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Posted on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006 at 9:13am CDT by c527ebe3

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I am so appalled by Wells Fargo, I have read other complaints about this bank and their overdraft fees I had to write also. I too have been screwed by this bank. I overdrew my account by $0.88 and was charged an overdraft fee of $33.00 which spiraled out of control because the $0.88 cents caused the first $33 overdraft fee, it caused other checks/transactions I had coming through to cause over draft fees which to date are over $900. I refuse to pay these; they will not reverse them at all. It was clear that yes I must have made a math error, but they said “if it wasn’t a BANK error then we won’t credit you” Well, what if it was a bank error, do you think that they would have paid ME the $900, I think not. I will NEVER do business with this bank ever ever again. If I make a mistake, I will own up to it and take the consequences, but come on, this is ridiculous not to mention asinine. Wells fargo is the opposite of a bank robber, they are people robbers. They have no compassion for people at all. With all the other banks popping up all over the place, I took my business else where. I welcome them taking me to court over this $900. The only problem is, if I don’t pay it, it stays on my credit, but I’m not going to let that scare me. People, take all your money out of Wells Fargo and run to the nearest bank, the smaller ones are much friendlier and are WILLING to work with you as I have learned; I love my bank that I’m at now.



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83754090, 2007-12-24, 02:43PM CST

what bank are you at now?

my story's much the same..i'm at just over $700.00 behind over two days worth of coffees and the ensuing and spiraling mayhem

e8b2cf85, 2009-02-23, 08:53PM CST

To whom it may concern ,

I anonomyous , am herby demanding that my accounts be closed , effective immediately . The reason that I am taking this action is because of the unacceptable policies that are being utilized at my expense , and I am literally fed up with your " Greedy " Business Practices " . In my banking experiences - over the past thirty years , dealing with many other financial institutions , I have never encountered the amount of problems with overdraft fees that are constantly reoccurring with my checking account . The practice of your credit /debit posting practices are " Shady " at best . An example of this , is posting debits on a holiday ( A Non Banking Business Day ) and not posting the credits that were pending also , until the next day , with your continual overdraft trap , designed to gouge your customers . I find this practice to be horrendous and despicable .

Wells Fargo should be ashamed , and should be nominated to the "' Hall of Shame " . I have a question for Wells Fargo ? " If the money isn't in the account , Then why aren't the transactions denied ?" It seems that your computers are programmed to build revenue - In Wells Fargo's favor , at the customer's expense , by dragging it's heels to notify customers of their overdraft status until days later , believing that they had a positive balance in their account ( according to your current computer account information data ) , that they rely on - continuing to make minor purchases and being fleeced with overdraft charges . " Is there a human-being monitoring these computers ? " that is a scary thought . Don't rely on your online banking service , which is totally useless in my opinion . I have never had problems with other banks , because they were predictable and consistent . Banking with Wells Fargo is much like going to a casino with the customer service of an all night - Taco Bell Drive thru . In closing , I know that Wells Fargo does not care , about me , the customer and that is ok too . If my small business ever takes off , rest assured - that my money will certainly not be deposited with Wells Fargo Bank ... I am not the only disgruntled customer of Wells Fargo Bank , here are some other customer complaints from the many disgruntled customers ( too many to list ) whom have left your institution ... I also wish upon Wells Fargo - that the fleas of a thousand camels , infest their arm pits !!! " Wells Fargo Bank " one of the carbuncles on the butt of mankind ...

ae8af0a9, 2009-06-29, 04:24PM CDT

I figured I was not alone. I made a $0.98 charge on my card and they charged me $35.00 in overdraft fees and 10 card charges subsequently that they charged me $35 each. Two days of oversight on my checking account balance and I accumulated a total of 10 overdraft charges totalling to $750.00. Crooks!!! I called Customer Service and they are heartless - not a bank error so they cannot reverse the charges! I have 5 accounts on this bank including a business account and loyal for over 15 years. I'm transferring to Chase.

fe8191ee, 2009-07-18, 02:32PM CDT

I have noticed scrolling through these complaints that the overdraft fee has climbed steadily higher with each more recent posting, $30-$33-$35 it never ends. One thing I forgot to mention in my story is that it takes three days to transfer money from you checking into the line of credit (i.e. a payment), but it only takes seconds to transfer from the line of credit into the checking. I suspect this is so they can ding you with a late fee if you pay at the end of the month.

bf50c515, 2009-08-16, 02:48PM CDT

I highly suggest moving to Credit Unions if you can. I have been a Wells Fargo customer for many years.

Recently I opened a new account with a local Credit Union. I am AMAZED at the difference. Fees are reasonable, service is excellent.

I hung onto my Wells Fargo account because of the convenience. However, this company has taken too much of my money for me to put up with it anymore.

Say goodbye to Wells Fargo.


6e6d0188, 2010-04-18, 04:57AM CDT

I too have been shafted by Wells Fargo, but to put the topper on the cake, I have been watching my account very carefully, and have noticed the game that Wells Fargo plays.... you have a direct deposit that comes in at midnight. However, they will process your debts first, which creates the overdrafts, then add your deposit, remove their charges and then continue on with continuous over draft fees! Then when they send out your letter, two days later, and it goes thru the postal system, you receive it four days later and have aquired 400 to 500 dollars in bank charges! Bet they didnt think any would catch that game! Im sure at this point Wells Fargo is nothing but a legal loan sharking agency! Better check whats inside that stage coach... must be robbers....

