility of some of the personal when you asked questions.They did not have enought buses in atlanta to handle the number of people and did not feel the need to inform the passengers about this.

It became clear to me in my own mind they don't care about customers because they have a monopoly on this type of transportation and they know the poor will beforced to use them so they don't have to care. These high and mighty executives need to ride their own buses but they would have to change clothes and come down to the working mans level.

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