Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerator, Model # PLHS267ZAB3

Posted on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006 at 2:41pm CDT by edc9e426

Company: Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerator, Model # PLHS267ZAB3

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I have a Frigidaire side-by-side purchased in 2002, and typical of these products, it is a sealed unit, which means they are evidently extremely difficult to repair.

Almost four weeks ago the unit stopped cooling and we lost an entire refrigerator and freezer full of food. Knowing that the product was under warranty for five years, which I understand is no longer the case on Frigidaire products, I first contacted the authorized repair agents in my town. The first repairman told me there was just no way for him to get to me on a timely basis, as he worked by himself, and he already had a back log of work. He recommended I call the other repair agent in town as they had several technicians and could probably get me taken care of. I called company #2, explained the situation, and was told by the owner that they were extremely busy and that it would be afloat several days before someone could come out. Not really having a choice, I agreed and made arrangements for the technician to come out. Approximately a week later the technician comes out, shows me where the problem is and begins to explain why he probably isn't going to be able to fix it for me without a lot of trouble. He phones into the office and asks them to call Frigidaire regarding the parts and warranty and then leaves telling me I'll hear from them about parts and availability. I get a call later that same day from the owner saying that what I need is very complicated and that while it's covered under warranty she won't be able to free anyone up for atleast two weeks to work on it. (i.e. She doesn't want to be bothered!)

So, now I call Frigidaire, and after many minutes of listening to "menu options" I reach a not-so-helpful individual in another country who is going to set me up with a file # ----which I still have no idea what that is good for. In the end he gives me the numbers for the two authorized repair centers in my town, which I have already told him want nothing to do with this job. At that point he expands the search and gives me two more authorized repair companies in my state. I asked him where they were located and was told he didn't have that information available. At this point I have been blown off by two authorized repair agents and the Frigidaire customer service number.

I reach repairman #3 who happens to work in another town in another county. I explain the situation to him and he tells me I should probably go through Frigidaire at this point. After explain to him that I have, he says it would take a few days for him to get over this way, but that he would be happy to help. At this point I'm thinking I should probably go look for a new refrigerator and I tell him I'll call him back. That night I go to Lowes, Home Depot, etc. and look at refrigerators. I finally decide that since this is supposed to be under warranty I'd be crazy to give up. I call the fellow back the next day and tell him I'd like for him to see if he can do the job. He explains it'll be the next week and that he'll try calling repair company #2 to find out what was needed before he came out. This worked out and he was able to order what he needed. Towards the end of the next week he calls me and tells me the parts have arrived and that he can come out to do the work. We set up a time for the following Monday and he shows up as scheduled. It quickly becomes apparent that what they have sent, while the correct part, needs to be modified to fit into my refrigerator. Bottom line, he goes back to the shop, unable to fix my refrigerator, to call the area sales person for a new part and authorization.

The next day I get a call from him saying that Frigidaire has my purchase date as January 2001 and therefore the unit isn't under warranty any longer. First of all, the manufacture date on the serial number tag states 01/2002. Secondly, the unit was purchased when the house was built in 2002, along with all of the other appliances, which unfortunately are all Frigidaire. He rechecks my serial number and says he'll make a call. He calls back a short while later and says the serial number is indeed coded with a manufacture date in 2002 after all, so Frigidaire has screwed even this up. He tells me he's going to order the part and that when they get it to him he'll call. A week later, no part, no working refrigerator.

This Saturday will be four weeks we have done without this refrigerator. I have two small children and at some point this becomes more than simply a nuisance. As a former manager with a national retailer I know that problems left to fester only become worse and that it's better to work things out sooner than later. This concept is obviously lost on this manufacturer. I'm not a happy camper ,and as such, will share this story more than the seven times the experts say unhappy customers usually share bad news.


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46293dd0, 2009-07-29, 05:29PM CDT

This is the worst refrigerator I have ever owned. It kept freezing up, and I would lose all my food. Then it would run for awhile then freeze up.(losing my food again) The company change all the parts including compressor. Still froze up. I called my own person stated that the refrigerator has a defect; the back freezes up. After awhile, I turned the refrigerator on warmest (still ices up but does not stop. Also water filter leaks!

6796fae1, 2011-01-16, 06:07AM CST

It sounds like we have the same refrigerator, mine is also a Frigedaire, Gallery Series, manufactured in 2002. I will say it lasted about 4-5 years and then I saw a puddle below the freezer side (it's a side by side). It was then that I realized it was no longer keeping warm. I called an appliance store who advised that I check the thermostat and after listening to his explanation over the phone I was thoroughly confused. I spoke with a technician who agreed to come out and look at it on the side, and he tells me the compressor needed to be replaced. Am I getting hosed over a compressor when it could be a thermostat? Maybe, not sure. He showed me some gauge and explained why it was the compressor and did come out and spend 3 1/2 hrs putting on the new compressor. So, now I happily run out to the store and buy a bunch of food only to find later the next night that it is warming up again. AAAAARGH!!! He's going to return at 11:00 this morning and resolder it or something. Fortunately I have a freezer and a very small cubicle fridge. My only loss will be a new carton of milk and orange juice. What if it isn't the compressor? I'm so upset, because I stopped using charge cards over two years ago and unless I can afford something to pay for it in cash, then it doesn't happen. I'd love to go get a new refrigerator but $368 for the new compressor/repair is much less expensive than a new refrigerator. This is so frustrating. Now, after he leaves today, I'll be afraid to put food in it again. A guy friend of mine said that when it comes to freon that it just might need another boost of it, and the technician guy said something similar on the phone. I'm just afraid of being hosed. Would someone really sit down and do 3 1/2 hrs of work replacing a working compressor with another one if it wasn't needed? Well, I suppose so, if you already know how to do it. I just hope I'm not getting taken advantage of. I'd like to know how many people have had a thermostat vs. a compressor problem with this fridge.


6796fae1, 2011-03-12, 04:50AM CST

Well, this is an update to my previous post. The person came out to put in a new compressor and it is working wonderfully now. He stated that it is actually a good refrigerator and they're all basically the same; meaning all liable to having certain things go wrong with them. It is working now, no problems with anything at all. Just like it was when it was brand new.

And, in case anyone is interested, I saw a YouTube video where this lady wiped down her stainless steel fridge with olive oil, followed by white vinegar, followed with a soft cloth. I did this and my refrigerator looks brand new. It really worked. So, my problem so far has a happy ending. I just hope it will continue to last a very long time.

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