40b7ac81, 2010-04-21, 11:04PM CDT

I as well am screwed by wellsfargo on the overdraft. They post checks in the middle of the night, then in the morning u are over drawn. Even if u get a deposit in early AM they charge u the over draft. I think there system, is unlawfull as it does not show pending transaction's as many other banks do. It is a real ploy to screw us on overdraft fee's. We bailed there asses out, but they will not help there customer's. I will be on facebook bigtime with this complaint. Help !!!!!

b52e31ab, 2010-04-30, 07:27PM CDT

I am in the same boat! A check from a customer was returned for insufficient funds, Wells Fargo charged me the $70 + another $10 for the check. This put me overdrawn but my husbands direct deposit should have been posted in time to cover it. Instead these butt wipes charged me for 5 - $35 overdraft fees BEFORE posting my husbands check! That of course spiraled out of control because I did not realize we were overdrawn until I had been charged with 27 $35 overdraft fees and trust me when I say I almost passed out when my account said -$1225.00. I called customer service and they told me the exact same thing "If it wasn't bank error we cannot reverse the fees!!! " I freaking HATE Wells Fargo and hope all Wells Fargo employees burn in hell! Has anyone had any luck in getting their money back from this den of thieves?

Holly, 2010-05-28, 05:35PM CDT

Wells Fargo debit posting practices are nothing short of robbery.

I acknowledge making one overdraft. I deposited funds to cover the amount and more in the morning and the ATM reflected a positive balance. 30 minutes later I checked my online activity and it matched the amount and activity on the ATM. Based on the amount in my account I made an online transfer to another linked account.

Well I checked this same afternoon and the debit posting had been switched around and additonal WF fees had been posted to make it look as if that was the first posting and my transfer and the original OD amount was made to looka s if there were two more overwithdrawals.So now instead of $35 I owe $105.00. This is not the first time this has happened

ab812baa, 2010-06-03, 07:01PM CDT

How were you able to get away with not paying overdraft fees? They took ours right out of the account. We are on Social Security and believe me when I tell you we did not even have enough left for rent. Anything helpful would be good. Thankyou. E-mail address is [email protected] Thankyou.

9fe3bf9c, 2010-06-07, 05:34PM CDT

Dont let WELLS FARGO BANK SCREW YOU OUT OF MONEY TAKING 35.00 DOLLARS FROM YOU FOR LITTLE DINKY .75 CENT OVER DRAFTS!!although I'm reading your comp. on 6/7/2010 there practice is still the same , funny is'nt it? cept now the overdrafts from WF is 35.00 each. Went to the bank to try to get help they chargeed me 10 OD's after charging me an add on fee and 10.00 for transfering from my savings, that 35.00 times two then they added all my other checks.Tried to ask for help but Joan at the GrandIsland NE. bank on 13th St. siad they hed to draw off the costumer till July 1st She didnt go into details but they did'nt want to help me either damn it... I've got a fam of seven I don't need this fucking. I've got all printed docs. showing how they meipulate my account to get the max amount of OD's to me I too am getting all of my Business out of Wells Fargos and I've been banking there since 1985. o.k. this last two yrs. have been hard, should ve been out long time ago. To All -- you must get out of this theiving bank!! Kevin Simons

cf7b0d2f, 2010-06-09, 11:08AM CDT

Wow this Bank is screwed up. I just got off the phone with them after waking up to 315 dollars in 35.00 overe draft fees.

I asked to talk to a supervisor and they said they wont reverse any charges even though I had spent 8 of the 9 transactions while I had money in my account. they said on Monday I had a post dated check that came through and they paid it first because it was the largest amont. so on monday night they put that check through first and charged me over drafts on the rest. So they put the large charge in first so you are over drawn and than put the rest through to make sure they screw you. Oh and theyu will reverese your charges once if this happens but thats it after that they wont ever do it again because they make you agree to it after the first time. Oh and this is just the begginning of the ways they screw people over. hidden charges mortages, they are kings of milking money and smiling while they do it . The fact is that it is criminal behavior, with no real compasion t-for there customers. I have switched banks as of now.

34fed07c, 2010-06-25, 08:27PM CDT

I too am unhappy with Wells Fargo and their overdraft policy. To top it off, when I asked the branch manager to have his boss, the regional manager call me about the matter, I found the regional manager was too busy or not willing to talk with me. I read in the paper the other day that Credit Unions were the way to go and I will check it out.

38b563ae, 2010-07-09, 02:28AM CDT

If I make a mistake, I will own up to it and take the consequences, but come on, this is ridiculous not to mention asinine. Wells fargo is the opposite of a bank robber, they are people robbers. They have no compassion for people at all. With all the other banks popping up all over the place, I took my business else where.

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a6fb2e14, 2010-08-12, 11:06AM CDT


I hope that Wells Fargo get there bank under control as expeditiously as practical.

I have had overdraft fees and no customer service rep or banker can explain "why".Only would say"maybe" you direct deposit did not go in on time..My deposit went through every Friday at midnight. The customer service rep said the bank sends the funds through then post the deposit and that is why I had overdrafts...crazy

They also send me wrong check 5 times.. I want duplicated and they kept sending the wrong one and had them Fedx 3times out of the 5. I spoke w/ a manager the 2nd time and they still was wrong 3 more time till they got it right!!!

Kind Regards,


Becky H., 2014-07-07, 10:17PM CDT

"if it wasnt a BANK error then we wont credit you. Well, what if it was a bank error, do you think that they would have paid ME the $900, I think not. I will NEVER do business with this bank ever ever again""

Umm, I think they just implied that if it was a bank error they would credit you, so to answer you question, yes. If it was a bank error i think they would credit me.

Also, why is it the bank's responsibility to police your account? A checking account is not a line of credit. It is supplied by your money. If you intend to use the checking like a line of credit and overdraw it you will be subject to fees. Stop blaming others for your poor money management skills. If you need a LOC get one and shut up.

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